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Vermintide 2 - Patch 3.3


Welcome to Patch 3.3. Whilst not gargantuan in size or number of fixes, it is a precursor to some fun stuff coming very soon! No more waffle, on to the notes.

Patch 3.3

  • Added quick salvage button to gamepad UI.
  • Fixed 2 of the most common crashes.
  • Bots should now replenish ammo from Ammo Boxes with much more consistency.
  • Healing Potions should no longer be wasted if you're hit right at the moment the potion is consumed. ...

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Patch 3.2 - Quality of Life Update


Welcome to Patch 3.2 on PC, bringing you fixes & tweaks and… *Drumroll*, Quality of Life updates! These QoL updates are specially focused on end-of-round, Spoils of War and Crafting. We truly hope you will enjoy these updates, and as always, you can find the full list of all updates and patch notes below.

For Sigmar!

Quality of Life

End of Round


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Patch 3.1 - Balance Update


Welcome to Patch 3.1 and the patch that brings you the recent balance changes from the Big Balance Beta. Thank you for your participation and feedback during the Beta. We are grateful for your contribution to Vermintide 2.

Below you will find the Patch Notes, and as always, if you want to discuss the latest patch, leave feedback here in the Forums!

3.1 Patch Notes


  • Fixed a crash in Spoils of War.
  • Fixed a Store related crash.

General Changes


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Patch is live - Sonnstille Keep is active

Good morning heroes!

Today is a smaller fix patch, and also activates a summery themed keep for the U5 to hang out in.

Patch - Into the Nest: Fixed an awkward Globadier spawn point.

  • Into the Nest: Fixed a location after the boss fight where bots can get stuck.
  • Into the Nest: Fixed a spot where players might drop dead without aparent cause.
  • Grail Knight Activated Ability: Dimmed the brightness of the effect by about 50% based on community feedback. ...

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Season 3 - Patch 3.0 - The Grail Knight, now LIVE!


Welcome to update 3.0 and Season 3 on PC. This update contains the new Weather Variations, more shilling and new premium cosmetics to Lohner’s Emporium of Wonder, and of course, the new career for Markus Kruber (or should we sway, Markus de Mandelot), the Grail Knight. The Weaves have been reshuffled and Season 2 rewards are no longer available. Oh, and we also added three Wind’s Mutators to Twitch Mode!

Weather Variations


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Patch 2.4 - Bug Fixes and Stability


Welcome to patch 2.4 on PC that brings you some fixes and tweaks to Old Haunts and Enchanter’s Lair as well as some bug fixes.

2.4 Patch Notes

Levels - Enchanter's Lair:   - Added water collision on blood surface.   - Removed interactable units and flow on the paintings found throughout the level.   - Player camera should no longer break if a player rescuable in the boss room before encounter cutscene. ...