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Latest Updates

Hotfix #20 Now Live!

Hello everyone, We have another hotfix for you today, fixing several bugs, issues, and blockers. Was Minthara exercising perhaps a little too much independence? We’ve fixed an issue where everyone’s favourite drow would simply decide to not follow the party in Act II or Act III. You should find her more willing to fall in line now - at least in terms of keeping up. She’s still something of a free spirit. ...

Hotfix #19 Now Live!

Hello everyone, Hotfix

19 has now begun rolling out to PC, with consoles to follow!

This hotfix aims to resolve some further bugs, glitches, and crashes. We are also actively working on further fixes that cover several community-submitted issues with Patch 6, and really appreciate your patience as we prepare to deliver this. ...

Hotfix #18 Now Live!

Hello everyone, We’ve got a small hotfix for you today, fixing a couple of issues with trading and bartering.   Now, you can safely carry on with your shopping sprees across the Forgotten Realms! Thank you for taking the time to submit your reports to us. We are continuing to work on fixes for other reported issues with Patch 6. ...

Patch #6 Now Live!

Ah, two days after Valentine’s Day. Cupid has shot his arrows, the chocolates have gone on sale, and the flowers have started to wilt. The perfect time to release a patch! Patch 6 for Baldur’s Gate 3 launches today, and it’s packed full of quality-of-life improvements, fixes, and a little bit of romance. The full extent of today’s update has once again been defeated by the Steam character limit, so if you want to dive into the full notes, head to the official website here. ...

Hotfix #17 Now Live!

Hello everyone, We’ve got another hotfix for you today, fixing a few bugs, blockers, and issues. Poor Gale - we know your pain, sometimes it’s easy to read something into a situation that wasn’t there. We’ve sat him down and explained that if someone doesn’t offer him a shoe to eat every time, that doesn’t mean they never will. You’ll find him more likely to stick around now. ...

Hotfix #16 Now Live!

Hello everyone, Happy New Year! We’re kicking off 2024 with a sizeable hotfix, handling multiple bugs, issues, and blockers. Have your party members been hoarding trinkets? Did you accidentally send Minthara’s lute to your camp supplies, thinking nobody could possibly need a lute in this day and age? In this hotfix, you will now be able to access certain quest-related items on the spot - even if they’re not held by your current party! How’s that for magic pockets? ...