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Operation Ember Rise Operator and Map Guide

Operation Ember Rise is adding two new Operators to the Rainbow Six Siege roster. The first is a Defender named Goyo, whose Volcán Shields provide deployable cover with a fiery, explosive surprise. The second is an Attacker named Amaru, who can use her Garra Hook to quickly zip up to rooftops, exterior windows, open hatches, and skylights. And new Operators aren’t the only thing changing up the Siege landscape this season; the Kanal map is set to receive a significant rework. Watch the new Operators...

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Y4S2.3 Patch Notes

The primary focus of the Y4S2.3 patch brings balancing around shields, Glaz buffs, Jackal nerfs and a QOL change for Maverick torch SFX. There’s also a few other balancing tweaks as well as further improvements to the RFF system to moderate griefing teammates. Check out more detailed explanations on the balancing changes in our Designer’s Notes.

The Y4S2.3 patch will release to PC on July 22nd and console on the 24th.


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Y4S2.2 Patch Notes

The Y4S2.2 patch will be primarily bugfixes aimed at cleaning up issues raised during the Test Server and during the early weeks of season release while we prepare for the next update and work on other major issues. Clash and deployable shields have previously been re-enabled on live servers across all platforms, but we are continuing to monitor the fix that went out.


Updated parameters for Reverse Friendly Fire interactions with hostage


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New Event: Showdown at Fort Truth

They roam across the land, bringing order to those who ain’t got any, and they ain’t about to let nobody stop them. They are The Law.

On the opposite side, the lawbreaking Graveltop Gang. Some say that gunpowder runs through their veins. The only thing they believe in is gold, and they will grab it by hook or by crook.

These two have grudges to settle… and bodies to bury.

From July 2nd to July 16th, have a Showdown at Fort Truth!


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Y4S2.1 Patch Notes

The Y4S2.1 Patch will release on June 21st for PC and June 27th for consoles. We are adding a new option for controller rotation curves as well as several bug fixes.


We have been testing another potential solution to the Clash, IQ and Deployable Shield exploits. With this update in place, we have not been able to reproduce these exploits internally. As such, we are pushing a patch today on PC only.


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Operation Phantom Sight Launch Trailer

Meet Warden, the newest addition to the Rainbow Six unit, in this R6 fantasy trailer unveiled during the Ubisoft E3 Conference.

Parodying iconic secret-agent movies, Warden’s team will be thrashed by the squad of the evil Maverick. Warden will be left with no other choice than to pull off a clutch (a 1 vs 5 situation) in order to save the world… and the round for his team!