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Latest Updates

New Update Available

An update to Mortal Kombat 1 is now available that addresses the following issues:

  • Issues in Invasions

  • Daily/Weekly quests can now all be completed

  • Brutality move lists corrected

  • Stability fixes

  • Localization fixes

  • Added keyboard mapping to use Keyboard-To-Speech during online matches

  • Added setting to disable Motion Blur

  • Fixed situations where transitioning from cutscenes would not disable V-Sync

  • Fixed VFX behavior during lower framerates


Update: PC Performance Issue Resolution

RESOLVED The performance issue some PC players experienced, which caused video stuttering in Story mode, has been resolved. In addition, players on the Steam Deck will now see an increased font size on some screens creating better legibility.

Update: PC Performance Issues

We are aware of performance issues affecting some PC players, including video stuttering in Story mode. While we work on a permanent solution, ensure your GPU drivers are updated & your monitor is set to 60hz refresh rate. Thank you for your patience.