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Latest Updates

Dota 2 Update — 1/11/2023

Added role filters on the hero selection screen, allowing players to drill down to the heroes that best fit the needs of each game.

  • Removed Jungler from the list of hero roles.
  • As part of our effort to keep Dota Technology Moving Forward the version of V8 included in Dota has been updated, resulting in a new macOS requirement of 10.13+. For the vast majority of Mac players, this requirements change will have no impact.

Dota 2 Update - 12/22/2022


  • Fixed Black King Bar and other instant spells being castable using shift queue when doomed after returning from being hidden (e.g. Astral Imprisonment or Disruption)
  • Fixed Techies Sticky Bomb sometimes getting stuck and never exploding if the target teleported away
  • Fixed Dark Willow projectiles not being visible when targeting runes or items while in Shadow Realm ...

Dota 2 Update - 12/9/2022


  • Fixed Hoodwink Decoy not casting Sharpshooter due to insufficient mana
  • Fixed Io's tethered movespeed able to go below minimum movement speed
  • Fixed Monkey King's Tree Dance sometimes not correctly highlighting all trees in jump range
  • Fixed Batrider's Sticky Napalm cast range being 550 instead of 600
  • Fixed Razor's Damage Stolen Static Link talent giving extra damage stolen

Dota 2 Update - 12/6/2022

The recently released Wintry Treasure 2022 unintentionally reused two already shipped sets. As a result, we're making a few fixes:

  • The Lifestealer Cold Rage set is now a second style on the Obsidian Atrocity set. That set can be received either from the Wintry Treasure 2022 or The Battle Pass Collection 2022, and both the red and blue styles are unlocked no matter where the set was received from. ...

Dota Plus Update — Winter 2022

The winter breeze may have stripped the trees of their leaves but a select group of heroes are bundled up more snugly than ever as the time comes for the seasonal Dota Plus update to appear, filled with a new seasonal treasure, plus refreshed Seasonal Quests and Rewards for you to explore during the grey days and gloomy nights ahead.

Dota Plus Seasonal Treasure


7.32d Gameplay Patch

The 7.32d Gameplay Patch is now live!

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