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Patch 14.3 Hotfix Now Live!

Hey everyone, The hotfix for Patch 14.3 will have now begun rolling out. ### Hotfix Changelog Console players will also be receiving a hotfix later this week, as some of these fixes will need to go through a separate process. Fixes are underway for the below items:   VOIP Disconnect Fix

  • [Fixed] Vivox Error 1019 when connecting to channels ...

Patch 14.3 Goes Live Today, 2pm BST!

Hey everyone, You can expect Patch 14.3 to drop today, at 2pm BST! After PTE feedback confirmed less stuttering, we are hopeful this patch will improve performance, while we continue working on bringing optimisation updates with each new release. With this patch, you’ll be able to get hands on with the Practice Range, as well as the initial improvements to the stability of the British force’s firearms. We’re getting closer to an official timeline for the re-work of the British forces, which...

Developer Briefing #195 - Heads, Heads, Heads

Hey everyone, We hope you enjoyed the last Developer Briefing! We wanted to round up some of the main topics from the AMA and our Dev Interview in one place, so if you haven’t caught up on Dev Brief #194 yet, we highly recommend taking a read here, plus, you’ll be able to check out progress on the British rework! ...

Developer Briefing #194 - British Rework Progress & Developer Interview Wrap-Up

Hey everyone, If you haven’t had chance to read the AMA last month or tune into the recent Dev Interview, we’ll be summarising both in this week’s dev brief, as well as sharing a sneak peek at progress with the British forces rework. But first, we want to thank everyone who took part in the PTE this weekend and joined us for a few games! Your feedback is much appreciated, and we’ll now be looking at what we can consider for Patch 14.3, as well as for future development. ...

Patch 14.2 Hotfix

Hey everyone, As part of our investigations into server performance, we have identified another potential cause for some of the recent server crashes being experienced and have now been able to verify a further fix. While this fix may not resolve all instances of server crashes - as there are many different factors that could be causing crashes for different servers which we are continuing to investigate - we believe it is the likely cause for some of the recent crashes due to the way in which the...

Developer Briefing #193 - A Closer Look at The Practice Range

Hey everyone, Thanks for joining us for the dev interview that premiered on Saturday! RazBora and The Fresh Baked Goods did a fantastic job of capturing some more of your questions so we could go into depth around topics like the British rework, meta considerations, and future content. If you haven’t checked out the video yet, you can tune in here. In this week’s developer briefing, we’re going to take a closer look at the upcoming Practice Range! ### The Practice Range ...