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1.2 Patch Notes

Balancing Changes

Below you will find the bulleted list of balancing changes in 1.2. For a detailed explanation of why we have made these changes, please reference the Designer’s Notes, found here.


  • Outline will only appear for the duration of player movement.
  • Scan charges reduced from 3 to 2.
  • Cooldown between scans increased from 10 to 20 seconds.



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Patch Notes 1.1

The first patch after the season launches is generally a much lighter patch. As such, you will not see the same level of fixes as a Season launch. Patch Y3S1.1 deploys on PC on Tuesday, March 20th, and console to follow later in the week.

Operation Chimera

  • Fixed - The operator can be invisible for all users or have a different BDU equipped instead of the selected one when switching operator at the last moment. ...

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Operation Chimera Patch Notes

In Operation Chimera, two new Operators join Team Rainbow to help contain a mysterious parasite infection that hit a small town in New Mexico. Face a mysterious new threat with these two biohazard specialist operators Lion and Finka in a three-player co-op event called Outbreak.


  • Fixed - The gadget crosshair will persist after switching to drone toss.
  • Fixed - It is possible to hear Mute's jammer even when standing very far away from it. ...

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Operation White Noise

In Operation White Noise, two Operators from the 707th Special Mission Battalion for a rescue mission high up Mok Myeok Tower, our new free map.


  • FIXED – Players can receive damage from a claymore, despite being behind a barricade.
  • FIXED – A second breaching charge cannot be placed after the previous one is destroyed while being jammed.
  • FIXED – The Yokai drone’s effect can be broken if stacking a concussion effect on top of it. ...

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Operation White Noise - Mid-Season Reinforcements

Patch Notes for Update 4.2, the White Noise Mid-Season Reinforcements.


FIXED – Shield exploit that involves Deployable Shields being held in front of an Operator.

FIXED – Attack Operators can appear as a 2D texture when approaching broken walls while holding the hostage.

FIXED – Certain operator weapons produce extremely bright smoke and can obscure the view of the players.

FIXED – Zofia dies after using Withstand when a match has a Handicap of 75 or less Damage.


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Operation Blood Orchid

In Operation Blood Orchid, two Special Duties Unit Operators join Team Rainbow to raid Theme Park.


  • Fixed – Pinging something through smoke will cause the ping effect to be placed in the smoke.
  • Fixed – Drone can sometimes bounce and fly outside of the map when thrown.
  • Fixed – The length of the replay camera is sometimes too short.
  • Fixed – Glass debris block shots. ...
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