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Fortnite Creative v18.00 Update: New Prefab and Island Updates

This week we are adding new prefabs, two new Starter islands, and a variety of gameplay and device updates.

If you haven't had a chance yet, please read our Sept 9th, 2021, blog on the New Fortnite Discover Submission process, with details for creators on the new Discover UI. The blog is filled with everything you need to know to submit your next creation!

Prefab & Gallery Updates ...

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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8: Cubed

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A New War Takes Shape =====================

After the Alien Mothership’s destruction, the Cubes that powered it crash-landed on the Island. They’ve begun spreading corruption, as well as portals to the dark, monster-filled “Sideways.” Fight for the survival of the Island… before it’s too late.

Cross into The Sideways =======================


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What’s New in Fortnite Battle Royale Chapter 2 Season 8: Cubed

From the desk of J.B. Chimpanski.

The Alien and IO war is over, but a new war has taken shape, one where YOU’RE a combatant. After Slone double-crossed you and left you to perish on the Mothership, the Cubes that powered it are now free. These things are a bigger threat to the Island than those Aliens could've ever been. They have no face, no speech, but they’re sentient and have six sides of malice.


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Fortnite Creative v17.50 Update: Discovery update, new Real Time clock and Timer update.

The Fortnite Creative v17.50 updates how Discovery works and brings the new Real Time clock, Timer device update and more!

Discovery Changes

With the release of update v17.50, we launched a new and improved way to feature even more of your creations, with support for custom images and eventually trailers.. If you haven't had a chance yet, read our blog on Discover Games and Experiences in Fortnite in an All-New Way. We’ll...

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Fortnite Creative v17.40 Update: Halloween Callout, Campfire, and updated Race Manger device.

Creative’s v17.40 update sweetens things up with candy, campfires, and more! Get ready for Fortnitemares with the first Halloween themed content!

Fortnite Creative: Halloween Callout

An Otherworldly Celebration!

We’re on the lookout for Welcome Hubs capturing the spirit (and spirits) of the calendar’s most frightful month. We’ll also be on the lookout for your creepiest Halloween Island submissions. Choose from your favorite Halloween-themed props and...

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Fortnite Creative v17.30 Update: Skydome, Wildlife and More

The Creative v17.30 update is live, with highlights including the Skydome, Wildlife Spawner, and Customizable Lights!


A true patch “high light”, the Skydome device provides the ability for you to illuminate your island! The Skydome will replace the default island sky box with your own custom version. Edit the properties of your world’s sun or moon and blend gradients of color for the skyline to create the perfect atmosphere and switch between different skydomes using triggers....