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Latest Updates

Patch Notes 2.51.0

PS: 1.4 GB XB: 1.8 GB PC: 1.5 GB

Patch Notes 2.50.1



  • New Move: Nomad Swing
    • Switches your Mode from Staff-to-Axe or Axe-to-Staff in mid-chain
    • Performed by pressing Zone Attack input after any non-Finisher attack
    • Is a 500ms Attack
    • Deals 12 Damage
    • Costs 12 Stamina
  • Staff Mode Chained Lights no longer have Uninterruptible Stance
  • Staff Mode Finisher Lights no longer have Uninterruptible Stance
  • Axe Mode Finisher Lights:
    • Are now Undodgeable
    • Increased the forward movement ...

Patch Notes 2.49.0 – For Honor



  • Heavy Openers now deal 22 damage (down from 24)
  • Light Openers now deal 12 damage (down from 14)
  • Teleport now deals 20 damage (down from 24)

Developer's Comments: Shinobi's damage curve is slightly too high, so we're adjusting the hero's damage output to be more in line with other heroes, especially with combo attacks. Afeera

  • Side Light Opener range has been reduced
  • Side Light Chained Attacks range has been reduced ...

Patch Notes 2.481 – For Honor

PS: 1.4 Gb, Xbox: 1.9 Gb, PC: 1.9 Gb

Patch Notes 2.47.1 – For Honor


FIGHTERS Front Dodge Melee Attacks We are now integrating the results from a previous Testing Grounds, in which we tested slightly faster speeds on Front Dodge Melee Attack, into the Live game. The intention of this change is to improve the viability of Front Dodge Melee Attack as an Opener, for all players. Certain Front Dodge Melee Attacks were significantly more reactable for certain parts of the population, so with this change we believe these moves should function successfully...

Patch Notes 2.46.1 – For Honor


FIGHTERS Lawbringer

  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that allowed the Lawbringer to have a guaranteed Shove after a Top Heavy Parry