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Patch Notes v2.03.0


  • Reduced the success rate of Defensive moves like Block or Parry for Rank 3 bots.

*Developer Comment:**One of the main topic that impacts the difficulty of Arcade mode in higher difficulties is the Bot Level 3. The team is working on improving their global behavior. The first step delivered here is focused on reducing their defense success rate.*



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Patch v2.02.3

Quit Penalty

  • We are reactivating the Quit Penalty for all casual game modes. The Matchmaking Penalty is set to 900 seconds (15 minutes). Please note that the Penalty will not be applied to all leave reasons like in Ranked.

Developer Comment: After seeing reports of too many Bots appearing in games, an investigation led us to discover that the casual Quit Penalty was not working properly since we activated it with 2.01. *It will now correctly apply the penalty when leaving a match...

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Patch v2.02.2


  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused users to remain stuck on a Black Screen when starting the title while using less than 4 CPU cores/threads.

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Patch v2.02.1


  • A New Weekly Quests will now be available every week on Thursday at 1 PM UTC. Each Weekly Quests are Hand-Crafted to be very challenging for high Reputation Players.
  • The first completion in a week guarantees one exclusive reward drop for the last Hero played. Other completions after the first one, only grants a chance of reward, still prioritized for the last hero played. ...

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[2018-10-19] Live Update 2.01.2


Arcade Rewards

  • [Adjustment] Increased Loot frequency on all difficulties.
  • [Adjustment] Minimum Completion Rewards were increased across all rarity levels:


  • Minimum XP increased from 5 to 100.
  • Minimum Steel increased from 0 to 9.


  • Minimum XP increased from 8 to 110.
  • Minimum Steel increased from 3 to 11.


  • Minimum XP increased from 22 to 125.
  • Minimum Steel increased from 3 to 13.


  • Minimum XP increased from 24 to 150. ...

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Patch 2.01.1


  • [Adjustment] The Tiandi’s “Sacrifice” feat Stamina regeneration has been temporarily removed to prevent a potential exploit that was giving unlimited Stamina to the Tiandi’s allies, the Health regeneration remains untouched. The Feat will be restored to its normal state in the next Title Update.