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Latest Updates

A21.2 b37 hotfix patch

Hello Survivors! We have a small hotfix patch for you all that solves an issue for Microsoft Store users being unable to start the game and some other small adjustments making life easier for our modders.   There should not be any impact on your savegame or currently used mods. Changelog for A21.2 b37 Changes:

  • Allow descendants for fetch quest objectives to not require the quest code as meta value on the item
  • Log messages for executed/denied commands from clients

Fixes: ...

A21.2 b30 Stable

Hello Survivors! Just in time for the extended Thanksgiving Weekend, TFP is proud to present A21.2 Stable! With the entire 7 Days to Die team working tirelessly to roll out A22 as soon as possible, we've implemented numerous fixes and changes that we know you'll love! This latest release adds a much anticipated feature: Death penalty options! You can now choose from Nothing, Classic, Injured (respawn with most debuffs still active), and Perma-death (your entire profile is wiped, and you start fresh...

A21.2 b30 EXP

Hello Survivors! Today we bring A21.2 b30 to EXP. This patch will help with drone issues, reduces the RAM used during RWG creation, and plenty of other changes, fixes, and additions. ###### Changelog A21.2 b30 Added

  • Proper exception message when more blocks are defined than allowed
  • Loadingscreen.xml to dumped XMLs when running ‘exportcurrentconfigs’ ...

A21.2 b26 EXP Update

Dear Survivors, We are pleased to announce the release of A21.2 b26 Experimental Patch. Our dedicated team is working tirelessly on A22, and in the near future, we will introduce another set of fixes, currently undergoing rigorous testing, to enhance your A21 experience. Without further ado, here is what you can now test in the latest_experimental: Changelog A21.2 b26 Added

  • Checks for network data to mitigate some possible attacks Changed ...

A21.2 EXP brings Perma Death setting!

Hello Survivors! Today we bring to you A21.2 with an all new "Death Penalty" setting, allowing you to choose between different penalties for someone's demise, including a total wipe of your character.   For dedicated servers you will need to have this line in the serverconfig to start fresh or continue an old save: To opt in and give feedback follow these steps:

  1. Right click on the game in steam
  2. Click on properties
  3. Click the “betas” tab ...

A21.1 b16 Stable

Hello Survivors! Today, we are excited to announce the official launch of A21.1 Stable. During our extensive testing period, we have not identified any reasons that would require anyone to restart their savegame. In order for the newly added POIs to appear, new worlds will need to be created. Kindly refer to the detailed list of bug fixes, changes, and improvements provided below. The Fun Pimps wish everyone an enjoyable experience with A21.1! A21.1 b16 Changelog Added