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Latest Updates

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Patch 1.26.3



  • Temporarily reverting a change that caused certain moves to not drain Stamina while the opponent is already Out of Stamina:

  • Lawbringer

- “The Long Arm”

- “Shove”

  • Shinobi

- “Tackle”

- “Double Dodge Kick”

- “Front Roll Kick”

  • Shugoki

- “Headbutt”

- “Demon’s Embrace”

  • Raider

- Sprint Front Throw

- “Stampede Charge”

- “Stunning Tap”

  • Highlander

- “Caber Toss”


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Patch 1.26.2


  • [Adjustment] In Ranked Matches (including placement matches), all types of match quits are now penalized with a 40% rank deduction as well as a matchmaking time penalty.

Developer comment: Some players were bypassing the penalty system by using alternative means to quit their Ranked Duel matches. As a consequence, all quits, intended or not, will be penalized. We believe that this change is required in order to stop exploits and toxic behaviors.


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Live Update 1.26.1



  • [Adjustment] 2nd Top Light strike is now 400ms. (from 500ms).
  • [Adjustment] Increased “Sweep Punish” damage to 35 (from 25).
  • [Adjustment] Increased Zone Attack strikes damage to 20 (from 15).
  • [Bug Fix] Movement during a missed Guard Break has been standardized to be like all other heroes.


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Patch 1.26


Zone Attack

  • Zone Attack can now be chained into Heavy Finisher.

Developer comment: The Heavy Finisher link gives the Warden new options to link up to do additional damage, especially with the new soft feint Shoulder Bash off Heavy Finisher (see below).

Crushing Counterstrike

  • “Crushing Counterstrike” no longer guarantees a Shoulder Bash (it still links into it, however).
  • “Crushing Counterstrike” now guarantees a Top Light.


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Patch 1.25.1


  • [Adjustment] Matchmaking will now only create new 4v4 PvP sessions once all 8 players are found (was 6 players).
  • [Adjustment] The minimum amount of players to rematch in 4v4 PvP modes has been increased to 6 total and 3 on each side (was 4 total, 2 on each side). If the criteria’s are not met, all remaining players will be sent back to matchmaking once the rematch timer runs out.


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Patch Notes 1.25
  • Added a Raider Bot to commemorate a sadly departed member of the community.

_Developer comment: After reading FatMooch69’s remembrance of his fallen comrade ( our dev team quickly got behind the idea of immortalizing ‘B’ in the game as a bot. After reaching out for more specifics on the real ‘B’, we named the Bot ‘TheeLizardWizard’...

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