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Latest Updates

This Week In Destiny - 02/29/2024

This week in Destiny, would you look at that? It's February 29! What a rare occasion. Let's celebrate with something nice, like showing what's coming with Guardian Games All-Stars on March 5! We won't skim through the details.

  • Guardian Games All-Stars arrives in style.
  • Guardian Games Cup is back!
  • Update 7.3.5 coming on March 5.
  • The Witch Queen, available with PlayStation Plus next week.
  • Our weekly Player Support Report.
  • The Artist and Movie of the Week winners. Let's do this! ...

This Week in Destiny – 02/22/2024

This week in Destiny, we’ve got PvP on our minds. You all seemed to enjoy our extensive sandbox update last week, so we thought we’d offer another in-depth update. Hopefully you have your reading glasses ready because we have a lot to share. Let's get to it! Topics for this week:

  • PvP Strike Team update.
  • Accessibility and console UI updates.
  • Prophecy dungeon weapons update.
  • #NormandyCrew winners.
PvP Strike Team Update


This Week In Destiny - 02/15/2024

This Week in Destiny, we are sharing a lot of changes coming to the Destiny 2 sandbox in just a few weeks. Here's the list of topics for today:

  • Destiny 2 x BioWare collaboration is live.
  • Preview of the upcoming sandbox changes.
  • Celebrate the Lunar New Year with us.
  • Trials map voting results are in.
  • Destiny 2 deal at Humble Bundle.
  • Our latest Player Support Report.
  • And the Art and Movie of the Week winners. Let's do this!
    Assuming Direct Control


Destiny 2 Update

Gameplay and Investment


  • Players can now reacquire the Chivalric Fire Legendary Sword from Collections.
    • Another fix will be implemented in Update 7.3.5, so this weapon can be pulled from Collections fully Masterworked. Abilities Stormcaller Warlock
  • Fixed an issue where the Ball Lightning melee projectile could fail to spawn when activated immediately after canceling a slide.
  • Adjusted requirements for Riven's Wishes. ...

This Week In Destiny – 02/08/2024

This week in Destiny, we’re feeling refreshed. Maybe it’s due to the crisp morning air or getting a good night’s sleep. Or maybe it’s the Iron Banner, Trials, and Nightfall weapons refresh we have on the horizon. Yeah, probably that. So, let’s get into it. This week topics:

  • Game2Give breaks records
  • Iron Banner, Trials, and Nightfall weapon refresh
  • Additional Iron Banner dates
  • Weekly featured Bright Dust drops
  • Armor Synthesis bounty refresh


Destiny 2 Update

Seasonal Activities


  • Reduced the completion criteria for the Rolled Stats Seasonal Triumph.

The Coil

  • Increased the Wishing Glass Shards drop rate from enemies defeated in The Coil.

Starcrossed (Exotic Mission)

  • Fixed an issue where players could damage the boss through the glass wall of the arena.
    Gameplay and Investment


  • Fixed an issue where Blast Radius would grant Armor Charge on non-enemy takedowns.

Weapons ...