RuneScape (Old School)

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Latest Updates

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Poll 76 Improvements

This week, we’ve got more changes from Poll 76 and a BIG Kickstarter update!

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Equipment Rebalance Tier Changes & Poll 76

This week we’re talking Equipment Rebalancing, Poll 76 Changes and an exciting announcement regarding the Jagex Launcher...

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Guardians of the Rift & Beneath Cursed Sands Changes

This week we’ve been working on improvements for our latest releases!

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Beneath Cursed Sands

Beneath Cursed Sands releases today! It's an all-new quest designed to support our most narrative-driven raid yet, Tombs of Amascut!

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iOS Closed Beta & Inventory Rework

We've got all the news on the Inventory Rework, the iOS Closed Beta, and the Deadman Reborn Re-Run Beta!

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Easter 2022

The Easter Bunny is in need of your help yet again! We've also got changes to the Revenant Caves, Achievement Diaries and more!