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Latest Updates

Entering Vacation Mode with the Heatwave ’24 Event!

☀️ Grab a cold lemonade because the 2024 Heatwave Event is here! Lakeside Loki and Alepisaurus Mako join the seasonal Heatwave crew alongside the adorable Ocean Messenger Sidekick, three new summery Emoji and more! Log-in during the event to claim your free “Vacation Mode” Title 😎 We’re days away from an Esports weekend! The Midseason

Void Zenith Artemis Rises as Brawlhalla Fest Continues! – Patch 8.10

As it was foretold … Void Zenith Artemis rises from the edge of the universe, ready to battle one Mysterious Stranger in Valhalla! 🌌 In the past, we’ve hosted Timed Mission Events for two weeks. For Brawlhalla Fest, we decided more IS better! Enjoy one more week of Brawling to unlock the Bifrost Color Scheme.

Battle Pass Classic 4, Brawlhalla Fest, and New Store UI! – Patch 8.09

Relive the fall of the Order of the Exalted Lion like never before! Unlock 85 Tiers worth of new and classic rewards by playing Brawlhalla and completing missions. Behold an all-new story that puts Octavius Mordex at the center of an epic quest to topple the OEL once and for all, in the first ever

“Always two there are . . . no more . . . no less.”

The rule of two states that, to ensure the survival of the Sith, there must only be two alive at a time. One Master and one apprentice; one to embody the power, the other to crave it. Whether Sith or Jedi, the bond between a Master and their apprentice is unlike any other. Working together,

Brawlhalla Star Wars Event™ – May the 4th Be With You! – Patch 8.08

At last the Sith will reveal themselves to the Jedi, at last they will have revenge! Introducing the ferocious apprentice of Darth Sidious – Darth Maul – who joins Brawlhalla as a Mythic Crossover! He arrives just in time to celebrate May the 4th. This rage-filled Sith Lord is complete with custom Signature FX, unique

Bloomhalla Sprouts Anew!

You’ve tended the garden all year, and it’s time for Bloomhalla to bring new life into the Grand Tournament! 🌱 Springtime themed seasonal items are blooming throughout Mallhalla, including new Skins for Bödvar and Chel, the fox Sidekick – Kit, 3 spring Emojis, and an exclusive annual Podium. 🌻 Alongside these, we also have a