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Latest Updates

Dota 2 Update - 4/22/2024

Over the last few days since Crownfall's release we've addressed the following issues:

  • Fixed the match history Dota Plus rank change column sometimes displaying zero change for matches where a Ranked Double Down token was used. (The correct rank change was recorded on the server, this was just a display issue.)
  • Fixed Crownfall Ranked Double Down tokens beyond the first not being correctly granted. Missing tokens have been granted to all affected accounts. ...

Dota 2 Update 3/28/2024

Matchmade lobbies will no longer share the account information of any members until the lobby is accepted by all players.

  • Fixed certain cases where Revenant's Brooch would still allow critical hits.

Gameplay Patch 7.35d and Matchmaking Features

We've just released Gameplay Patch 7.35d (Chen had it coming), and with it a new set of features. Matchmaking Hero Ban Rework Over the last year or so, we've taken a number of visible actions against users of third-party cheats. As we investigate each cheat, we're primarily focused on understanding what they're doing and how we can track and stop it....

Dota Plus Update — Spring 2024 (And Dota Labs)

Dota Plus Seasonal Update As Spring blooms to life around us, it transports us here on the Dota team to the springs of yore, when the world was new and vibrant. Who could forget climbing that old oak tree by the bridge? Or stealing carrots and turnips from cranky old Farmer Maggot? Or taking that ring to Mordor, and casting it into the fiery pits of Mount Doom where it was forged? Dota Plus Seasonal Treasure ...

7.35c Gameplay Patch

Patch 7.35c is out now. You can check out the patchnotes here. Additionally, a few updates were made to the Ancient Dragon King cosmetic.

  • You can now High Five the Ancient Dragon King, featuring a custom high five effect.
  • Ancient Dragon King now performs a global celebratory roar every time your team makes a rampage.
  • Ancient Dragon King will now be usable permanently and not only during the Year of the Dragon.

Dota 2 Update - 1/8/2024

Some items from the Frostivus 2023 Treasure Chest were missing unusual variants. Those have been added. Over the next couple days, unusual items from these sets that should have been dropped will be granted. In addition, over the last few days we've addressed several gameplay issues:

  • Fixed Frostivus wards not being selectable/attackable
  • Fixed an issue where pinging certain items in quickbuy could cause the game to lag for teammates ...