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Patch Notes 2.47.1 – For Honor

### IMPROVEMENT FIGHTERS Front Dodge Melee Attacks We are now integrating the results from a previous Testing Grounds, in which we tested slightly faster speeds on Front Dodge Melee Attack, into the Live game. The intention of this change is to improve the viability of Front Dodge Melee Attack as an Opener, for all players. Certain Front Dodge Melee Attacks were significantly more reactable for certain parts of the population, so with this change we believe these moves should function successfully...

Patch Notes 2.46.1 – For Honor

### BUG FIX FIGHTERS Lawbringer

  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that allowed the Lawbringer to have a guaranteed Shove after a Top Heavy Parry

Patch Notes 2.46.0


  • Reflex Guard has been removed from all Assassin heroes as well as Shaolin.
  • Heroes that had Reflex Guard now have Static Guard Dev comment: *Reflex Guard's time has come to an end. It has been in the game since launch, and over time its presumed advantage (of attempting to hide the guard stance) became more and more outweighed by its disadvantages (failing to block attacks). So with this change, all Reflex Guard heroes now have the same...

Patch Notes 2.45.2 – For Honor

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Patch Notes 2.45.1 – For Honor

NEW HERO: OCELOTL Description *"The prey should hear nothing but its own scream." * The Ocelotl hail from the great Aztec Empire. Master hunters, their name means "Jaguar Warrior" in their native tongue of Nahuatl. The Ocelotl stalk their enemies with predator patience -- only to tear them to shreds in moments. Efficient and calculating, they wield a macuahuitl club and tepoztopilli spear to maul their prey as the situation warrants. They are ferocious fighters who never forget a grudge. **Fighting...

Patch Notes 2.44.0

IMPROVEMENT ===========


  • We've made changes to the Onboarding experience for new + existing players with the objective of streamlining and clarifying the Trials and provide a smoother bridge to multiplayer
  • Major changes are:     - Essential knowledge is taught, and frustration elements are reduced throughout the Trials     - Apprentice Trials and Warrior Trials are now both part of the Onboarding flow ...