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Operation: Scarlet Spear: Titania Prime 27.3.7

The Modified Gigelorum Prime Syandana, officially named Gigelor Prime Syandana, has been distributed to those who have purchased the Titania Prime Accessories (or Titania Razorwing Pack) via a script that we’re working on right now. The Gigelor Prime Syandana will be included in purchases of the aforementioned Packs moving forward.


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Operation: Scarlet Spear: Titania Prime 27.3.6

TITANIA PRIME HAS ARRIVED!   Play tricks on your enemies before decimating them as the terrifying temptress, Titania Prime. The mischievous pixie arrives with the Pangolin Prime and Corinth Prime!

Titania Prime   Tempting and terrifying, this is Titania in her ultimate form.

Corinth Prime   Heavy in the hand with a bone-crunching kickback. This prime version of the shotgun adds remote detonation of the weapon’s airburst round.

Pangolin Prime   ...

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Operation: Scarlet Spear: Hotfix 27.3.5

Scarlet Spear: Hotfix 27.3.5

Our first weekend of Operation: Scarlet Spear approaches! Thanks to diligent bug reports, the team has been able to cross off some top issues before the weekend. We’ll be continuing to monitor for any big issues that arise over the coming days.

General Scarlet Spear Changes & Fixes


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Operation: Scarlet Spear: Hotfix 27.3.4

Scarlet Spear: Hotfix 27.3.4

Scarlet Spear Scoring Changes & Fixes:   If you have accrued any Scarlet Credits, you will receive an Inbox upon login to grant you a duplicate of that amount. The duplicate amount of Scarlet Credits will be reflective of your total Scarlet Credit score over the entire Operation, regardless of if you spent any already.

For Example:   If you’ve earned 7,900 Scarlet Credits, you will receive an inbox with 7,900 more.


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Operation: Scarlet Spear: Hotfix 27.3.3

Scarlet Spear: Hotfix 27.3.3

Hotdropped last night:

  • Fixed inability to Trade.

    Scarlet Spear Victory Payout Change

  • We have changed the way Bonus Victory Payout is calculated to benefit all participating players in Murex Victories. Previously, your Victory Payout was determined by your Rank in the Flotilla (I, II, or III). Now, Victory Payout is calculated by your Best Score between Ground or Space multiplied by 2 (capped at 10,000). 100/100 Murex Driven Away before the timer...

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Operation: Scarlet Spear: Hotfix 27.3.2

Scarlet Spear: Hotfix 27.3.2

8+ Hours into Operation: Scarlet Spear has provided some great feedback and bug reporting thanks to you! We have been piling a list together of the Top Feedback Items that the team will be addressing in the coming days:

Scarlet Spear Changes & Fixes

  • Lowered the Condrix Health scaling for 2-4 player squads.   - Further Ground mission changes in terms of scaling are being discussed - stay tuned! ...