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Latest Updates

Release Notes for 604 | Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub

### Improvements

  • Significantly reduces the triangle count of PartOperation. Developers can verify this through the getTriangleCount() API.    ) Pending)
  • Adds :Ceil(), :Floor(), and :Round() functions to Vector2 and Vector3 for component-wise integer rounding.    ) Pending)
  • Enables floor division operator ‘//’ on Vector2 values.    ) Pending)
  • Adds new API Class.Terrain:ReadVoxelChannels)    ) Pending)
  • Adds new API Class.Terrain:WriteVoxelChannels) ...

Release Notes for 603 | Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub

### Improvements

  • Introduces methods to convert between torque and angular acceleration for a part.    ) Pending)
  • Changes in how Indoor Dynamic Environment Maps are Generated.    ) Pending)
  • Adds [WorldRoot.Shapecast](/docs/reference/engine/classes/WorldRoo

#Shapecast)) for casting generic shapes. Works analogously to Blockcast and Spherecast, but works with any part - including meshes.    ) Pending) ...

Release Notes for 602 | Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub

### Fixes

  • ACE - Disabled the Import/Live Action Creator option for non-R15 rigs    ) Pending)
  • Fixed an issue where disabling a dragDetector during drag wouldn't properly terminate the action.    ) Live)
  • Improved the precision of the hover tooltip position in Studio Script Editor.    ) Pending)
  • Fixed a bug where specular image-based lighting doesn't update when the time of day or clock time changes.    ) Pending) ...

Release Notes for 601 | Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub

### Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the IK system deleting parts of the rig    ) Live)
  • Fixed the crash with a particular timing of the ScaleTo) call on a model with descendants being removed.    ) Pending)
  • Fixed the crash when using orientation indicators.    ) Pending)
  • Fixed a bug in the Avatar Previewer where invalid parts could show up if there are several of them.    ) Pending)
  • Fixed a rare crash when teleporting between voice-enabled places.    ) Pending) ...

Release Notes for 600 | Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub

### Fixes

  • Fixed bug where a part attached to constraint with a servo/motor on will sometimes fall asleep when servo/motor should start to move it.    ) Pending)
  • Fixed Shirts not importing correctly in the Avatar Previewer.    ) Pending)
  • Fixed a threading crash that happened during navigation mesh generation for TriangleMeshes.    ) Pending)
  • Fix addressing a possible crash when displaying tooltips on certain Script types in the Script Editor.    ) Pending) ...

Release Notes for 599 | Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub

### Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where very large models could not be published without error.    ) Live)
  • Updates PlayerScripts) gamepad zoom and vehicle camera.    ) Pending)
  • Developers can now access TextBox's attributes (such as Text, CursorPosition, SelectionStart) as expected when Input Method Editors are enabled.    ) Pending) ...