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Y5S3.3 Patch Notes

Y5S3.3 will release the week of October 19th for both PC and PS4, and will release for Xbox the week of October 26th. The update on PS4 and Xbox will also include the Y5S3.2 patch that was released on October 5th for PC.


For more information on balancing changes, see our Designer's Notes.

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Y5S3.2 Patch Notes

Patch Y5S3.2 will go out to PC the week of October 5th. For consoles, the Y5S3.2 and Y5S3.3 updates will be bundled together and released when the 3.2 patch is ready.



  • FIXED - If a deployable shield is placed in a doorway, players are sometimes blocked by the doorframe when trying to vault over it.
  • FIXED – Yellow Pings were not displayed in Replay Mode.
  • FIXED – Only the first Trax Stinger deployed could be targeted by the Smart Ping feature. ...

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Y5S3.1 Patch Notes

The Y5S3.1 update contains primarily a backlog of bug fixes from the TS that did not make it in time for the season update. The Y5S3.1 Patch will come to PC on the week of September 21st, and will go out to consoles soon after.

# UPDATES VOTE-TO-KICK REMOVALIn this update we will be removing the vote-to-kick feature from Quick Match (vote-to-kick was previously only available in Quick Match.)


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Y5S3 Shadow Legacy Patch Notes Addendum

Updates and fixes made over the course of the Y5S3 Test Server. For the full Shadow Legacy Patch Notes, follow the link below.

sl pn link


PING 2.0 ...

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Y5S2.3 Patch Notes

Y5S2.3 will release the week of July 27th for both PC and Console. The Console update will also include the Y5S2.2 patch that was released on July 14th for PC.


In-Game Notifications Some updates to the notifications system to help make future popups less spammy.

APAC 2SV ...

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Y5S2.2 Patch Notes



The Reporting Panel is getting an upgrade! Building upon the last addition of more reporting categories to improve the granularity of in-game reports, we've added a new player-reporting panel. This new panel will provide you with more information on each type of reporting category so you can make an informed decision about which report type best fits the situation....