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Latest Updates

Update 15 | Hotfix 3

Hello everyone, We've just deployed Hotfix 3 to all platforms.

  • [15.0] Some skirmish achievements do not progress/unlock despite meeting the criteria after the new 15.0 update
  • [RCON] Admin message pop-up doesn't register the changed keyboard input We have addressed this by exposing the keybind to the Keybindings Menu:
  • Dialog Ok
  • Dialog Cancel
  • Dialog Ignore These by default will be bound to the Y, N & I keys however can be changed to any preference. ...

U15 Hotfix 2 | Changelog

Good morning everyone, We’ve pushed Hotfix 2 on all platforms. This addresses the missing hedgerows in Sainte-Marie-du-Mont and the Admin message pop-up issue:

  • [SMDM] Hedges are missing on the map after Update 15
  • [RCON] Message player pop-up doesn't register required keyboard input U15 on PC comprised some night maps that still need further preparation for release. We have removed:
  • Utah Beach Warfare Night
  • Omaha Beach Warfare Night
  • Hill 400 Warfare Night ...

Update 15 | Hotfix 1

Hello everyone, We hope you're enjoying Update 15 and Mortain! An unintended issue surfaced with last week's update, removing hedgerows from Sainte-Marie-du-Mont. You may have noticed... The hedges will be reinstated in Hotfix 2, which is due ASAP, alongside a fix for the admin message pop-ups. For now, please see the changes that have been pushed live in Hotfix 1:

  • [Offensive] Attackers are able to spawn vehicles in inactive HQs ...

Update 15 is OUT NOW | Dev Brief #200

Hello everyone, **Update 15 has deployed on all platforms! ** This update brings Mortain to Hell Let Loose – a new map and exciting environment to experience for all modes, based on the US defence of the French town of Mortain. Mortain is our first map release; a significant milestone for us, created and refined with your feedback. Your dedication to Hell Let Loose helps us deliver content that serves an authentic WW2 experience. We’re delighted to see you all jump in and play today! ...

Patch 14.8 Hotfix | Now Live!

Hello everyone, We've just deployed a hotfix to address some issues that surfaced with Patch 14.8. Please see the changelog below. We're continuing to work on Update 15, and are currently looking at scheduling in Mortain PTE 2. We'll share more news on that next week! Thank you for your continued feedback and support.

Patch 14.8 Hotfix Changelog


  • [Fixed] Restarting the game will reset the progression of achievements on XBS ...

British Forces Rework Part 2 - Now Live! | Dev Brief #199

Hello everyone, Patch 14.8 – British Forces Rework Part 2 and the launch of Skirmish, is now live on all platforms. This update completes the British rework phase of development. We decided to expand on the initial release of the British forces last year following a swath of valuable feedback. After two content updates comprising overhauls, we feel confident in the enhancements and improvements to transform this portion of the game. Thank you for your assistance in helping us accomplish this! We’ve...