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Latest Updates

June 2023 Update

New visual effects and features for developers.

January 2023 Update

Improved Eye Poser, new Lua features, and many bug fixes.

June 2022 Update

A small update.

  • You can now search maps by the name of the Workshop Addon they come from in Start New Game screen
  • Moved potentially conflicting addons detection to Problems menu - potentially conflicting means two addons have the same Lua file with different file sizes
  • Fixed Lua error with Super DOF when activating 5 second hide UI and reopening UI before the timer expires ...

December 2021 Update

Voice permission, addon list for dupes and many more fixes.

June 2021 Update

Colorable ropes, clientside voice scaling and many more smaller improvements.

March 2021 Update

Server browser updates, new self-help feature and many updates to the Hammer Editor