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Patch Notes: S04.15 (96589 - 20/02/2024)   Hello Miners, Due to demands from the Miners Union, Hunters can now Rock and Stone during prop hunt. We also fixed a pretty bad crash caused by losing a mission with bare arms, how humiliating! With Love,   The Ghost Ship Crew   --- PATCH NOTES —

  • Options: Added more space for percentage text for volume sliders  
  • Fixed a bug that caused Boomstick mod ‘Improved Shockwave’ tooltip showing 0 damage.   ...

The February Maintenance Update has landed!

Hello Miners,

Happy February Maintenance Update day! For this one, we’ve focused on the bugs and issues that got the most community upvotes in our PleaseFix portal. In case you haven’t heard of that, it’s the best way to report and document bugs you come across in the game. Okay, enough chit-chat. Let’s dive into the patch notes.

With Love,   -The Ghost Ship CrewIntroducing Hidden Dwarf beer Fun stuff first: We’ve got a brand new brew up in the Abyss Bar! ...


Patch Notes: S04.13 (build 94396 - 04/01/2024) Hello Miners, We have Identified our pre-xmas crash to be related to older gen Ryzen CPU’s. We have attempted some fixes, but adding additional logging, just in case the fixes do not work. With Love,   The Ghost Ship Crew

--- PATCH NOTES ---  

  • Attempt at fixes crash for older gen Ryzen CPU’s  
  • Added additional logging Changes from S04.12:  
  • Fixed a Steam Socket issue that caused networking not network in some rare cases.

Season 04: HOTFIX S04.12.5

Hello Miners, This hotfix rolls the current version back to Patch: S04.11 - See patch notes here.   We haven't been able to fix the crash we’ve been hunting for the last couple of days, so we decided to roll back to the last stable version.   Once we're back from the Holidays early next year, we'll fix this pesky crash.FINAL!   In the meantime, enjoy the Yuletide event! See you all in 2024, Miners. With Love,  

The Ghost Ship Crew — PATCH NOTES — ...

Season 04: HOTFIX S04.12.4

Hello Miners, Ok, so third time wasn’t a charm - but we really really reaaalllly hope the fourth will be!   Thank you for your patience with our fix attempts - Y’all are pretty cool - hope you have an awesome holiday season!   Here’s to you and Hotfix.DRG_patch.Final23.Final23forRealz.Plzwork.kfdjfsfd.Prettyplzwithredsugarontop And just like with yesterday's ~fixes~ we really recommend you "Verify integrity of game files" with this update. ...

Season 04: HOTFIX S04.12.3

Hello Miners, Third time’s a charm. That is what they say, right? Right?   Hotfix.DRG_patch.Final23.Final23forRealz.Plzwork. We recommend you "Verify integrity of game files" after it updates. Files can be sensitive to lots of updates, so better to be safe. You verify game files by right clicking DRG in your Steam Library > Click "Properties..." > Click "Installed Files" > Click the button that says "Verify integrity of game files" With Love,