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Latest Updates

Lua’s Prey: Baruuk Prime: Hotfix 32.2.10


  • Voruna’s Shroud of Dynar now grants her the buff for 3 seconds upon leaving invisibility in every possible way instead of it relying on if you used melee and hit a target.
  • Reduced the amount of damage the Tomb Protector Effigy does in the Sands of Inaros Quest’s final boss fight.

        - The Specters Mutalist Cernos was causing very strong Toxin Status Effects that made it near impossible to survive against and complete the Quest. ...

Lua’s Prey: Baruuk Prime: Hotfix 32.2.9

Happy 2023, Tenno! And happy first hotfix of the year - we’re kicking it off by fixing some issues that were reported over the Holiday break and also continuing the new year party with new Lunar Renewal bundles.


The year begins anew! Enjoy the festivities with style. Celebrate the year of the Water Rabbit with the following available in the in-game Market until February 12th @ 11 AM ET.


Lua’s Prey: Baruuk Prime: Hotfix 32.2.8

Quick follow-up hotfix to address players getting indefinitely stuck in loading tunnels!


  • Fixed getting indefinitely stuck in the loading tunnel when returning to a town from an open landscape (Plains of Eidolon to Cetus for example), Railjack loading tunnel, and the Zariman elevator.

      - The end of mission screen did not show the rewards in the UI, but players who were stuck did not lose any rewards from these missions. Their accounts were updated upon mission completion. ...

Lua’s Prey: Baruuk Prime: Hotfix 32.2.7


  • Fixed the Necramech Essential Mod Bundle missing the Necramech Intensify mod.

      - For those who purchased the Bundle, a script will be run to deliver the missing Necramech Intensify Mod. We will update the thread here once it has begun.

  • Fixed Titania’s Tribute not transforming enemies into beacons and applying buffs. As reported here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1333706-titania-bug/?ct=1670350493 ...

Lua’s Prey: Baruuk Prime: Hotfix 32.2.6


  • Fixed a crash that could occur when viewing the Friends list and it refreshes.

      - Also potentially fixes crashing when someone has unfriended you. The ultimate unfriending burn.

  • Fixed crash that could occur when a player leaves your Squad from a Defense or Interception mission with a different Glyph selected.
  • Fixed Voruna’s Ulfrun’s Descent giving Affinity on cast instead of when the ability is actually triggered by lunging at an enemy and dealing damage.


Lua’s Prey: Baruuk Prime: Hotfix 32.2.5


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