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## Server Browser Upgrade The server browser has been overhauled with custom filter presets, icons and tooltips for every element, optional columns, map icons, and more!   ## Changelog Added

  • New and improved server browser menus.
  • Allow_Freeform_Buildables [bool] option to gameplay config.
  • Priority_Over_Cosmetic [bool] option for clothing items. Override default NVG behavior.
  • Nightvision_Allowed_In_ThirdPerson [bool] option for NVGs. True for vanilla NVGs. ... Patch Notes

## Changelog Changed

  • Include code documentation xml alongside dlls for plugin devs. [Thanks DiFFoZ!]
  • Spawns editor tooltips show ID and asset origin.


  • Null reference exception if legacy spawn asset was missing.
  • Exception when loading auto-found dll a second time.
  • Decals remaining between level loads. [Thanks wsmajt!]
  • Aiming gun with safety on and Can_Aim_During_Sprint on. [Thanks Axodouble!] ... Update Notes

Item Stats Item descriptions now automatically include a variety of stats, from damage to movement speed to recoil control. More stats and tuning will surely follow feedback after the update. Multi-line Text Chat Text chat messages can finally span multiple lines. Previously, the length was enforced by a 127 byte limit, severely restricting languages with multi-byte characters. This limit is now 512 bytes for player messages and 2048 for plugins. News Feed ... Update Notes


  • Show message when trying to join WAN address without Internet available.
  • Placed kill volumes inside some vanilla boulders.
  • Raised SNS timeout from 10s to 30s to potentially help servers experiencing spikes of traffic. Fixed
  • Potential fix to zombie path not released error. [Thanks DiFFoZ!]
  • Changed Scalar magazine rarity from Epic to Rare. [Thanks Naamell8!] ... Update Notes - Buak

A large island of small mountain towns, secrets, and spooks. The Turned are tough and certain animals don't like it when you get too close. A mix of Russia, PEI, and Arid, but with its own unique twist on many aspects of gameplay. The island contains multiple forest biomes, no military presence, and rare to find guns and supplies. Buak is heavily aimed towards singleplayer, co-op, and PVE playstyles and contains over 2,000 items to discover and use. Some of these are items that redefine the conventional... Update Notes



  • GrantDelaySeconds option for NPC rewards.
  • PlayerKnowsNameFlagID option to replace NPC name with ??? until introduced.


  • Load asset bundles with same name and redirect if loading fails.
  • Removed bone influences setting, default is now four.


  • Shoulder and elbow bone blend weights. [Thanks many animators in the community!]
  • Typo in Feather Hoodie description. [Thanks Bautobrodo!] ...