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Latest Updates

Release Notes for 576


  • Scaled character models now swim at correct speed. (Pending)
  • Enum attributes on packages now show customized status correctly rather than always showing up as customized. (Pending)
  • Debugger tooltip info for instance variables now includes the name of the instance before individual properties. (Pending)
  • Fixes issue with keyboard shortcuts not working for focusing the Explorer and Property filter during a debugging session. (Pending) ...

Release Notes for 575


  • UIScale now applies properly with AutomaticSize. (Pending)
  • The Parent property on Services now accurately shows up as uneditable. (Pending)
  • Players service is now visible again with the Explorer Services Cleanup beta feature. (Pending)
  • Conditions, logpoint messages, and the Continue Execution breakpoint settings are now set correctly in certain scripts with invalid expressions. (Live)
  • Highlight now displays correctly on Parts with transparency. (Pending) ...

Release Notes for 574


  • Fixed an issue with tangents not being loaded properly in the AnimationClipEditor (Live)
  • Correct interaction between ScaleTo and Responsiveness properties: They are no longer scaled since they are scale invariant. (Pending)
  • Fix update for Attachment::WorldCFrame when CFrame in parent changes. (Pending)
  • Fixed another bug where Stream Out and Stream In would sometimes cause constraints to break on complicated mechanisms. (Live) ...

Release Notes for 573


  • Fixes an issue where using "Try In Studio" on the web duplicates the asset when entering play mode. (Live)
  • Fixes gamepad analog triggers not sending UserInputService.InputChanged events for values 0 and 1. (Live)
  • Allows developers to select how the rest pose is calculated during animation import with the 3D Importer. (Pending)
  • Fixes an issue where the scrolling frame's horizontal scrollbar is misaligned when unrotated or broken if rotated. (Pending) ...

Release Notes for 572


  • Fixes a regression that broke the font weight dropdown. (Live)
  • Text with UIGradient now works correctly with clipping. (Pending)

Release Notes for 571


  • Fixes an issue that prevented the close button of the developer console from being tapped in portrait mode on mobile if it overlapped with another button. (Live)
  • Fixes issue with Jump Links across wall and ceilings. (Live)
  • Fixes an issue where textures flash when rescaling CanvasGroup on low graphics quality level. (Live)
  • Fixes a bug where a model called "ToolboxTemporaryInsertModel" was inserted into the workspace when inserting models with scripts from Toolbox. (Live) ...