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Latest Updates

Release Notes for 620


  • Optimizes Class.EditableImage objects inside Class.SurfaceAppearance instances.
  • Adds rolloff editing to Class.AudioEmitter objects.
  • Prepends physical property clamping warning messages with file and line numbers.
  • Adds a new ScriptProfilerService that's accessible from plugin scripts to control the ScriptProfiler and request profiling data.
  • Replaces utility buttons in the ScriptProfiler with a dedicated settings screen on mobile platforms. ...

Release Notes for 619


  • Luau Native Code beta will now report more detailed error messages for script compilation failures.
  • Adds FluidFidelity control to mesh creation APIs in Class.AssetService, Class.EditableMesh, and Class.GeometryService.
  • Folds Range of Motion tab within Movement in Avatar Setup.
  • Includes attachment name in the tooltip for catalog accessories in Avatar Setup.
  • Adds Datatype.Font.fromName("Arimo"), Enum.Font.Arimo, and Enum.Font.ArimoBold.

Fixes   ...

Release Notes for 618


  • Adds rolloff editing to Class.AudioEmitter objects.
  • AssemblyLinearVelocity and AssemblyAngularVelocity of a Class.BasePart now are properly updated when the BasePart isn't in the world. These values will be used as the resulting assembly's velocity if the associated BasePart becomes the assembly root part, and are otherwise discarded.
  • In the ScriptProfiler Functions view, anonymous entries now display their source location by default, instead of "". ...

Release Notes for 617


  • Properties pane Color3 properties will interpret a three-digit decimal input with no preceding # as a greyscale value instead of a short hexcode.
  • Adds more descriptive reasons for why the "Distribute on Creator Store" toggle is disabled when applicable
  • Adds new setting to 3D import to allow unused bones to be kept.
  • Luau Heap tool in Developer Console now includes memory taken by functions compiled natively (under Luau Native Code Studio beta) ...

Release Notes for 616


  • Adds a beta feature to try out the new AI-Powered Texture Generator.
  • Adds a toggle to the ScriptProfiler to hide GC overhead in listed timings.
  • Packet error logs now include more details.
  • Enables fixed IBL EnvironmentDiffuseScale and EnvironmentAmbientScale when a Sky instance is a child of ViewportFrame. This also sets the Skybox in the child Sky instance for reflections and environmental contributions in the ViewportFrame. ...

Release Notes for 615


  • Changes HttpService.HttpEnabled Read security level to None.
  • "Check Face" mode keeps accessories equipped in Avatar Setup.
  • Adds Texture Generator plugin to Studio.
  • Fixes a performance regression in Asset Importer caused by Custom Presets.
  • Passing a type that is not string or a number into Roblox APIs which expect a string argument now throws a warning.
  • Removes the "grid off", "one stud grid", and "1/5 stud grid" actions. ...