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Latest Updates

Poll 80 & Shooting Stars Changes

Today we’re launching a flotilla of Poll 80 changes! Keep reading to learn more…

The Path of Glouphrie

Today’s update brings a long-awaited sequel…

DMM Tweaks, Upcoming Launcher Changes & more!

This week sees a few Deadman: Apocalypse tweaks ahead of the final week, HDOS and a new look for the Jagex Launcher, and more!

Poll 80 ToA Changes & DMM Tweaks

This week’s game update sees some initial tweaks to Deadman: Apocalypse alongside the long-awaited Tombs of Amascut and Poll 80 updates!

Deadman: Apocalypse - Friday 25th August

Deadman Mode is back… with a twist!

Desert Treasure II Changes & More

Find out what's launching in this week's game update!