Hell Let Loose

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Developer Briefing #175 - Some Like It Hot!

Hey everyone,

Last week we caught a glimpse of the new winter map, Kharkov, and the first iteration on the base for our future winter uniforms. With just enough time to take a quick breath, the programmers and artists have been able to share some more on the content for our next update.

In today’s brief, we’re heating things up with flamethrowers for the US and Axis, Molotovs for the Soviets, jeeps for all factions and a peek at the new cosmetic loadout preset options. Let's take a look at...

Developer Briefing #174 - Winter Is Coming!!!!

Hey Everyone,

The team is still hard at work on all sides, with both update 13 and the Commonwealth update, making some great progress.

In today's brief, we look at keeping your cool on the frontline in U13 as we take a deep dive into the frosty fields of the new snow map Kharkov and Winter Uniforms to suit. We are also pleased to announce some exciting changes to the existing Winter Warfare Free DLC pack. Without further ado, let's dig in.

New Map: Kharkov (Winter)   ...

Developer Briefing #173 - Update 13, Console Parity, Commonwealth Timeline

Hi everyone,

We want to thank the community for your patience as we spent the last couple of months prioritizing & finalizing console content so that it’s inline with the PC. Now this parity work is almost complete, it will make general HLL development much smoother moving forward.

Although this work has taken longer than we’d have liked, it has been a huge technical achievement for the team that enables us to deliver PC & Console updates at the same time in the future - or with minimal time...

Update 12 ‘Falling Dark’ - Hotfix Live Now!

Hey everyone,

We are pleased to announce that a hotfix for Update 12 ‘Falling Dark’ is now live. Over the next several weeks our focus will turn to continued optimization, bug fixing and ongoing polish.

For a comprehensive list of changes for this hotfix please read the changelog below.

In future Dev Briefs will be announcing what the next content update will bring, along with parity for console players. This will be a huge milestone for the game and the community as a whole. This means that...

Update 12 ‘Falling Dark’ Is Now Live!

Hey everyone,

At last it's here. The team is excited to announce that Update 12 ‘Falling Dark’ is upon us. As we have mentioned in our developer briefings this update brings to all the ‘Low Light’/‘Night’ mood settings for some popular and new maps, Vehicle Updates, New Commander Abilities, Flare Guns and so much more.


Update 12 ‘Falling Dark’ coming tomorrow!

Hey everyone,

At last, the team is excited to announce that all going well, Update 12 ‘Falling Dark’ will release tomorrow Tuesday July 19th 11am BST. We are all very eager to see the community enjoying the New Maps Remagen, Low light/night variants of popular maps and Omaha Beach with new Modes.