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Leap into the line of fire with a new Legend, Newcastle, traverse a monstrous map update, learn about Ranked Reloaded, and more!




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Update Apr 11

Just pushed a @PlayApex update to address: -Issues with placeable abilities on Storm Point. -Third-party controllers not working on Xbox Series X|S. -Various next-gen console, Control, and Bangalore Story Event fixes.

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Update Apr 5

We just pushed a small update to @PlayApex: -Rampart is now temporarily unavailable in the Firing Range -Drop-Off has been added to the regular Arenas rotation

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Update Mar 30

Just pushed a small @PlayApex update to address the following: -Return to the standard Ranked Arenas rotation, with Drop-Off included. -Add Boosted Loader to the Level 3 Wingman in Arenas. -Revert an unintentional Sheila buff. Carry on, legends.

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Control returns and more with the Warriors Collection Event.

CONTROL RETURNS AND MORE IN THE WARRIORS COLLECTION EVENT From March 29th to April 12th, Control returns for a limited time, a new Arena map, Crypto Heirloom, and Caustic’s been up to something…

CONTROL IS BACK! Our limited-time 9v9 mode Control is returning for two weeks with the Warriors Collection Event!

This time around Caustic Treatment on Kings Canyon has been added into the mix. So, squad up, select your loadout, and fight for total control over Olympus, Storm Point, and Kings Canyon. Brought to you by Silva Pharmaceuticals...

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Update Mar 1

We just pushed a @playapex patch to address: -Additional console performance improvements, including Gen4 FPS drops -Fixes for various client crashes and errors