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  • Option to use custom sized crosshair rather than size calculated from spread.
  • "-DisableLightLODs" command-line flag. Not recommended.
  • Delete_After_Filling_Target [bool] option for fuel items.
  • SalvageItem [guid] option for placeable items when picked up below 100% health.
  • Min_Items_Dropped_On_Destroy, Max_Items_Dropped_On_Destroy, and Item_Dropped_On_Destroy options for placeable items. ... Update Notes

A medium+ sized map set in northern Eurasia featuring high location density, a wider progression system with less reliance on RNG, plenty of unique experiences via quests, over 600 items, and an awesome looking bridge (two, in fact). With its fast paced design (inspired by Elver & Washington) and informative item descriptions, it's easy for anyone to pick up, learn and enjoy.

Watch the A6 Polaris Trailer Here

... Update Notes

A6 Polaris Teaser:

Watch the trailer for danaby2's upcoming curated map "A6 Polaris" releasing next Friday!



  • Spread_Angle_Degrees gun option replacing Spread_Hip.
  • Aim_In_Duration gun option. Old hardcoded default was 0.2 seconds. Vanilla guns have been tweaked +/- 50ms on average.
  • Aim_Duration_Multiplier gun attachment option. Large vanilla magazines reduce aiming speed. ... Update Notes



  • All effect, dialogue, quest, and vendor references support guids.
  • Asphyxiating status icon while in non-breathable area.
  • Max Boss Zombies per-navmesh option.
  • Per-dialogue-message option to change NPC face.


  • Removed devkit editor and its related unused systems.
  • Moved decal visibility into regular editor visibility tab.
  • Partially upgraded Nodes editor similar to Volumes and re-categorized devkit spawnpoint as node. ...