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Latest Updates

Icarus Week 123 Update | New MXC Cot in the Orbital Workshop

Warning: Next week we are planning on rolling out a patch that our optimization team has been hard at work on. It involves a long standing issue with patch times. Due to the way steam's patching process works with UE4 games there has been issues in the past with some people experiencing long download and patching times. What we are doing is adjusting the way Icarus is being packed and distributed to work better with steams patching process.     ...

Icarus Week 122 Update | New Coziness system for a good night's sleep

Week 122 is here and it is all about sleep. We’re introducing a new Coziness system, which incorporates your home decor into the quality and duration of your sleep, giving you a boost if you’ve invested time and effort into making your home more cozy. We’ve also got some more information on Laika and the new Talent Trees for Mounts/Tames, and an exciting update on space travel customs relaxing their restrictions on traveling with your furry friends. Jump in and have a read. ...

Icarus Week 121 Update | QoL pass and new workshop water purification tablet

Welcome to Week 121. You'll notice that this update is coming to you a day early, that is because we have the Easter holiday period here in NZ. So tomorrow our staff will be on a well deserved break. This week we’re giving the game a QoL pass, focusing on improving the UI and adding a few new small features that will add a new layer of depth. ...

Icarus Week 120 Update | New water quality and purification process

Week 120 brings a new layer of depth to the water quality system and three new water purifiers. We’ve also adjusted the modifiers applied by different drinking vessels, so hot drinks can be sipped on rather than consumed all at once. We’ve also got an update on Laika, our upcoming creature-themed update, and the new paid DLC that is to be paired with it. Jump in and have a read.

Notable Improvements:
  • Wind turbines will no longer take damage when the selected difficulty is easy ...

Icarus Week 119 Update | Grow, harvest and deploy the new Bramble Defenses

Welcome to Week 119, with the spiky introduction of Brambles. These homegrown deployable defenses provide an environmentally friendly way to defend your base, being able to be grown from seeds and harvested before being deployed around your base. We’ve also got news on our next big update and paid content pack, Laika and the Creature Comforts DLC. Also included are some more balance fixes for Networks and Batteries and info on next week's update. Jump in and have a read. ...

Icarus Week 118 Update | Improvements and Balances to Resource Network

Welcome to week 118. We’re continuing our work on the Resource Network update from last week, with a bunch of fixes and balances added, along with a few new features that we mentioned were going to be in this week's update. We’ve also got some info on next week's update, and some mission fixes that were needed to address the impacts of the new Resource Network. Hop in and have a read.

Notable Improvements:
  • Added Total Growth Speed indicator to Crop Plot inspection UI ...