Dota 2

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Latest Updates

Dota Plus Update — Summer 2023

As seasons go, spring doesn’t have much going for it. It’s wet, there’s too many insects, idiots are all over the place skipping through parks and falling in love. Luckily, our global spring nightmare is finally almost over — and that’s because the Summer 2023 Dota Plus update* is here, dropping from the sky like a meteor on the grateful people below. The update includes refreshed seasonal quests and guild rewards, plus an all-new treasure to explore.


Dota 2 Update - 5/30/2023

Over the last few days we've addressed several gameplay issues:

  • Watchers are now colored based on whether they are controlled by your team (matching minimap coloration), rather than whether they are controlled by Radiant and Dire.
  • Auto-selected summoned units no longer close the shop UI.
  • Wisdom Runes no longer consider players who abandoned when finding a second player to grant XP.
  • Tormentor no longer considers players who abandoned when finding a player to grant shard. ...

Dota 2 Update 5/16/2023

Over the last few days we've addressed several gameplay issues:

  • Fixed Universal heroes' damage per level tooltips referencing an incorrect value
  • Fixed Tormentor tooltips to show correct reflection, damage barrier, and regen values
  • Fixed Neutral Tokens being inaccessible when sent to stash by hero clones
  • Clarified multiple ability and item tooltips and 7.33c patch notes in the client
  • Fixed Eye of the Vizier providing no Mana Regen ...

7.33c Gameplay Patch

Patch 7.33c is out now. You can check the notes here.

Additional Notes:

Ranked Matchmaking:   • Raised the minimum MMR to be eligible for Immortal Draft from 5620 to 6500.   • Modified the MMR gained and lost from matches when teams have varying skill to better approximate the expected chance each team has of winning. Games where the teams aren't equal in rating now credit the lower-rated team with a better chance of victory and the results for players...

7.33b Gameplay Patch

The 7.33b Gameplay Patch is now live!

Check the latest patchnotes here!

Also, throughout the last few days, we addressed some ongoing gameplay-affecting issues:

  • Fixed Killing Roshan not giving the team control of enemy Watchers
  • Fixed Phylactery not applying damage/slow if a spell is re-applied
  • Fixed Phylactery not triggering on spells that would otherwise trigger Spell Absorption
  • Fixed Immobile units able to go through Twin Gates ...

The New Frontiers Update is Here

Sometimes Dota gameplay patches are small. Sometimes they can get pretty big.

This one... is huge.

It’s got all the things you were probably expecting — balance changes, new items, hero reworks, UI improvements. But we also included a few changes you probably weren't expecting, like a new hero attribute type and — brace yourself — the map is now 40% bigger.