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Latest Updates

Further Project Rebalance (Skilling) & Varlamore Changes

This week’s update brings further changes from Project Rebalance!

Project Rebalance: Skilling & Poll 81 MTA Changes

We're back from our fifth annual Game Jam with a BIG Project Rebalance update!

Varlamore Tweaks, GameJam V Commences & More!

This week's short & sweet update brings a handful of Varlamore tweaks & fixes along with some more assorted small changes!

Undead Pirates Tweaks, Varlamore CAs & More

Much requested Undead Pirates and Wildy fixes, plus new challenges to take on with the Varlamore Combat Achievements!

Undead Pirates, Colosseum Changes & more!

Today marks the start of an eternal war between Undead Pirates and Elder Chaos Druids, plus a handful of neat other tweaks!

Varlamore Tweaks & Drop Rates

Those much-anticipated drop rates for Perilous Moons and the Colosseum are here! Along with more Varlamore tweaks and a peek at next week's update.