RuneScape (Old School)

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Latest Updates

Bounty Hunter Rewards Beta & More

Weapon imbues and Ancient Warrior equipment are making their way to beta worlds for your brutal enjoyment!

Quest Speedrunning's Final Batch

As we prepare for a couple of exciting betas, we're releasing the final batch of the promised Quest Speedrunning offerings!

The Last of Poll 78

This week we've hit the motherlode with a wrap on all of the changes from Poll 78.

Even More Poll 78 Changes

Prayer filtering is here at last, alongside a whole host of other Poll 78 changes!

Theatre of Blood: Entry Mode Improvements

Get ready to tackle the new improvements to the Theatre of Blood's Entry Mode and more Poll 78 changes!

10th Birthday Event

We did it! A full decade of Old School RuneScape! Let’s celebrate in style…