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Latest Updates

Hotfix 5.0.2


We've just put out patch 5.0.2, a collection of fixes, a few tweaks, and an update to the Collector's Edition Soundtrack to include soundtrack versions of the Chaos Wastes OST.

Bonus Content (~300 MB)  - The Collector's Edition has been updated to include the soundtrack for Chaos Wastes.

Hotfix 5.0.2 (~100 MB)  - The Crimson Greatsword (Executioner Sword) illusion now has the appropriate icon.

  • Fixed various localisation issues. ...

FREE DLC - 'Karak Azgaraz' out now! Patch 5.0.0

Karak Azgaraz - Free DLC

  • Three remastered levels to explore - Revisit Khazid Kro in three fan-favorite adventure maps, newly remastered specifically for Warhammer: Vermintide 2.
  • New Okri’s Challenges & rewards - Challenge yourself with new Okri’s Challenges and show your accomplishments with new Keep paintings and animated portrait frames.


Celebrating Warhammer during Warhammer Skulls! (& Patch 4.9.6)


It’s that time of the year again where we celebrate the digital world of Warhammer through the annual Skulls event! Read on to find out what we're doing in-game and when to tune in to the showcase for more Vermintide 2 news!

What is Warhammer Skulls?

Warhammer Skulls kicks off officially May 25 through June 1 2023! Every year, Warhammer Community celebrates all the best Warhammer video games, whether they’re upcoming or out now. With sneak peeks, previews, and free stuff for literally...

Tower of Treachery is Out Now! - Patch 4.9


The second part of A Treacherous Adventure - Tower of Treachery - is out now, and FREE for all owners of Vermintide 2!

This FREE update sees the Ubersreik Five re-tread familiar ground with reignited purpose. Sofia Fuegonasus has taken over Olesya's old hideout, and is attempting to spread her corruption throughout the Grey Mountains, Bretonnia and the Reikland. It's up to you to put a stop to her deathly plans...


Vermintide 2 Five Year Anniversary & Patch 4.8.5


From March 8th until March 19th we're celebrating the 5 Year Anniversary of Vermintide 2!

Not only is Vermintide 2 FREE for anyone to play this week, you can also avail of Triple XP until the event ends on March 19th. Never has there been a better time to recruit a friend in to your Skaven-smashing crew! And whilst your at it, earn a fancy new portrait frame and join the Ubersreik Five on their quest to have a 'Quiet Drink' in the time limited event mission.


Patch 4.8 - Trail of Treachery FREE DLC live!


A Treacherous Adventure is a free new content update - out now for Warhammer: Vermintide 2 containing the first act out of a two-part adventure. Stay tuned for more to come!

In 'Trail of Treachery', it is up to you and your fellow heroes to escort a caravan carrying precious cargo to a village plagued by strange and unusual happenings. Pave the way to Tockstadt and investigate what misfortune has befallen the settlement. Beware of avalanches.