Dota 2

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Latest Updates

Dota 2 Update - 10/5/2022


  • Fixed Beastmaster Hawk Dive Bomb being able to target couriers
  • Fixed Drow Ranger's Multishot not displaying radius preview
  • Fixed Clinkz's Searing Arrows multishot talent hitting Outposts
  • Fixed Shadow Demon's Shadow Poison Level 2 value being lower than intended
  • Fixed Lycan's Wolf Bite interaction with Refresher
  • Fixed Lycan's Howl sound during night time
  • Fixed Drums of Endurance range display

Dota 2 Update - 10/3/2022


  • Added an in-game model for Tome of Knowledge
  • Fixed the motion correction buffering on attacking and casting sometimes increasing the effective distance. This fixes the issue with towers sometimes briefly stopping attacking
  • Fixed a number of cases where the AoE radius preview wasn't displayed correctly
  • Fixed a number of spell range preview not interacting correctly with Cast Range bonuses ...

7.32c Gameplay Patch

The 7.32c Gameplay Patch is now live!

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Battle Pass Update

On release of the Battle Pass, one theme we've noticed in community feedback is that players don't feel like they're making progress commensurate with the amount of matches that they have been playing. With that in mind, we looked at the data for the 2022 Battle Pass compared to The International 10 Battle Pass to see if the data matched this perception. What we found is that even though the amount of points players can potentially earn is similar between the two Battle Passes, the median amount...

Dota 2 Update - 8/31/2022

Fixed model replacements for other cosmetic items (e.g. Queen of Pain Arcana replacing her boots) not working correctly

  • Made a number of fixes to Single Target spells being cast with a longer cast range if they were interrupted during the initial cast
  • Fixed Batrider's Flamebreak visual effects not following correct Fog of War rules
  • Fixed Beastmaster's Drums of Slom being dispellable
  • Fixed Brewmaster's Primal Companion being able to summon several Brewlings if they were dispelled ...

7.32b Gameplay Patch

The 7.32b Gameplay Patch is now live!

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