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Latest Updates


Hello Miners, This patch is mainly a bunch of bug fixes and improvements along with some optimizations to the Core Stone event. Hopefully there are no catastrophic bugs this time…… hopefully With Love,   The Ghost Ship Crew   --- PATCH NOTES —

  • Fixed crash related to using the SmRt Trigger OC for the Lok-1 rifle  
  • Fixed Crystal terrain surrounding Resonance Crystals did not appear when joining during load screen   ...


Hello Miners, This patch contains fixes to everything from the Drillevator to overclocks and enemies. Remember to use Pleasefix to report your bugs and vote for the issues you would like to have fixed! With Love,   The Ghost Ship Crew   --- PATCH NOTES —

  • Added new sounds for center engine on drillevator  
  • Fixed that sometimes clients could join and not get the UI element.   ...

Patch Notes: HOTFIX S05.03.1

Hello Miners, Sorry, it works now, our bad UwU With Love,  

The Ghost Ship Crew — PATCH NOTES —

  • Fixed that the game crashed most of the time you tried to join a game


Patch Notes: S05.02 (101624 - 18/06/2024)   Hello Miners, This patch includes several crash fixes as well as a lot of fixes to everything from enemies & overclocks to UI. With Love,  

The Ghost Ship Crew--- PATCH NOTES —

  • Fixed that projectiles where shooting slightly lower than intended  
  • Fixed laser point description on latejoin pod beacon  
  • Fixed UV problem with scanning pod head  
  • Fixed screen on Liquid Morkite Refinery DD Objective   ...


Hello Miners, We hope you are enjoyed season 5! We couldnt leave for the weekend without a small patch to handle some of the biggest issues we have had since yesterday With Love,   The Ghost Ship Crew   --- PATCH NOTES —

  • Fixed clients Deep Scan Crystal scanner sometimes pointing to the Droppod location if the crystal was very far away.  
  • Potential fix for a crash  
  • Potential fix for a Drillevator audio crash   ...

Season 05: Drilling Deeper is OUT NOW!

###### Hello Miners, Welcome to SEASON 05 - DRILLING DEEPER! Management’s got their sights set on mineral riches deeper down toward Hoxxes’ core, which means we’re increasing your depth of operations. You’re venturing down deeper than ever before, claiming unprecedented treasures for the company, and confronting all the lethal horrors that stand in your way. In other words, it’s another great day at work.

With love,   -The Ghost Ship Crew