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This Week In Destiny - 09/21/2023

This week in Destiny, we’re talking... The Craftening. We’re also chatting about the awesome new Jumpmaster campaign with the Bungie Foundation and Team Rubicon, diving into deterministic recoil changes, treasuring the treasure that awaits, and more. But first, let’s do a quick recap of what we talked about last week:

  • The reasons for Legendary Shard depreciation in The Final Shape.
  • How many Guardians completed Crota's End? ...

Destiny 2 Update

### Activities Crucible

  • Fixed an issue allowing for exploitation of spawns in Rift.

  • Fixed an issue where you can weaken other Guardians when the Rapid-Fire Ranger Artifact perk is active. Seasonal

  • Fixed an issue where Arc Attunement Runes could be destroyed with certain weapons. Crota’s End

  • Improved Essence of the Oversoul drop rates for full clears and for repeated clears. Altars of Summoning


This Week In Destiny - 09/14/2023

This week in Destiny, we have to talk about Legendary Shards. Check your Destiny 2 inventory—it's those purple spiky things you might have in the thousands (or tens of thousands). They look like weird, sour candy, right? Maybe they taste like grapes? Or blueberries? Oh, no, that's the kind of dark thought a Hive acolyte would have, and we are also missing the point here, so let's focus a bit and recap last week's TWID before jumping to the news:


This Week in Destiny - 09/07/2023

Moin moin [Hello in German], Guardians! I gotta say, what World First Race. Fireteams from across the world competed at the highest level and, in the end, it came down to a photo finish between two of the best teams around. I couldn´t believe what I saw and how close the race was. I want to say props to all of you who have encountered Crota´s End in Contest Mode because it was huge challenge—and I know that from experience, too! Before we get to today's TWID fun, let's have a look what we discussed...

Destiny 2 Update

### Activities Trials of Osiris

  • Match wins in Trials of Osiris now have a high chance to drop a non-Adept Trials weapon. Crucible

  • Fixed an issue where Shaxx's Competitive Ascendant Rank emblem was not updated to the new emblem in Season of the Witch. Seasonal Content

  • Added a new armor set as ritual rewards. At the end of any Vanguard, Crucible, or Gambit ritual playlist activity, players have a chance to earn a piece of this new set. ...

Destiny 2 Hotfix 9/02/23


  • Due to an issue, the Eidolon Ally auto rifle can no longer be pulled from Collections.
  • Players will be able to reacquire this weapon once a fix has been deployed.