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Season 1: Wild Frontier Patch Notes


Happy Season 1 Day! The update is scheduled to go live at 10:00am PST on all platforms that you will need to download. Patch notes are below. I do by best to account for everything but there may be cases where I miss something. It's intentional to omit anything from the patch notes. Enjoy!

SEASON 1: WILD FRONTIER PATCH NOTES ===================================


  • Added Battle Pass tab to Lobby.
  • Cost: 950 Apex Coins ...

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Live Balance Update live on all platforms - let's talk about meta

Hey everyone!

First off, we know you folks are fired up for info on Season 1 and Battle Pass. We still have work to do to get everything ready for prime time and won’t be talking about it yet. There are a lot of moving parts and coordination that go into big announcements and launches like this so please be patient. I know the wait sucks but it’s coming and ask that you all please be patient with us.

Over the course of this week we’ll be talking about a few hot topics and we’re kicking things off today with a patch that is live on all platforms with some fixes, our first tweaks to the meta, and we'll give a preview of how we’ll be addressing ...

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Respawn Check In Server Patch 2.22.2019

Hey! Before we head into the weekend got a couple quick things to talk about:


We pushed a server patch today to all platforms addressing a few issues:

  • Addressed issue where players were able to skydive longer distances than intended when launching from Jump Towers.
  • Fixed issue with Havoc crashing the game in certain situations.
  • Fixed exploit where players could refill ammo in the inventory screen for the Kraber and Mastiff.

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Apex Legends 2.19.2019 Preseason Patch Notes 02

Patch is live on ALL PLATFORMS. Here's the notes:

  • Fixes for PS4 crash issues.   - Addresses issues we saw with GPU hangs.   - Fixed crash when pressing button early in load process.
  • Fixed issue where players would sometimes move slowly after revive.
  • Fixed issue with Mirage Ability causing crashes.
  • Fixed issue with Gibraltar Epic skins on Xbox One causing crashes

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Apex Legends 2.13.2019 Preseason Patch Notes 01


  • Added "Live Die Live" Banner Badge: Revive a member of your squad between 2/13 and 2/19 to earn this limited time badge.
  • Added Valentines Day cosmetic items to the store. They will be live and available in the store starting 2/13 until 2/19 and then they’re gone!   - “Through the Heart” Longbow Epic DMR skin   - "Love of the Game" Pathfinder banner frame


  • Various improvements and tweaks to UI. ...