Grand Theft Auto 5

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Latest Updates

Update 1.66

[February 1, 2023]


  • Implemented a new data protocol in GTA Online to improve the security of network sessions and player-to-player messaging
  • Fixed an issue that could result in a player’s GTA Online experience being modified by a third party, including:     - altering GTA$ balance, RP level, Bad Sport status, and other player stats     - manipulation of players being kicked or crashed

Game Stability and Performance

  • General stability improvements

Update 1.64

[December 13, 2022] – New Content in Grand Theft Auto Online

  • The Los Santos Drug Wars update adds new Story Missions, Freemode missions, a new business for players to manage as well as a range of experience improvements — including visual, economy, and creator updates.
  • The Freakshop: ...

Update 1.63

[October 25, 2022] – General / Miscellaneous – PC

  • General fixes for stability and security

Update 1.61

[July 26, 2022] - New Content in Grand Theft Auto Online

  • The Criminal Enterprises brings significant expansions to Criminal Careers, plus new, elaborate Contact Missions. The Criminal Enterprises also delivers highly requested experience improvements including increased payouts across a range of gameplay
  • Executive Office:   - Two new Source Cargo missions have been added   - A new ‘Export Mixed Goods’ mission can be launched from the Executive Assistant ...

Update 1.60

[May 17, 2022] – Game Stability and Performance

  • Fixed a crash that occurred when equipping the Heavy Sniper Mk II in first person view
  • Fixed several crashes in GTAV and GTA Online

Update 1.55

[December 15, 2021] – New Content in Grand Theft Auto Online

  • The Contract has been added to GTA Online. Today’s update includes 7 new cars, 3 new weapons, the Agency property, the Dr. Dre Contract missions, Security Contracts, Payphone Hits, the MOTOMAMI Los Santos radio station, new music on Radio Los Santos and West Coast Classics, Record A Studios, Short Trips, new clothing and accessories, new Quality of Life updates and more.
  • The Agency Property: ...