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This Week In Destiny - 06/13/2024

This Week in Destiny, a ten-year journey reached its glorious conclusion. We've beaten the Witness and saved the solar system. Now is the time to celebrate and to look at the bright future ahead of us, with Echoes being our first stop.

  • The journey ahead starts today.
  • Meet the winners of the World First race.
  • Grandmaster Excision arrives on June 18.
  • Act I of Echoes is here.
  • Xûr is a nomad no longer.
  • New Sword, who this?
  • Trials of Osiris is back tomorrow. ...

Destiny 2 Update

###### Activities Crucible

  • Fixed an issue in Collision where capturing a zone while at full Super energy would slightly reduce Super energy.

The Pale Heart

  • The sky has now changed in the Pale Heart after the events of Salvation's Edge being completed.
    • Requires players to have completed the campaign to see the sky has changed.
  • Fixed an issue where the mote counter status UI would sometimes not appear with the mote collection encounter in The Impasse location. ...

This Week in Destiny – 06/06/2024

This week in Destiny we're celebrating the launch of The Final Shape! We're so excited to see everyone jump into the new expansion. There is a lot to do, and we have even more unlocking soon. We are less than a day away from the launch of the Salvation's Edge raid, and we've got some new information to help with your planning. List of topics for the week:

  • More Salvation’s Edge World First race details.
  • Salvation’s Edge Bungie Rewards.
  • Save the date for these upcoming events. ...

Destiny 2 Update

###### ACTIVITIES Salvation's Edge

  • Fixed an issue in preparation for launch day.

Destiny 2 Update

###### Activities Crucible

  • Competitive will now use the Blended “1-1-1" Special Ammo system in place of the Crates system. We will begin rolling this system out to other playlists soon.
  • Adjusted spawns on Altar of Flame and Dead Cliffs for Countdown Rush to improve match balance.
  • Updated Private Match screens to support expanded options and to improve usability.
  • Updated sound effects for rank promotion and defense toasts in Competitive to better convey success or failure. ...

This Week in Destiny – 05/30/2024

Before we begin with the TWID, we wanted to let you all know that earlier today, a portion of Destiny 2: The Final Shape was accidentally pushed live on PS5's streaming service. There are currently spoilers being shared online. A small group of players were able to play some of the campaign, access Collections, and other reward info coming in The Final Shape and Echoes. We recommend being very careful on social media over the next few days to avoid spoilers. Remember to exercise caution and be critical...