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Latest Updates

British Forces Rework Part 2 - Now Live! | Dev Brief #199

Hello everyone, Patch 14.8 – British Forces Rework Part 2 and the launch of Skirmish, is now live on all platforms. This update completes the British rework phase of development. We decided to expand on the initial release of the British forces last year following a swath of valuable feedback. After two content updates comprising overhauls, we feel confident in the enhancements and improvements to transform this portion of the game. Thank you for your assistance in helping us accomplish this! We’ve...

Patch 14.7 is Now Live!

Hello everyone, Patch 14.7 is now live on all platforms! This update is primarily focused on bug fixing and enhancing the in-game experience. This version also targets some of the crash issues that console players have been incurring. Up next is Patch 14.8 – a larger, content-heavy update that we’ll expand on in Dev Briefs soon. Thank you to everyone who participated in our Mortain PTE. The feedback has been invaluable, and we will be detailing what’s changed in the weeks ahead. ...

Developer Briefing #197 | Looking Ahead to 2024

Hello everyone, Welcome to our final Developer Briefing of the year. This edition will focus on 2024, showcasing a glimpse of our plans for the year ahead. Thank you for your continued, valuable feedback throughout the past twelve months — your insights helped us shape Hell Let Loose, and we believe we’re now heading in the right direction. Patch 14.6 is behind us, with work underway on 14.7, which will be the first update of 2024. ...

Patch 14.6 is Live! Full Changelog Inside

Hey everyone, Patch 14.6 is now live! This update focuses on bug fixing and refining gameplay, with the addition of two night map variants: Stalingrad and Kharkov. We’ve also made improvements to vaulting, and addressed some of the rain issues on Purple Heart Lane — we’re looking to fully resolve this in 14.7. Please see full details in the changelog below. Night Maps ...

Patch 14.5 Releases Today at 2pm GMT!

Hey everyone, Back into the ruthless darkness of war! We’re so excited to see you on the frontlines in Patch 14.5! Battle on the dusk time variant of El Alamein which requires you to adapt to new dynamics — dusk lighting conditions sees the map permeated with fog — paving the way for different approaches to becoming the victor, accompanied by new British & German sub-factions (The British Eighth Army and German Africa Corps) ...

Patch 14.4 Re-releases at 3pm BST

Hey everyone, We’ll begin rolling out Patch 14.4 again from 3pm BST this afternoon! Thank you all so much for your understanding and patience while we worked to determine the reason why only some servers were working when we first released the patch on Thursday last week. What went wrong? There were three unexpected issues that we ran into - two that were only affecting GTX hosted community servers, and another where seemingly at random, some users would hang on a loading screen when joining...