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Latest Updates

Versus Alpha Test extended to June 17th! Hotfix 5.6.6

Heroes and Pactsworn! Surprise! We've actually decided to extend the Versus Alpha for another week! Today's hotfix, 5.6.6, includes a few fixes to both Adventure mode and Versus, and has some balance adjustments made to the playable Pactsworn for Versus. The RAT will now end on June 17th! Starting from yesterday and until the end of the test, the Versus servers will automatically swap between the three active Versus maps: Against the Grain, Righteous Stand and Screaming Bell....

Versus! The Returning Alpha Test is now live! Hotfix 5.5.2

Heroes and Pactsworn! Welcome to the Returning Alpha Test, or RAT for short! Starting today until June 9th, you’ll be able to hop on Versus straight from the main Vermintide 2 game! Simply make sure to pick ‘Versus’ from the main menu to enter the Versus lobby and access its matchmaking. This test is open to all owners of Vermintide 2 on PC, so tell your friends, tell your family, tell your pets, get everyone in here! ...

Patch 5.5.0 LIVE NOW! Quality of Life Update, Skulls 2024

Heroes! The time has come again to celebrate Warhammer through the Skulls event!   Between May 23 - June 9 you can rampage through the Vermintide in the Skulls for the Skull Throne in-game event. Earn new rewards by collecting skulls, or just participate in the carnage. Together with the in-game event we also released Patch 5.5.0 - Quality of Life update. It contains a mix of improvements, fixes, and additions that should improve the experience across all game modes. See below for...

A Parting of the Waves is Live Now! Patch 5.4.0

Heroes! The fourth and final part of the Karak Azgaraz saga - A Parting of the Waves - is out now on PC, free for all owners of Vermintide 2! ...

Hotfix Megathread 5.3.X

Hotfix 5.3.3 - 11th of March

 Features & Tweaks

  • (Versus) Added an 'exit ghost mode' button as a rebindable keybind, instead of only being bound to M2.
  • (Versus) Increased the Warpfire Thrower's health, close range damage and overall damage.
  • Added some extra support for certain legacy sanctioned mods.


  • Fixed the recent 'Access Violation' crash that's been the most prevalent in patch 5.3.X ...

Vermintide 2 Six Year Anniversary, Versus Alpha Test - Now Live! + Hotfix 5.3.1

Hotfix 5.3.1 - 7th of March


  • Disabled quickplay play button for modded realm.


  • Fix crash when hotjoining while another pact sworn is very close to spawn
  • Fixed crash when starting the game and getting a backend disconnect
  • Fixed client crash when being hoisted at the same time as picking up a barrel
  • Fixed music crash when joining a game ...