RuneScape (Old School)

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Latest Updates

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PJ Timer Beta & Chat Changes

Hop into one of the Beta worlds and test out the upcoming changes to the PJ Timer.

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Android Beta and Gold Sink Changes

The Android Beta launches today along with changes to Group Ironman and some new Gold Sinks!

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Duel Arena Changes

This week we've got some short-term changes heading for the Duel Arena, along with an Android Beta update for you Mobile adventurers.

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Wilderness & Small Changes

This week we've been tinkering with the loot tables for the recent Wilderness & Revenant changes. Getting the loot right is a delicate matter, after all!

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Android Beta Signup & Small QoL Changes

Sign up for the Android Beta, get the latest on the Duel Arena and take a look at the smaller QoL changes!

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Revenant Caves & Deadman Changes

We're bringing improvements to an area of the Wilderness this week and changes to Deadman Worlds.