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Latest Updates

Nora’s Mix Vol. 6: Hotfix 35.6.1


  • Fixed the Mag Celestis Helmet and Baruuk Peacemaker Helmet missing their platform-specific lock state.
    • As stated in the “TennoGen and Cross Platform Save” article, TennoGen purchased on PC can only be used on PC. TennoGen items purchased for Platinum can be accessed via Cross Platform Save on licensed platforms. ...

PC Nightwave: Nora's Mix Vol.6: Update 35.6

NIGHTWAVE: NORA’S MIX VOL. 6Note: Nora’s Mix Vol.6 begins today at 2 PM ET. Seize the day with Nora’s Mix Vol. 6! Complete Nightwave Acts to unlock new rewards, including new Weapon Augment Mods, Daybreak Cosmetics and more. Like previous editions of Nightwave, we will include duplicate protection for rewards you have already unlocked. Identical to Nora’s Mix Vol. 5, Tenno can expect to be compensated with Nora’s Mix Vol. 6 Creds instead of the previous unlocked reward. **New...

PC Dante Unbound: Hotfix 35.5.11


  • Fixes towards the search area map marker for spawned Necramite Drones not showing up in Netracell missions due to spawn positioning issues.
    • This also helps prevent this issue from occurring in the Whispers in the Walls Quest. We are still investigating related issues for follow-up fixes.
  • Fixed cases of Protea’s Temporal Anchor rewind being interrupted by enemies in her path, which was canceling the restoring of Energy, Ammo, Shields, Health, and Combo Counter. ...

PC Dante Unbound: Hotfix 35.5.10

Top Fix:

  • Fixed getting an error when attempting to purchase the Protea Prime Accessories Pack via Steam.


  • Reduced Velox Prime’s recoil.  - This change was intended for its release earlier today, but the Velox Prime was feeling spicy and wanted to keep the kick. We’ve reigned it in to where we intended it to be with this Hotfix! Fixes:
  • Fixed the visor on Protea Prime’s Chronorum Helmet being off center after casting Grenade Fan. ...

PC Dante Unbound: Protea Prime: Hotfix 35.5.9

PROTEA PRIME ACCESS Defend the defenseless with the temporal tactician, Protea Prime! Protea Prime commands a vast arsenal of gadgets meant to assist allies and command the battlefield. Get Protea Prime, Prime Weapons and Accessories instantly with Prime Access, or earn Void Relics in-game to craft Protea Prime, Velox Prime and Okina Prime! Protea Prime


PC Dante Unbound: Hotfix 35.5.8

As a continuation of the server upgrades mentioned in Hotfix 35.5.7, we have upgraded matchmaking and presence servers with this Hotfix. Some players in South America, Central America, and Southern US States may notice reduced server ping times particularly for Strict NAT players. Furthermore, the new servers may improve matchmaking and presence performance for other North American players by distributing the load more evenly. We’ll continue to monitor...