RuneScape (Old School)

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Latest Updates

Poll 77 Changes & More

Gielinor is packing up its Halloween decorations and starting to wrap up warm for the colder months. Read on for changes from Poll 77, a chilly summit, & more!

Diversity & Inclusion Changes and Quest Speedrunning Updates

We’re making moves this week with D&I changes, Halloween buffs, and two new quests for you to speedrun!

Wilderness Boss Rework - Revenant Weapons Poll Blog

This a brief follow-up blog surrounding the Revenant weapons following the Wilderness Boss Rework Poll Blog!

Tombs of Amascut Drop Mechanics & Osmumten's Fang

This blog drives in to the drop mechanics behind Tombs of Amascut and some changes to Osmumten's Fang.

Halloween 2022

It's time to get into the spooky 'spirit'! Read on to learn about Halloween 2022.

Fresh Start Worlds

Fresh Start Worlds open at 12:00 BST!