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Dota Plus Update - Winter 2021

The days are short and the winds grow cold, but the action in the lanes never stops — meaning it's time for another seasonal Dota Plus update to help power through those blustery nights. Loaded with a new seasonal treasure, and refreshed Guild Quests and Rewards, this update also includes a new heavy metal music pack that will shred the winter blues away.

New Metal Music Pack


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Dota2 Update November 23rd, 2021

Added a command line option -sdlaudiodriver to manually set the audio API SDL Audio will use. If you're having a problem where Dota is playing no sound, please try adding "-sdlaudiodriver directsound" or "-sdlaudiodriver winmm" to the command line.

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Dota 2 Update - November 15th, 2021

Monkey King Mischief

  • Monkey King can now turn into nearby lane or neutral creeps.
  • Added healthbar when Monkey King transforms into courier or Roshan.
  • Fixed a bug where a small percentage of the time Monkey King would transform into an invisible model.

Ability Draft

  • Drafting Wukong's Command grants Mischief. (Only Monkey King can turn into trees.)
  • Call of the Wild default changed to Hawk. Boar can still be accessed by toggling auto-cast. ...

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Dota 2 Update - November 3rd, 2021

Fixed a bug with tower target selection when the tower's current target is very near the limit of a tower's attack range.

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Marci Marches In - New Hero, New Treasure and 7.30e Gameplay Update

Today Marci powers her way from DOTA: Dragon's Blood into the battle of the Ancients as the newest hero to join the fight, proving that undying loyalty yields unrivaled power. Marci marches into battle ready to raise fists in defense of her companions. Head over to the Marci update page to learn about her abilities and more.

Gameplay Update 7.30e Also included in todays update is gameplay update 7.30e. Check out all the details on the update page. ....

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Dota Plus Update - Fall 2021

Summer cedes soon to autumn, sending signals to the smeevils that the time for another seasonal Dota Plus update has now arrived. The autumn-ready additions that await include several features from the Nemestice Battle Pass transitioning into Dota Plus's core, as well as a new seasonal treasure and refreshed guild quests & rewards.

Nemestice Features