Roblox Studio

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Latest Updates

Release Notes for 544


  • Fixed a crash in the properties panel when a Font has an empty Family property.
  • Fixed a bug where various adorns remained when toggling the transform tool.
  • Fixed crash related to RobloxExplorerTreeWidget/onStudioUserPreferencesPropertyChanged RequireUIContex.


  • Added a Collapse All feature which can be used for collapsing items and their descendants in the Explorer window.
  • Improved support for Japanese text on iOS devices. ...

Release Notes for 543


  • Fixed Curve Animation events occasionally triggering twice in a row.
  • Fixed bugs in CollectionService's AddTag, RemoveTag and HasTag methods when invalid tag names are provided.
  • Fixed a bug where Humanoids would start to walk when reparented back to Workspace.
  • Fixed a crash related to script version history with dynamic script icons enabled.
  • Fixed a Client Server replication issue with the AlignOrientation Constraint. ...

Release Notes for 542


  • Fixed a Client Server replication issue with the AlignOrientation Constraint.


  • Enabled particle soft z for devices that support this capability.
  • Improved how the MicroProfiler handles mouse input to avoid unwanted interactions between UI elements.
  • Added an Enabled property to Script for consistency with other engine instance types.


  • Added an expiration time to Toolbox Announcement dialog. ...

Release Notes for 541


  • Fixed a bug where scripts with Client RunContext would run before the game had fully loaded.
  • Fixed a rare collision detection crash.
  • Enabled a new optimized Streaming Architecture the is more optimized and properly streams complicated assemblies like Cars and Characters without breaking them.
  • Fixed an issue where focusing on TextBox with UICorner under CanvasGroup causes studio crash.
  • Fixed the Toolbox unverified search pill wording. ...

Release Notes for 540


  • Updated Gamepad Selection to not consider perfectly overlapped (1 pixel) GuiObjects as overlapping.
  • Fixed the text contrast of the Toolbox DarkTheme search breadcrumb.
  • Fixed GuiService/Select to respect SelectionOrder.


  • Luau compiler now produces more efficient bytecode for assignment of multiple variables in one statement, performing direct copies when possible and only using temporary registers when a variable on the left hand side is assigned...

Release Notes for 539


  • Fixed a bug where clicking off a GUI object in the viewport causes the deselected object to follow the mouse in the viewport.
  • Fixed an issue that ViewportFrame does not respect BorderMode.
  • TextChatService default chat will no longer cause stuck movement while using keyboard input. ...