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Latest Updates

Release 2024.1.1 is now LIVE!

@ pings are red, hyperlinks are blue,   Patch 2024.1.1, build 1403 is now live,   With love on Valentine's Day, from VRChat to you. Network compatible, available on all platforms. Check out our video patch notes below or head over to our docs to read the full list of changes. Video Patch Notes:

Release 2023.4.2 is Now LIVE!

We have a release for you. It’s a big one. Probably our biggest of the year. It’s also our last release of 2023! probably! VRChat 2023.4.2, build 1388, has arrived. Check out the video patchnotes, delivered by Strasz: This release includes Creator Economy Paid Subscriptions, Content Filtering, a CLOCK, and more! Read the full patch notes here.

Release 2023.4.1 is now LIVE!

Hello everyone! We've just released a new version of VRChat! VRChat 2023.4.1, is now available on all platforms. It's network compatible, build 1373. And now, for the big news:

VRChat is now running on Unity 2022!

Unity 2022 has a ton of fixes, improvements, MORE FRAMES, and new features! Check out all the info here, in our latest Patchnote Video. If you prefer text logs, check out our latest release notes.

Release 2023.3.3 is Now Live!

Hello everyone!   VRChat 2023.3.3 is out now on all platforms!

It's compatible with previous versions. Click the version number above to see the full patch notes, or just watch our Video Patchnotes! Included in this update: - World Preloading! Click on a world, click "Preload", and you can download the world without joining, allowing super fast joining once you're ready.   - Group Timelines, which shows all the announcements from your groups in chronological order!   ...

VRChat 2023.3.2

VRChat 2023.3.2 is now live on all platforms! This update has a ton of new stuff, like:

  • UI Color Picker - A new VRChat Plus feature that lets you customize the color of your menus!

  • Find it in the Main Menu, under the VRChat Plus tab.

  • Tons of Full-Body fixes and improvements!

  • German and Japanese tooltip localization, and lots of other localization improvements!

  • A bunch of other fixes and improvements! ...

Release 2023.3.1 is Now Live!

VRChat 2023.3.1, the "Video on Quest" update, is now Live!! No patchnote video this time! This update includes video link support for the Meta Quest headset, a highly requested feature that means that links to various video hosts ( will work without any additional URL changes required! Simply paste in the video URL and hit Play! ...