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Latest Updates

Release Notes for 11/30/2023


  • Sub-tick timing improvements to various systems including grenade throw animations and revolver firing
  • Added a missing fire effect to molotovs that are held by players Animation
  • Reduced the amount that player characters will rotate their torso away from leg orientation
  • Improved hit reactions
  • Made jump animations directional
  • Improved character posing when aiming up and down
  • Improved foot placement and posing when running
  • Reduced animation posing when deploying ...

Release Notes for 11/20/2023


  • Fixed silencer attach and detach animations
  • Fixed a bug that prevented refunding the Bizon
  • Fixed a bug where players could respawn into a bad state during reconnect
  • Fixed a bug where ramps were not correctly reducing fall damage
  • Fixed a case where sub-tick movement timestamps were temporarily incorrect after changing host_timescale
  • Various fixes and improvements to de_ancient

Release Notes for 11/17/2023

Fixed a few minor sub-tick input bugs

  • Fixed a bug with first person animation in bot takeover
  • Fixed a bug where dropped/thrown weapons had too much velocity
  • Fixed a case where players could push their view through low ceilings
  • Fixed an exploit that would allow players to teleport
  • de_overpass: Various tweaks and bug fixes
  • de_anubis: Fixed potential pixel gap exploit at A-site and plugged hole near t-spawn where bomb could be thrown out of world

Release Notes for 11/16/2023


  • More sub-tick visual and audio feedback improvements
  • Reduced sniper scope bob animation magnitude and frequency
  • Fixed a bug causing duck to be slower when the Duck Mode was set to Toggle
  • Fixed a case where grenade throws weren't registering on the server
  • Thrown grenades no longer prematurely detonate if thrown while intersecting a teammate
  • Players can no longer mitigate fall damage by defusing the bomb ...

Release Notes for 11/13/2023


  • Fixed a bug where collision between players was sometimes causing players to step up
  • Fixed a bug where players could slide up walls in Mirage mid
  • Fixed a movement systems bug where players could get stuck on geometry
  • Fixed a bug that prevented "Zoom Button Hold: Repeat Disabled" from working correctly
  • Fixed a case where switching weapons immediately after shooting would result in the shot not registering on the server ...

Release Notes for 11/9/2023


  • Added support for accepting game invites and party invites from Steam Chat and Steam Overlay.
  • Added an execution delay for certain commands that can be specified on command line to be deferred until main menu fully loads (e.g. econ action preview commands, match download commands, playdemo, and similar).
  • Fixed a bug that caused game events to not appear in CSTV demos recorded in tv_record_immediate mode. ...