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Latest Updates

Icarus Week Sixty Eight Update | Performance Improvements across the board

Week Sixty-Eight’s update is here, and with it comes a batch of performance improvements that have been championed by our dedicated performance team, and tested by our community.

Improvements to Memory, Stutters & Garbage Collection, and Engine Performance are the core focuses, and you can read more detail about what these changes mean for performance, and how we went about identifying and improving them, below.

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Performance Improvements ========================


Icarus Week Sixty Seven Update | Mount Improvements and Buffs

Week Sixty Seven focuses on providing a range of Mount improvements, tweaks, and buffs. These include changes to saddles, behaviors, and baseline stats to overcome some of the core issues that players have encountered.

We also give an update on the progress of Galileo and an insight into the ‘Bestiary’ feature. Finally, we talk about next week's update and what to expect.

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Mount Improvements ==================


Icarus Week Sixty Six Update | Mission ‘Ironclad’ and updates on Galileo

Week Sixty Six introduces a new mission to Icarus, Ironclad. Tasked with deploying protective plating to three different locations in preparation for a research station deployment, your task will be fraught with risk and challenges.

We also give an update on our ‘Galileo’ project, and our progress so far on the fishing and bestiary features.

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Mission: Ironclad =================


Icarus Week Sixty Five Update | See our Roadmap for future Icarus features

This week we’re sharing some of our plans for the future of Icarus plus adding several Quality of Life features that you, our player community, have suggested.

By sharing our development Roadmap for Icarus, you can see what features and new systems to expect over the next year and more in addition to our regular weekly updates.

This week we’ve also added several helpful tools such as a Search Bar for the Tech Tree, Pinnable Compass Marks and a Add to Stacks button.


Icarus Week Sixty Four Update | New Salt and Deep Freeze for preserving food

Week Sixty Four introduces our newest mineable mineral - Salt. Found around the map on the sides of cliffs and mountains, Salt can be used to preserve food items twice as long.

This comes with a new bench, the Salt Station, where you can place any food item along with salt to give it a ‘Preserved’ buff.

We’re also introducing a Tier 4 ‘Deep Freeze', which preserves food while it is powered, and have kept improving dropship landing zones and dynamic quest locations.