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Operation Phantom Sight Launch Trailer

Meet Warden, the newest addition to the Rainbow Six unit, in this R6 fantasy trailer unveiled during the Ubisoft E3 Conference.

Parodying iconic secret-agent movies, Warden’s team will be thrashed by the squad of the evil Maverick. Warden will be left with no other choice than to pull off a clutch (a 1 vs 5 situation) in order to save the world… and the round for his team!


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Y4S2 Patch Notes Addendum

Over the course of the Test Server we've made a number of changes based on feedback and addressed a number of bugs reported on the TS.

For the full season patch notes please go to: rainbow6.com/phantomsight or click the link below.

GAMEPLAY ========

Balancing Changes

Stealth gauge

  • Vigil’s ERC-7 cloaking and Caveira’s Silent step now use the same new gauge behavior system that we have introduced with Nøkk. ...

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Operation Phantom Sight Operator and Map Guide

Operation Phantom Sight is bringing two new Operators to Rainbow Six Siege: an Attacker named Nøkk, who can move silently and disappear from camera feeds; and a Defender named Warden, who can make himself immune to flashes and see through smoke. This new season, the second of Year 4 of Rainbow Six Siege, will also introduce a significant rework of the Kafe Dostoyevsky map. Check out the new Operators in action in the video below, and read on for more details on what their gadgets can do.


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Y4S1.3 Patch Notes

The Y4S1.3 Patch will release on April 16th for PC and April 17th for console. The Y4S1.3 Patch includes the Lion rework, Capitao V2 and a number of other balancing changes which you can read about in greater detail in our Designer’s Notes.

BALANCING =========


  • Reduced the ability warning to 1.5 seconds (from 3 seconds).
  • Reduced the scanning to 2 seconds (from 4 seconds).
  • Replaced the scan outline by a red ping debuff. ...

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Y4S1.2 Patch Notes

Patch Y4S1.2 will be deployed to PC on April 4th. Our focus for 1.2 is to target any lingering bugs or issues.

Consoles will receive the Patch 1.2 changes with Patch 1.3 in the coming weeks. We do not currently have an ETA for Patch 1.3.

BUG FIXES =========


Fixed – Players receive a Synchronizing Data error when completing a Situation.

Fixed – In–game menus flicker after alt–tabbing or using alt+enter to switch from Windowed Mode to Full Screen mode.


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Y4S1.1 Patch Notes

Our 1.1 patches are primarily geared towards fixing any last minute issues that were reported on the Test Server, with larger updates coming as X.2 and X.4 patches.

GAMEPLAY ========

Fixed - When Operators are prone on their back, the weapon switch animation is faster than intended.

Fixed - All operators have animation issue transition who make them slide when they sprint just after prone position.

LEVEL DESIGN ============