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What’s New in Fortnite Battle Royale Chapter 4 Season 2: MEGA

Become MEGA in Fortnite Battle Royale Chapter 4 Season 2. Ride the grind rails of “MEGA City” and swerve on its streets on a sports bike. Go beyond the neon towers to the rest of the new biome: cause Havoc at “Steamy Springs,” drive a Nitro Drifter to the "Drift Ridge" car track, sharpen your Kinetic Blade skills at “Kenjutsu Crossing,” and more!

Mega Fast

New city, new streets, new vehicles:

Victory Crown Rogue


Fortnite Creative v24.00 Update

The Fortnite Creative v24.00 updates includes the new AI Navigation Modification device, new items from Battle Royale, UI and device updates, new Prefabs and Galleries, plus bug fixes.   AI Navigation Device

The AI Navigation Modification device creates a zone that can be used to block AI from navigating an area. Through this device, you can set volume parameters and shapes. You can also modify the navigation to either block or avoid areas.   New Device Names ...

Fortnite BR Chapter 4 Season 2 Competitive Details


Welcome to Battle Royale Chapter 4 Season 2 and a new competitive update. In Chapter 4 Season 2, competitive Fortnite will include FNCS Major 2, and a shake-up with new formats of Zero Build, Cash Cups, PlayStation Cups, and more Victory Cash Cups!

Continue reading for full details of what competitive Fortnite has in store in Chapter 4 Season 2.


In Chapter 4 Season 2, we plan to continue offering these Arena playlists:

Battle Royale

  • Solo
  • Duos ...

Fortnite Battle Royale v23.50: Crack the Code and Complete Cipher Quests!

Encrypted and unencrypted messages have been intercepted in the form of Cipher Quests. The unencrypted messages are straightforward, but it’s up to you to solve the mystery of the encrypted ones! Figure out how to crack the encrypted Quests then complete all of them. In the process, take up the unvaulted Six Shooter and Infantry Rifle!

Cipher Quests: Interpret the Cryptic Messages

Messages received.


Fortnite Creative v23.50 Update

The Fortnite v23.50 update has changes to the Hiding Prop Gallery and Pop-up Dialog device, plus updates to the Loot Controller and Map Settings device on Battle Royale Islands. v23.50 also adds the Shifty Shafts Prefabs and Galleries, and additional assets in several other Galleries, along with bug fixes for Prefabs, Galleries, devices, and more.

Hiding Props Update: Hidden Travel


Fortnite Creative v23.40 Update

The Fortnite v23.40 update includes new Exotic weapons and updates to the Pop Up Dialog device.

v23.40 also allows you to directly edit device names, introduces the Citadel Prefabs and Galleries, and brings Prefab and Gallery bug fixes.

Battle Royale Exotics Joining Creative

New Exotic weapons that are joining Battle Royale are also now in Creative:  - Heisted Breacher Shotgun

  • Heisted Explosive Assault Rifle
  • Heisted Accelerant Shotgun ...