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Latest Updates

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New Legend Arrives: Magyar, The Spectral Guardian – Patch 5.02

A new Legend has arrived in Valhalla! Magyar, the last remaining member of the Batavian Strazci army, has come to battle with their Greatsword and Hammer! Magyar’s release also comes with three new Skins purchasable in Mallhalla. We’ve graduated a few of the visual...

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Happy Brawlhallidays 2020!

The holiday seasonal event is here! We’re celebrating the Brawlhallidays with a very merry UI takeover, all new main menu music, Winter Holiday Colors, a free daily login bonus, and themed items. This includes the new Festive Yeti Onyx and Frost Guardian Ragnir Skins...

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New Skin, Emote, and more in Mallhalla – Patch 5.01

We’re thrilled to introduce a whole slew of new items in Mallhalla! Featuring Spellbreaker Diana, Harlequin Marionette Sidekick, Golf Clap Emote, and eight new Avatars, including new country flags and more. We’ve also graduated a Test Feature, the Unarmed Clashes! For...

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Happy Brawlhalla Anniversary – Patch 5.00 

 Brawlhalla is celebrating its Five Year Anniversary with a new seasonal event complete with exclusive items and new in-game features! The Anniversary event includes a new Bödvar Skin, an exclusive Color Scheme, celebratory Emote, and more. We’re also introducing...

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Happy Brawlhalloween 2020! 

Ghouls, Goblins, and everyone in between, spooky season is upon us which means it’s time for the return of Brawlhalloween! We’re delighted to participate in these frightening festivities with 2 all new Skins for Mirage and Thatch and the Graveyard Shift 2020 Podium....

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AMC’s The Walking Dead battles in Brawlhalla! – Patch 4.08

Rick, Michonne, and Daryl from AMC’s The Walking Dead have arrived to battle walkers in Brawlhalla! This Epic Crossover event features three new Epic Crossovers featuring custom Signature effects, Weapon Skins, and more. The event also includes a new Walker Attack...