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Patch Notes - S04.07

Hello Miners, Just a small patch today, fixing irremovable plague puddles and some unintentionally free items in the forge that management had forgotten about.   With Love,  

The Ghost Ship Crew--- PATCH NOTES —

  • Fixed a bug that caused corruptors Plague puddles to not be removed when vacuumed  
  • Added missing prices for season 03 forge items  
  • Fixed a bug that caused the oppressor and bulk detonator to very rarely spawn in the tutorial  
  • Fixed some typos

Patch Notes - S04.07

Hello Miners, Another round of fixes! this time for stuck enemies, things landing in places they shouldn't and preparing for some upcoming events. With Love,  

The Ghost Ship Crew — PATCH NOTES —

  • Hid debug lines on specific corruptor attacks  
  • Fixed a bug that caused enemies to sometimes become stuck after spawning  
  • The amount of corruptors Plague puddles is now limited to a maximum of 30 active in a level.   ...

Patch Notes - S04.06

Hello Miners, Turns out the Corruptor caused late-joining dwarves to see minerals and terrain that were no more - It is now back to only corrupting Hoxxes. With Love,  

The Ghost Ship Crew--- PATCH NOTES ---

  • Fixed a bug that caused minerals and carved terrain to become desynced between host and late- joining clients, if the corruptor was present in the level.  
  • Fixed a bug where the Stingtail would sometimes fling players way too high   ...

Patch Notes - S04.05

Hello Miners, Mission Control has been made aware of a short-circuit in the Drop Pod targeting computer, and it seems that some dwarves were using this glitch to clock out a little early. R&D has since fixed the problem, so all dwarves can enjoy the long walk home at the end of each shift. Besides that, several issues have been fixed with the summer event and fixing a bug that gave double mission payouts in certain situations. Mission Control is not made of credits... With Love,  


Patch Notes - S04.04

Hello Miners,

Another important patch, this time fixing sleeves in caves and beards clipping into armors.

With Love,   The Ghost Ship Crew --- PATCH NOTES —

  • Optimized septic spreader puddles  
  • Fixed a bug that caused Subata 120 neuro-corrosive toxic catalyst exploders and lootbugs to briefly disappear before their own explosion  
  • Fixed beard and armor clipping that was introduced in last patch  
  • Fixed a bug that caused Corrupter boss music to keep playing   ...

Patch Notes - S04.03

Hello Miners,

Fixed several beer bugs and the barrel hoop game will now correctly murder you if you fall into it with jetboots - very important stuff…We also fixed the broken dreadnought armour, so no more easy Elimination missions!

With Love,   The Ghost Ship Crew


  • Fixed an issue that would make the lobber walk up to the player and boop them without trying to shoot at them  
  • Attempt at fixing Randoweisser beer has problem with certain Overclocks   ...