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Latest Updates

Release Notes for 7/11/2024



  • Fixed clipping on crates at bombsite A to allow players to jump on top again.


  • Fixed clipping on ends of bombsite A catwalk to prevent players from walking off. Misc
  • Fixed occasional first-person camera jolt when throwing grenades.

Release Notes for 7/2/2024


Pool Day

  • Updated to the latest version from the Community Workshop found here

Dust 2

  • Fixed hole in brick stack on bombsite B
  • Fixed bug preventing custom sounds from being played in community maps

Release Notes for 06/27/2024


  • Fixed a bug leading to excessive stuttering for some players Hud
  • Fixed case of radar background being incorrectly colored.

Release Notes for 06/26/2024


Pool Day

  • Updated to the latest version from the Community Workshop (Update Notes) Misc
  • Added support to load the latest version of community maps from the Workshop when playing on community servers, even if different versions of the same maps are also available as part of official map groups
  • Fixed G-Sync detection to also work in non-windowed fullscreen mode
  • Fixed a case where US English keyboard layout could remain loaded for users with non-English keyboards


The Real MVP

Since the launch of CS2, community map mappers have been hard at work creating new experiences and updating some classics. Today, we're excited to add the first community maps to CS2! For those of you who dream of Italian weddings, or airplane manufacture (or both!), we've got you covered. Memento and Assembly are now available in Wingman. And if you're in the mood for something a bit more... chaotic, take a dip in the classic Pool Day, which is now available in Arms Race. ...

Release Notes for 6/25/2024


Community Maps

  • Added community maps Thera and Mills to Competitive, Casual, and Deathmatch map groups
  • Added community maps Memento and Assembly to the Wingman map pool
  • Added community map Pool Day to the Arms Race map pool

Nuke- Fixed c4 stuck spots


  • Fixed c4 stuck spots, holes in the world, and non-solids causing problems Vertigo
  • Fixed c4 stuck spots and clipping


  • Fixes for grenade collision and clipping Ui   ...