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Latest Updates

Icarus Week Ninety Four Update | C0NT4CT device and improvements to patching

Week Ninety Four brings the new C0NT4CT device to Icarus, merging the Short Range Radio, Infrasonic Relay Device and Encrypted Satellite into a single device. This is a big step towards our Hypatia update, where we’ll be adding Operations (missions you can complete from your Open World session) to both the Styx and Olympus maps so they can be activated from your Open World sessions, just like in our New Frontiers expansion. ...

ICARUS DLSS 3 Update Available Now

Icarus has always been a good-looking but deadly environment, but now it will kill you faster. Working with our friends at NVIDIA we have upgraded Icarus to support DLSS 3.0. The result was a 2.6X on average increase in performance enabling max setting, ray-traced gameplay on many GeForce RTX 40 Series systems. If you are running Icarus in Direct X 12 mode and have a GeForce RTX 40 Series GPU, turn on Frame Generation in the Graphics Settings to take advantage of the improved frame rate. ...

Icarus Week Ninety Three Update | Outpost: Resource Packs, SMPL3 Quests & Shield

This week’s update sees some love for Outpost mode, although these new features (such as Shields and Resource Packs) are also useful in every game mode. ## Notable Improvements

  • Added a fix to prevent prospectors falling through the terrain around crevasses in arctic biomes

  • Exotic Resource spawning has changed. Now at least one Red Exotic Vein is always guaranteed on Prometheus

  • Fixed an issue which was causing giant or tiny prospectors after interacting with the Terrenus mount


Icarus Week Ninety Two Update | New Mount, Bone Armor & Fixes

Week Ninety Two is here and brings the Terrenus mount to Icarus. Slotting in between the existing mounts (Moa and Buffalo) in terms of utility, the Terrenus can be found across all three maps and tamed just like its predecessors. We’ve also released the Bone Armor Set. This was originally set aside for a Twitch Drops campaign, but we decided to let everyone have it rather than keep it in reserve. We’ve also added DLSS 3 support for those playing with DX12. ...

Icarus Week Ninety One Update | Fixes for hitching, stutters + new wind turbines

This weeks update we release the work we have been doing towards performance improvements. We have been working on these improvements for some time, and they represent a major change in how a number of assets and parts of the map are loaded. Most specifically these are targeted to address hitching and stutters caused by level streaming and asset loading when moving across the ma, but in many cases they also give modest general FPS improvements as well. ...

Hotfix v2.0.0.115258 | Fixes for two New Frontiers Missions

This is an urgent hotfix we are deploying to fix two issues with missions in New Frontiers. Please do read below, we have to be very careful doing hotfixes as we know they are disruptive and steam downloads are occasionally corrupting for some users. We apologize for the inconvenience for triggering these downloads on launch weekend, but we didn't want to wait on these are they are progression blockers for players. ## Steam Download Issues causing crashes ...