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VALORANT Patch Notes 0.50

Coming at you faster than my Iron rank placement, it’s Patch Notes .50. These are the kind that send wiki writers squirming, so let's get to it.

All rifles have been updated to make single-tap and burst fire more efficient. The idea here is to support the viability of all rifle shooting styles (tap, burst, spray) when used in optimal situations. This is tied to “Gun Recovery Time,” which we’ll touch on more in the notes below.


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VALORANT Patch Notes 0.49

Can you believe we’re three weeks into the VALORANT Closed Beta? We wish it were four weeks so we can celebrate our one month anniversary, but we also don't want to seem clingy. Rejoice with a slew of patch notes full of quality of life updates.

Phoenix mains can look forward to the removal of two Run it Back bugs, you can now actually exit custom games with the click of a button, the rare cases where the Spike would get stuck in the map should be history, and Observer mode benefits from a few...

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VALORANT Patch Notes 0.47+

Hey, look at us. Patch notes in a closed beta. Who would have thought? This short and sweet patch addresses the giant Raze in the room, cameras that somehow learned how to shoot, and some map updates.

Raze is lethal, no doubt, and we predict savvy players will perform better against her over time. Still, we made some light changes that should bring Raze’s offensive pressure closer to the other agents. We’re also buffing melee to give players in the early rounds a better way to deal with Sage’s...