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Y4S3.3 Patch Notes

The Y4S3.3 patch will deploy for both console and PC on Tuesday, October 22nd. For full details on the balancing changes, please see our Designer’s Notes.

MMR ROLLBACK UPDATE ===================

With Y4S3.3 the MMR Rollback system is getting a few improvements that allow us to more appropriately target and address those who exploit the integrity of the ranked system. A drastic MMR change is a sign of massive irregularity and a red flag in our system....

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Y4S3.2 Patch Notes

The Y4S3.2 patch features an update to the surrender feature, a fix for a bug with attacker/defender side assignment bias, and various other bug fixes. The patch is scheduled to deploy to PC on October 8th, and to console soon after.


  • Surrender now requires a unanimous vote.
  • Surrender feature is now only available if the team is currently losing in rounds.
  • Surrender is still only available starting with the 3rd



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Y4S3.1 Patch Notes

Highlights of the Y4S3.1 patch includes an update to the Reverse Friendly Fire system with RFF Squad Management, and a change to how Goyo (and Capitao’s) fire interacts with Hostage under the RFF system.

The 3.1 patch is typically smaller as it focuses on addressing immediate issues and some lingering ones from season release as we prepare for the next patch. The Y4S3.1 patch will be deployed Thursday Sep. 19th for PC, we will update you on the dates for consoles as soon as possible.


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Y4S3 Ember Rise Patch Notes Addendum

Many changes have been made over the course of the Ember Rise Test Server period. Below you will find the additional patch notes for Operation Ember Rise.


For full details and insights into the Y4S3 balancing changes, please see our Pre-Season Designer’s Notes.

  • Defuse timer changed to 7 seconds (from 5s) for both Ranked and Unranked playlists. Casual playlist still at 5s defuse timer. ...

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Operation Ember Rise Operator and Map Guide

Operation Ember Rise is adding two new Operators to the Rainbow Six Siege roster. The first is a Defender named Goyo, whose Volcán Shields provide deployable cover with a fiery, explosive surprise. The second is an Attacker named Amaru, who can use her Garra Hook to quickly zip up to rooftops, exterior windows, open hatches, and skylights. And new Operators aren’t the only thing changing up the Siege landscape this season; the Kanal map is set to receive a significant rework. Watch the new Operators...

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Y4S2.3 Patch Notes

The primary focus of the Y4S2.3 patch brings balancing around shields, Glaz buffs, Jackal nerfs and a QOL change for Maverick torch SFX. There’s also a few other balancing tweaks as well as further improvements to the RFF system to moderate griefing teammates. Check out more detailed explanations on the balancing changes in our Designer’s Notes.

The Y4S2.3 patch will release to PC on July 22nd and console on the 24th.