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Latest Updates

Patch Notes Version 1.10.1

ELDEN RING update 1.10.1 is now available.

- Easy Anti-Cheat update to support the Steam OS update. The version number of this update shown at the lower right corner of the Title Screen will be as follows:  

*App Ver. 1.10.1  

Regulation Ver. 1.10*

Online play requires the player to apply this update. We will continue to provide improvement updates in the future so you can enjoy ELDEN RING more comfortably. ...

Patch Notes Version 1.10

ELDEN RING update 1.09 is now available. PvP-exclusive balance adjustments The adjustments in this section do not affect single-player or cooperative play.

  • Increased poise damage of all weapons and some spells and incantations.
  • Increased poise when attacking with some skills, spells, incantations and some types of weapon attacks that generates poise. ...

Patch Notes Version 1.09.1

ELDEN RING update 1.09.1 is now available.

This update includes hotfixes and game balance adjustments following patch 1.09.   Additional information about PC Ray Tracing settings is also included at the end of these patch notes.

Gameplay changes and bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the effects of some Skills, Incantations, Items and Weapons that increased attack power were not applied to Spells and Incantations. ...

Patch Notes Version 1.09

ELDEN RING update 1.09 is now available.

New feature

Ray Tracing support has been added.

Ray Tracing can be activated in the settings menu:  

  • PS5 / XSX: Game Options → Ray Tracing
  • PC: Graphics → Ray Tracing Quality

Please note that performance - such as frame rate and resolution - may be impacted while playing with Ray Tracing on.

The minimum and recommended technical specification to use Ray Tracing can be found at the end of the patch notes.

PvP-exclusive balance adjustments ...

Patch Notes Version 1.08.1

This patch brings fixes to unintended changes that came with the 1.08 Colosseum update.

Please note that online play requires the player to apply this update.

Game changes  

  • Fixed a bug that changed crouching attack behavior of right-handed weapons when holding specific weapons in the left hand. ...

Patch Notes Version 1.08

The Colosseum awaits.

In this new update, a brand-new multiplayer feature in the form of the Colosseum arenas have been added, as well as new hairstyles for you to enjoy. Additionally, new balance adjustments have been made to improve the stability of gameplay.

Please note that online play requires the player to apply this update.

Major new features

  • The Colosseums of Limgrave, Caelid and Leyndell are now open.