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Latest Updates

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The Steel Path: Hotfix 28.1.1

The Steel Path Changes & Fixes:

  • The Steel Path toggle in the Navigation screen will now pulse to draw attention for those who question how to access The Steel Path after talking to Teshin. Completing 1 Steel Path mission will disable the pulse.
  • Fixes towards a crash that could occur in The Steel Path Plains Bounty.
  • Fixed Air Support Charges and Archgun Deployer not maintaining their normal Cooldown timers.

    Khora Urushu Changes & Fixes:


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The Steel Path: Update 28.1.0



It is time to take on a new challenge. The Origin System is ever-changing. Our enemies grow more powerful - only the Tenno with true mastery of their Arsenal will overcome what awaits us. Once you have found yourself with a completed Star Chart, you may choose to arm yourself for a higher tier of enemies in Warframe. With this Update, we are introducing ‘The Steel Path’, a way to replay the Star Chart with all regions receiving...

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The Deadlock Protocol: Hotfix 28.0.7

Color Blind Compensation Change:

  • Tweaks to improve distinction between very saturated colors when Color Blind Compensation is enabled.   - It’s worth noting here that our Color Blind Compensation approach is far from perfect and feedback will vary accordingly. We will continue to investigate larger scope accessibility issues!


  • Fixes towards an ability to multiply Nightwave Standing gained by repeatedly going in and out of Fortuna. ...

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The Deadlock Protocol: Hotfix 28.0.6

Accessibility & Visibility Improvements:

On-Screen Keyboard Functionality   On-Screen Keyboard functionality has been fixed to properly function for Warframe!

The issue we found was Warframe thinking you have alt+tabbed off the screen, thus instantly losing focus.

Color Blind Compensation   ...

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The Deadlock Protocol: Hotfix 28.0.5

We greatly appreciate all your feedback regarding Protea and the Granum Void with The Deadlock Protocol Update! We’re in the process of reviewing compiled feedback for near future changes - some of the Granum Void changes are below!

Primary Kitgun changes   Below are balance changes that affect Primary Kitguns only based on feedback.


  • Projectile lifetime increased from 0.3secs to .42secs.
  • Fall Off increased from 12-24m to 20-40m.



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The Deadlock Protocol: Hotfix 28.0.4


  • Added Lotus VO when a Granum Crown has been used in a Golden Hand Tribute.


  • Fixed Critical Hits not triggering for Glaive mid-air detonations.

  • Fixed the Dessicata Syandana appearing to float away from Nova, Saryn, and Titania.

  • Fixed a script error when initiating the Granum Void portal.

  • Fixed script error when Kubrow "Neutralize" Precept is used against targets that can't be disarmed via the "rip their limbs off" method. ...