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Latest Updates

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Heatwave 2021 Summer Event is here!

The hottest event in Valhalla is finally here! Heatwave 2021 arrives with exclusive seasonal items. Celebrate with new Skins: Riptide Petra & Beachside Zariel, a new Podium, nine other exclusive summer Skins, and so much more. Follow the beach balls in Mallhalla...

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Brand New Items in Mallhalla – Patch 5.07

Make way for a new Mallhalla update! This patch introduces new Skins for Orion and Lin Fei, a brand new Sidekick, Emote, and five highly requested country flag Avatars.  Get out the sun block lotion because the hottest Heatwave summer event in Valhalla is making a...

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Welcome to Bloomhalla!

3, 2, 1 - Bloom! We’re turning over a new leaf with Brawlhalla’s first ever spring themed seasonal event. This event brings a swarm of new content including Seasonal Skins for Jaeyun and Xull, a new Title, UI takeover, main menu music, and more!  Ranked Season 20...

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New Legend Reno Is Ready to Battle – Patch 5.06

A new Legend is ready to duel in the Great Halls of Valhalla! Reno, the Bounty Hunter, enters the arena with his trusty Vespian Six Shooter Blasters and Orb companion named Orbot. Reno’s release also comes with three new Skins purchasable in Mallhalla. This update...

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Kung Fu Panda Crossover Event! – Patch 5.05

Skadoosh! Po, Tigress, and Tai Lung from DreamWorks Kung Fu Panda join the fight in Brawlhalla! This new event features three new Epic Crossovers featuring custom Signature effects, Weapon Skins, and more. The event also includes a new Showdown game mode, a new Kung...

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Luck o’ the Brawl 2021 starts today!

Are you ready for the luckiest event in Valhalla? Luck o’ the Brawl 2021 features so many lucky charms to discover. Including the new Lucky Brawler Title, the deadly Cú Sídhe Sentinel Skin, a UI takeover complete with new main menu music, +250 bonus Gold at login, and...