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Latest Updates

The Duviri Paradox: Hotfix 33.0.14


  • Fixed Clients infinitely falling through the map after completing the Orowyrm fight if they were riding a Kaithe upon entering the portal from the landscape.
  • More fixes towards enemies not spawning after Host migration in the Undercroft during Void Flood missions.
  • Fixes towards Hidden Chests (notably ones near The King’s Palace and Fort Wyrmsoul) failing to open after completing the hacking mini-game.
  • Fixed a script error with Zephyr’s Tornadoes. ...

The Duviri Paradox: Hotfix 33.0.13


  • Changed the Dual Toxocyst Incarnon Genesis’ Evolution IV description to be accurate to the intended requirements (this was always the case, the description simply did not reflect it):     - Old: “Kill 0/17 enemies without reloading.”     - New: “Get 0/17 consecutive headshots.”         - Reloading never reset the challenge, so it was removed from description for inaccuracy. It does reset if you hit a body shot. ...

The Duviri Paradox: Hotfix 33.0.11

Hello Tenno! Today’s Hotfix is the interim Cert build we announced last week in a PSA - below you’ll find a hearty amount of changes and fixes, as well as the details and start time for Nora’s Mix Vol. 4!

Thank you for your patience as we worked to get this hotfix live today. Stay tuned for a Devstream announcement later today to learn about what’s to come!


The Duviri Paradox: Hotfix 33.0.10

We wanted to get this really quick top level priority fix out before the weekend so you can continue to enjoy the Spiral Stories and the Duviri Paradox Quest. Thank you all!


  • Fixed script error that would cause players to lose functionality for the ‘Guiding Hand’ ability in the Quest and in regular Spiral missions.

The Duviri Paradox: Hotfix 33.0.9

We are deploying a quick turnaround Hotfix to fix a soft-lock that was occurring after a successful round of the Index!


  • Fixed a script error that was causing the Index vote screen to soft lock players from their game at the end of a round.     - We will be working on a Script that will refund the Credits players would have lost being forced to quit the game at the end of their mission in the Index. We will update this thread once we have more details.

The Duviri Paradox: Hotfix 33.0.8

Changes:   Added icon to Profile dropdown while in Teshin’s Cave to indicate which of your loadout selections are unowned.

  • Previously these items would show their Rank at 0, which wasn’t very helpful since it gave the impression you owned the item. So we’ve replaced it with this icon as a more appropriate identifier!
  • Improved the Drifter to Warframe (and vice versa) Transference animation while in Teshin’s Cave to be more fluid. ...