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Latest Updates

Icarus Week 136 Update | Changes to weather's impact on crops

Welcome to week 136. This week we’re implementing comprehensive changes to how seeds and crops interact with biomes and weather patterns. One of Icarus' unique foundations is the immersive weather system, which requires genuine consideration in many decisions you make including building materials, biome selection and even structural design. Biomes add unique resource pools and availability, along with impacts to survivability and ailments. ...

Icarus Week 135 Update | New Stone Brick Building Aesthetic

Welcome to Week 135. This week we’re introducing a new building tier, Stone Brick which will be available in all maps and biomes. We’ve also got an update on Prometheus Part II, upcoming building piece variations and next weeks changes to crops and their interaction with biomes and weather patterns. Jump in and have a read. ##### Notable Improvements: ...

Icarus Week 134 Update | New Matariki Operation and Kiwi bird spawning on Icarus

Nau mai ko wiki kotahi rau toru tekau mā whā - Welcome to week 134. This week we’re celebrating Matariki, the Māori new year here in New Zealand, with a special free operation DLC for all Styx owners and the new Kiwi bird and Kiwifruit plant. The new operation, REPOPULATION: Research tasks you with introducing a new species to Styx, the elusive Kiwi. We’ve also got an update on our Prometheus Part II project. Jump in and have a read.

##### This Week: Matariki Operation ...

Icarus Week 133 Update | 3 new Styx Operations added to Open World

Week 133 features three new Styx Operations playable in Open World mode that have been converted over from Missions. This completes our Styx section of this work, and we’re now moving on to Olympus map which has several Missions suitable for conversion. We’ve also got an update on the next map addition, Prometheus Part II. This will be a hardcore expansion of the map including new missions, quests and creatures. ...

Icarus Week 132 Update | New fast-fire CHAC Pistol

This week we’re introducing the second-place finisher of our Discord Poll from two weeks ago - the CHAC ‘Sentinel' Pistol. This new 4-round clip pistol is quick to both fire and reload, making it great for a tight situation where you need a get-out-of-jail-free card. We’re also introducing a new ammo type - the Jacketed Pistol Ammo. This can be bought from the Orbital Workshop in boxes of 25. Jump in and have a read.

##### This Week: Workshop Pistol ...

Icarus Week 131 Update | New Automated Pistol Turret

This week we’re introducing the winner of our Discord Poll - the Automated Defense System: Pistol. The new Turret packs a wallop, with a 400-round chamber, 120 degrees of horizontal rotation and a 50m max range.

##### This Week: Turret This week we’re introducing the new Automated Pistol Turret - the winner of our first-ever Discord Poll for a player-voted update. It won the vote over the alternative CHAC Pistol. ...