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Latest Updates

Below Zero 1.0 Released!

The big day is finally here! Subnautica: Below Zero 1.0 is now available on Steam. This update includes even more bug fixes and polish, improving on our final Early Access release, Seaworthy, and also unlocks the endgame for all players. If you have a save file from Early Access, you can continue to play it and progress as normal! ...

Teeny-Tiny Hotfix

Hello Subnauts!

We’ve released the Teeny-Tiny Hotfix - a patch to resolve a few bugs from our last update What the Dock. Fixes:

  • Ambient water particles are now showing correctly
  • Fix to allow new screenshots can be cycled through after deleting older screenshots again

Thank you to everyone who reported bugs to us. As always, keep in touch and let us know if you have any persisting issues!

  • Unknown Worlds

What the Dock Update

A new update is available for Subnautica: Below Zero.

  • Tailor your Below Zero experience with Custom Game Mode
  • Utilize an all-new Seatruck Dock base piece
  • Enjoy the most stable version of the game with tons of bugs squashed
  • Get yourself out of some sticky out-of-bounds situations with an Unstuck Button
  • Steam Cloud saves are back (yes, for real this time!)


Seaworthy Update

A new update is available for Subnautica: Below Zero Early Access. Visit the Seaworthy site[] to learn more!

  • Uncover the mysteries of the all-new, fully voiced Crashed Ship story
  • Enjoy the finalized soundtrack as you travel biome-to-biome ...

Teeny-Tiny Update

Hello, Subnauts! A new update has just been released for Subnautica: Below Zero[]. Though this is not a major Early Access update (consider it a half-way mark between Relics of the Past[] and our next major update!), it does contain a ton of bug fixes,...

Relics of the Past Update

A new update is available for Subnautica: Below Zero Early Access. Visit the Relics of the Past site[] to learn more!

  • Experience Below Zero’s story in its most complete form, now fully voiced!
  • Check out Robin’s revamped look with a new Dive Suit and model ...