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Latest Updates

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September 2019 Update

Many weapon and NPC improvements

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July 2019 Update

Half-Life: Source weapons in spawnmenu, many NPC related improvements and general fixes.

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April 2019 Update

Another update and a privacy policy update.

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February 2019 Update

Half-Life: Source entities and developer tool improvements

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October 2018 Update

This update brings a bunch of smaller changes while we are working on bigger things.

We have made many small improvements to the Lua API as well as the Half-Life campaign compatibility with Garry's Mod, and fixed a bunch of crashes.

There are multiple improvements to Half-Life NPCs, such as fixing Combine Snipers not shooting at players in some cases, a fix for Barnacles not picking up players from vehicles and a fix for a bunch of effects not working in multiplayer in some cases on NPCs like the...

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August 2018 Security Hotfix

This is a small hotfix update that addresses newly found exploits while we work on bigger updates.

The exploit allowed people to upload malicious files to servers, which could be used to execute arbitrary Lua code on said servers.

We highly recommend all server owners to update their servers as soon as possible.

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