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Latest Updates

Abyss of Dagath: Hotfix 34.0.8

Plague Star Changes & Fixes:

  • Updated the Eidolon Phylaxis and Infested Catalyst descriptions to inform players on where they can be acquired when Chatlinked.
    • Eidolon Phylaxis: Nakak's Operational Supply in Cetus
    • Infested Catalyst: Bio Lab in Clan Dojo
  • Fixed Infested not spawning in Stage 4 of Plague Star Bounties following a host migration. ...

Abyss of Dagath: Hotfix 34.0.7

Companion Changes & Fixes:

  • Contagion Bond: Enemies inflicted by damage over time Status Effects will now spread 50% of the tick damage when killed to other enemies.
    • Prior to this change, damage over time procs would only tick 1 damage on enemies it spread to. Now, it’ll apply 50% (at max rank) of the tick damage originating from the killed enemy.
  • The following Companion Precept Mods now benefit from Manifold Bond:
    • Diriga’s Electro Pulse
    • Djinn’s Fatal Attraction ...

Abyss of Dagath: Hotfix 34.0.6


  • You can now sort your Friends list by “PLATFORM.”
  • Replaced an outdated Hydroid ability tip with a new one for Plunder: “Casting Plunder removes any Corrosive Status Effects currently affecting enemies, permanently reducing their maximum Armor based on the Corrosive Status removed.” ...

Abyss of Dagath: Hotfix 34.0.5


  • Enemies affected by the Slash proc from Voruna’s Ulfrun’s Descent attacks and then killed by it will now trigger the Health Orb drop chance from her Lycath’s Hunt ability.
  • Changed Astral Bond to increase your Companion's attack damage and grant a smaller amount of Void Damage. The intention is to have the Mod be more well-rounded for combat instances where Void damage wouldn’t necessarily be required. In cases where it would be (Eidolon Hunts), the idea is to maintain Operator/Drifter...

Abyss of Dagath: Hotfix 34.0.4

Cross Platform Friends, Clans, and Alliances have arrived! You can now add Friends and Clan/Alliance members from other Platforms. For each, there are steps to take in order to enable these Cross Platform features:

  • Friends: Provided Cross Platform Play is enabled, you can now freely add friends from other Platforms. ...

Abyss of Dagath: Hotfix 34.0.3

Steel Path Endless Fissures:

We have disabled Steel Path Fissure missions for Endless mission types (Survival, Defense, Interception, Disruption, and Excavation) due to an exploit. Our goal is to identify a fix for early next week, but in the meantime we have removed those missions from the Steel Path Fissure pool to prevent unintended behavior. Steel Path Fissures will still be available in the Star Chart, just for non-Endless missions only. ...