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Latest Updates

The Challenge Moons Patch - Version 47

Hello employees, I hope you had a good Christmas. Now get back to work!!! I've been taking a break, catching up on movies and writing and drawing, so this update isn't too crazy but has lots of little things. In Version 50 I hope to add lots of new creatures and map variation. (However since there are big changes in my life, I might not be able to work on it as quickly as I worked on Version 45.) Version 47 Notes:   - Added replayable challenge moons   ...

The Frosty Update - Version 45

Hello, it has felt like a while hasn't it! I held myself back from releasing this update last weekend, and I'm glad, because some of the best stuff was added just this week. Since I'm having a hard time thinking of what to say, here is Version 45.

Patch notes:

Added chemistry flasks and dramatic Masks, nutcrackers with guns and spray paint cans for funs.   Rail cheese has been nearly destroyed, but the forest giant is easier to avoid.   ...

The Autumnal Update - Version 40

Hello, welcome to the first update to Lethal Company. I've gotten countless good laughs watching everyone explore the game for the first time. There are a staggering amount of you, but I hope everyone can still be pleasant and make this place as cozy as it is chaotic. This update is here to fix some important bugs as well as add a little bit of new stuff.

  • Added Radar Boosters. Each one has a unique name and rich personality. Please take care of them. ...