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Hey, friends. Jo-Ellen, here.

Say hello to Episode 9 and its very first patch. There's a lot. You'll see an update to Iso's Double Tap as well as Abyss entering Ranked on PC.


  • We've added new conversation voice lines between Agents that includes: Phoenix, Harbor, Brimstone, Yoru, Raze, Iso, Sage, Neon, Gekko, Skye, Deadlock, Omen, Kayo, and Reyna.

PC Iso

  • We're happy that Iso has been more comfortable entry-ing towards the front of his team but want to increase thoughtfulness and context around when Iso activates his Double Tap. This should make the counterplay around breaking his shield or denying the Double Tap orbs more successful...

VALORANT Patch Notes 8.10

What’s up, gamers. Jo-Ellen here. Major update for this patch: our Basic Training Event. Read more about it below. ##### PROGRESSION UPDATES Basic Training Event

  • We are releasing an update to our Welcome Contract for new players! The new structure includes clearer missions and milestones to help you navigate the New Player Experience with a bit more guidance before your Ranked climb. ...

VALORANT Patch Notes 8.09

Howdy, y’all. Jo-Ellen here with Patch Notes 8.09. It’s a short one this week as we prepare for bigger things in the near future. As Brimstone likes to say: "I can't close the settings menu on my bracer. How do I—oh, got it." ##### AGENT UPDATES Brimstone

  • We’ve done some small updates to Brimstone’s Sky Smoke (E) to ensure that it fully covers the area indicated by the UI when you are placing it. This should ensure that when the outer edge of the targeting UI covers a choke point that...

VALORANT Patch Notes 8.08

Hi, friends. Jo-Ellen here. Is it really almost time to say goodbye to Episode 8? Not quite. We still have plenty in store for the last Act. Check out the Viper and Cypher updates below. Also, new Act, new Stage of Premier. ###### AGENT UPDATES Chamber

  • We’ve updated Chamber’s voice lines and added interaction lines with Reyna, Astra, and Omen.

Cypher ...

VALORANT Patch Notes 8.07

Hey, friends! Jo-Ellen here. Nice to see you again. There’s not much time left in Act II so better make the most of it. Below, we’ve got an update to Omen, lots of Clove bug fixes, and more. ###### GENERAL UPDATES

  • Interaction prompts have received an accessibility update, adding contrast to make them easier to read in-game. Prompt text has been simplified and weapon prompts no longer show skinline names. ###### AGENT UPDATES OMEN ...

VALORANT Patch Notes 8.05

Hi, everyone! Alice here with some more patch notes. This patch we’re releasing a brand new Agent, Clove. They’re the latest Controller to join our roster and hail from Scotland. We’re excited to see you all play them today, and also can’t wait to hear what you think of them, so be sure to let us know. We also have a small update to Premier, voice indicators, and a few bug fixes. Welcome to Patch 8.05 and we hope you have fun defying death. ###### AGENT UPDATES

  • Clove goes live! ...