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VALORANT Patch Notes 1.05

Your newest VALORANT Act has arrived! It’s true, it’s true. That means this patch comes with a new Agent [have you met?], a fresh Battlepass, and our new Deathmatch (beta) mode.

Act Ranks go live—and you can dive into our dedicated post for more—but competitive changes also include matchmaking adjustments that hope to better pair solo and solo/duo players against...

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VALORANT Patch Notes 1.04

How about those Elderflame weapon skins? At least they weren’t cake. Hope you caught some of that VALORANT fan art, too.

On to this patch. Four Agents get some polish, with Viper coming away with a series of buffs, including a per second increase of her decay against enemies. You’re also gonna have to work a bit extra now if you wanna use those...

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VALORANT Patch Notes 1.03

Easier reading this go around; the first patch of Rated queue is looking fairly stable thus far, so we’ve opted to keep our balance changes light in order to let the meta evolve naturally.

Invest in Guardian stocks, as the weapon is beginning to find itself! These updates should help the weapon better carve its own gameplay niche as a heavy-hitting and affordable precision rifle. Also, Spike Rush lovers continue to get spoiled with yet another new orb.


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VALORANT Patch Notes 1.02

You can stop spamming us now, because Competitive Mode goes live this patch. Most obvious change is that our top rank is now “Radiant” and we’ve added a surrender option, which will come in handy when you start losing to Radiant players.

Tagging, the slowing effect you feel when hit by bullets, has been adjusted, in part to up your chances of escape if you’re near cover. We can’t help you much if you’re dancing in the open.


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VALORANT Patch Notes 1.01

Surprise! Don’t lie, you didn’t think you’d get patch notes this week.

These are lighter, sure, but Patch 1.01 continues our effort to improve performance, this time focused on a smoother combat experience as well as additional support for high spec machines.

Our new mode, Spike Rush, gets an injection of new Orb types to play with. For example, a Golden Gun Orb that lets you one-shot anybody with the quickness.

Also, Sage gets a nerf. Promise we’re not picking on healers.


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VALORANT Patch Notes 1.0

If you’re reading this, it’s too late—VALORANT is launching.

What’s new? Reyna is the latest Agent to join VALORANT—straight from the heart of Mexico. Ascent, an open playground for small wars of position and attrition, enters the map pool. Spike Rush (beta) also arrives to deliver a fresh and more hectic flavor of VALORANT.