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PAYDAY 3: Patch 1.1.2 Changelog

A short but oh so sweet update for PAYDAY 3 today! A slew of new features, many written on in great detail in previous blog posts make it into the game. In addition, several key balance changes will let you change up the way you play.  

Update Highlights & New Features

While more changes are still on their way and being worked on as part of "Operation Medic Bag", we want to adapt and react to the current playstyles, and mix things up and expand your arsenal for the upcoming challenges.   -...

PAYDAY 3: Patch 1.1.1 Changelog

Hello Heisters! The first update as part of the Operation Medic Bag initiative. If you haven’t heard of it before, Operation Medic Bag is what we call the project meant to bring PAYDAY 3 up to the expectations of you heisters. You can read more about the project and what we’ve set out to achieve this year in the  original blog post. ...

PAYDAY 3: Update 1.1.0 - Syntax Error

Hello Heisters! In Syntax Error we introduce drones, an anti-crime AI and high stake heisting.   The Syntax Error bundle contains 3 DLCs, the heist, a Weapon Pack and a Tailor Pack. The Weapon Pack adds three new guns and plenty of mods, providing powerful new tools to simplify your heisting. The Tailor Pack? It makes you look amazing while during your criminal spree, after all, a witness can’t describe you if they were too busy looking at your slick outfit, now can they? ...

PAYDAY 3: Update 1.0.2

Hello Heisters! Another absolutely massive update for PAYDAY 3 is here!   We’re fixing a great number of bugs, adding quite a few new features including the much awaited infamy system update as well as two classic heists returning from PAYDAY history. We put a summary of what we think are the biggest changes near the top of the list in the patch notes. Below that, the balance as well as comments from our favorite game designer Mio to explain the thinking behind what changed. ...

PAYDAY 3: Update 1.0.1 Changelog

Hello Heisters! The first patch for PAYDAY 3 is finally here, we’re looking at a massive amount of fixes to make your heisting a smoother experience. We’ve all waited for long enough so we’ll cut the speech here and instead, patch notes! Read the full patch notes below! Keep those helmets flying! SBZ_Almir  


Update size: 2.0GB Hello heisters!   ...

PAYDAY 2: 10th Anniversary Stream on Sunday, Aug 13th!

Hello Heisters! This Sunday, August 13th will mark 10 years since the launch of PAYDAY 2. We have a celebration planned with an in-game event, though more details on that will follow next week. In this announcement, we are inviting you to join the celebratory stream! At 12PM CEST we are hosting a 10-hour stream marathon on the day of the anniversary, Sunday, August 13th. ...