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Latest Updates

Release Notes for 629


  • Adds visual parity between desktop and mobile highlights: no dithering, correct blending, and highlight outline support.
  • Added a tonemapper in ColorCorrectionEffect that allows for voxel lighting to look more similar to Compatibility mode.
  • MicroProfiler can now show memory allocation intensity, export summary graphs on CPU and memory usage, and captures are now five times more compact.
  • Slightly increased throughput of lighting updates per frame ...

Release Notes for 628


  • Adds lighting update optimizations.
  • Adds a Bypass property to various effects in the new Audio API, which can be used to quickly turn them off.
  • Luau Heap Profiler (in Developer Console) snapshotting process has been optimized to prevent timeouts when it is used on live game servers.
  • Introduce three-phase rollout for updates to assembly root selection for mover constraints.
  • Improves Studio analytics in case of crashes and application not responding.


Release Notes for 627


  • Adds lighting update optimizations.
  • Adds a menu option when palette tabs are cut off in Avatar Setup.
  • Removes outdated genre selectors.


  • Humanoid:GetPropertyChangedSignal("FloorMaterial") now fires properly.
  • Adds a better error message to Class.Humanoid:ApplyDescription when duplicate assets are used.
  • Fixes the framerate cap settings causing hangs for those already using FPS unlockers. ...

Release Notes for 625


  • Adds rolloff editing to Class.AudioEmitter objects.
  • Adds visual parity between desktop and mobile highlights: no dithering, correct blending, and highlight outline support.
  • Releases beta version of Class.Players:GetBanHistoryAsync() and BanHistoryPages.
  • Reduces memory cost for lighting updates on more static scenes.

Fixes   ...

Release Notes for 624


  • Adds equipped tiles sidebar and moves face accessories to Check Face in Avatar Setup.
  • Fixes shoes reordering in the Avatar Setup preview.
  • Adds cursor indicator when dragging equipped clothing tiles in Avatar Setup.
  • Decouples lighting updates from frame time.
  • Adds an editor for drawing rolloff curves for Class.AudioEmitter.
  • Adds RenderingCacheOptimizations property to the Workspace. ...

Release Notes for 623


  • Added SurfaceAppearance.color property to tint the SurfaceAppearance.ColorMap.
  • RenderingCacheOptimizations property added to the Workspace
  • Introduce method to WorldRoot that allows simulation to be manually advanced by a single step
  • Avatars being deleted will now also reset Avatar Setup.
  • Accessories in Avatar Setup will now attempt to indicate if they are rigid or layered when it's ambiguous, such as for hairs. ...