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Latest Updates

Release Notes for 4/2/2024

Copenhagen 2024 Major

  • Congratulations to Natus Vincere for winning the PGL Copenhagen Major!
  • The Copenhagen 2024 Champions Autograph Capsule is now available for purchase in the Copenhagen 2024 Major Hub Misc
  • Fixed several cases of sticky collisions when jumping against surfaces
  • Fixed another threading bug that could lead to a frame rate hitch, especially if all CPUs were busy


Release Notes for 3/19/2024

Copenhagen 2024 Major

  • Elimination Stage Pick'Em Challenge is now active with 13 qualified teams (three more teams will qualify tomorrow). Elimination Stage picks can be updated and saved all the way until the first Elimination Stage matches begin
  • Added a reminder for players who purchased their Copenhagen 2024 Viewer Pass that the pass must be activated in order to become eligible for the Copenhagen 2024 Coin Challenges
  • Added a checkbox to show final Swiss standings in the Major Hub ...

Release Notes for 3/13/2024

Copenhagen 2024 Major

  • The Copenhagen Major Hub is now available. Visit the hub to purchase tournament items, play the Pick'Em Challenge and more.
  • Purchase a Copenhagen 2024 Viewer Pass to receive an upgradable Copenhagen 2024 Coin. With an active pass, you can upgrade your coin and earn extra souvenir packages by playing the Pick'Em Challenge. Additionally, you will show up on the Active Pass Leaderboard where you can compare your Pick'Em Challenge performance to your friends. ...

Release Note for 3/8/2024

Fixed a threading bug that could lead to a frame rate hitch, especially if all CPUs were busy.

Release Notes for 2/28/2024


  • Spawn position is no longer randomly determined when a player reconnects to a server during freeze time. The spawn point sequence is now configured at the beginning of the map and is saved/restored from round backup files
  • In official matchmaking servers, players who disconnect and reconnect during freeze time will respawn in the spawn point they were assigned at the beginning of the round ...

Release Notes for 2/16/2024


  • 50% throw-strength grenades are now guaranteed if both attack buttons are held long enough then released within a short time from each other
  • Fixed in-game bot avatar images not reloading correctly after pause menu was opened
  • Fixed behaviour of previous round button during demo playback
  • Fixed inability to clear a button binding in game settings
  • Improved performance of telemetry display HUD element
  • Normalized volume of NIGHTMODE music kits
  • Stability improvements