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Unturned's 10th Anniversary

Today, we celebrate ten years of Unturned on Steam! If you'd like to read a long-winded rambling blog post from the overly nostalgic developer, you may enjoy:   Reflecting on 10 Years of Unturned ##### Event Content The main menu is decorated with a harkening back to the 2.0 era. And, for the first time, we're releasing a craftable mystery box, or, more accurately, mystery... tophat? ...

A Carr Update

Ahoy there me hearty!   What, why is this update vaguely pirate-themed? Because it's fun to say "car" with an extra 'r', that's why! I left my offroader parked in the Pirate Cove for 5 minutes and some scallywag vandalized it with magenta paint. As a navy man, that is, a man who likes the color navy (not to be confused with a pirate's enemy, the navy), it was a clear choice how to restore ol' reliable: ... Patch Notes

BattlEye needed this client update released as soon as possible, so it's the only change in this tiny patch. Patch Notes

##### Changelog Added

  • Add_Default_Actions item property. Defaults to true when no actions are specified.
  • Buildable_Placement_Rule vehicle property. Replaces vehicle Supports_Mobile_Buildables property.


  • Russia keycard door progress for players who follow a friend into the room. [Thanks SkeJ!]
  • Replacing vehicle battery using the wrong guid. [Thanks NSTM!]
  • Headlamp not overriding Priority_Over_Cosmetic. [Thanks Zombs-R-Cute!] ... Update Notes

##### Welcome to Escalation Featuring a myriad of new gameplay mechanics, systems, unique items, and more, Escalation raises the bar for Unturned. Escalation's arsenal is designed to feel great between immersive animations, precise attention to detail, and high-quality sound design. A great deal of focus went into weapon balance to ensure that each gunfight feels fair. ... Update Notes

##### Changelog Added

  • Server bookmarks as an alternative to Steam's Favorites list.
  • Option for whether group member name tags fade out near crosshair.
  • "-ScrollViewSensitivity" command-line value.
  • Rewards_List_Asset reward type which can reference a RewardsList asset or spawn table.
  • NPC Rewards Volume which grants a RewardsList asset.
  • Zombie kills condition LevelTableOverride option to spawn specific zombies. ...