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Hotfix #25 Now Live!

Hello everyone, We’ve got a new hotfix for you today, taking care of a handful of bugs and glitches. It would appear that Us is causing everybody a few sleepless nights, and that troublesome fleshy blob has been continuing to block some players from taking a Short Rest. We’ve given him some lessons in decorum, and leaving a party at the appropriate time, rather than hanging around like a loathsome houseguest, eating all the cheese from the fridge. ...

Hotfix #24 Now Live!

Hello everyone, We’re continuing to improve stability and performance in Baldur’s Gate 3 and have another small hotfix going live today that addresses some bugs and performance issues! Unable to Short Rest? A bug was preventing some players from taking a Short Rest when having added and then dismissed Us with a companion party member, before then loading certain savegames. We've had some kind but firm words with this adorable intellect devourer, and power naps are now back on the schedule. ...

Hotfix #23 Now Live!

Hello everyone, Coming in hot for all platforms, this hotfix aims to continue improving your Baldur’s Gate 3 experience, and addresses several crashes and bugs. The tradespeople of Baldur’s Gate have also had a word with our people, and we both agree that container-based antics, while amusing, are damaging the economy. So in this update we’ve fixed several bugs with buying and selling. No more free lunches! ...

Hotfix #22 Now Live!

Hello everyone, We’re rolling out another small hotfix on all platforms today that takes care of a couple of crashes and blockers, as well as a couple of bug fixes for Minthara, so hopefully now she’ll stop spilling the beans. We’ve also fixed an issue where a legacy dialogue flow had been enabled unintentionally while carrying out fixes for Minthara, which meant that some players had been able to view dialogue where Minthara would seemingly end a relationship with Dark Urge players if they...

Hotfix #21 Now Live!

Hello everyone, A nice new hotfix is now available for Baldur’s Gate 3 on PC, PS5, and Mac, taking aim at several bugs, crashes, and blockers. We’ve also restored the ability to send items to specific camp companions while outside of camp - so feel free to send all your heavy items to Karlach for easy access. She can handle the strain, don’t worry. Xbox players, Hotfixes

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Hotfix #20 Now Live!

Hello everyone, We have another hotfix for you today, fixing several bugs, issues, and blockers. Was Minthara exercising perhaps a little too much independence? We’ve fixed an issue where everyone’s favourite drow would simply decide to not follow the party in Act II or Act III. You should find her more willing to fall in line now - at least in terms of keeping up. She’s still something of a free spirit. ...