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What's new in Update 2.2.4?

Patch Notes Invasion Capture Time:

  • Capture time significantly increased (8 times slower).
  • Capture duration for single player: 480 seconds (120 seconds per stage).
  • Capture duration for two players: 240 seconds (60 seconds per stage).
  • Capture duration for four players: 120 seconds (30 seconds per stage).
  • Capture duration for eight players: 60 seconds (15 seconds per stage).
  • Invasion gamemode at 32v32 scale will capture 2 times faster.


What's new in Update 2.2.3?

Update 2.2.3 brings a new map rework, improvements to Invasion, sound improvements and more!   Patch Notes

  • DustyDew & TensaTown - 32v32 Invasion has been added.
  • Isle Invasion - A vehicle repair station has been added to ground objectives.
  • Invasion Kodiak - One objective at the last stage near defender base has been removed.
  • Invasion 32v32 has been added to Kodiak map.
  • Chromatic aberration on the Loadout screen has been reduced. ...

Find out what's new in Update 2.2.2

Today is a huge day, for both us as developers and for the community that has gathered around us. We couldn't be doing this without your amazing support and we look forward to continuing on this journey together! For a quick summary, here's what going on in the world of BattleBIt! Twitch Rivals: BattleBit Remastered Team Battle II   Our first ever Free Weekend (Nov 30 - Dec 04)   A massive new update...which you can read about below! ...

Update 2.2.1

Update 2.2.1 brings a new map rework, major changes to Grip and Barrel attachments, map vote improvements and more.    

Patch Notes

    New Map Rework: DustyDew      


  • Added option to disable weekly challenge notifications (Gameplay settings)  
  • Optic/sight zoom levels will be displayed on the UI.  
  • Scoreboard: Scores and ranking will be displayed by flat XP (without considering XP boosts) ...

Update 2.2.0

v2.2.0 Patch Notes

  • Fixed a network bug where hits not registering on short range sometimes
  • Brightness settings not working in shooting range fixed
  • Ragdolls will no longer block bullets.
  • Players sometimes teleporting back when leaving the vehicle or stop climbing the ropes fixed.

KODIAK Map Updates:  

  • You can now cross canal between town and port by walking on low level water.
  • Added some cover to road at middle of map. ...

Update 2.1.9: Hotfix

This is a minor update to yesterday's v2.1.9 patch, addressing various issues v2.1.9 Hotfix Patch Notes

  • KODIAK: USA team was not able to spawn in Bunker objective - fixed
  • The distance needed to build Hesco walls near flag spawn points has been reduced from 10 meters to 5 meters
  • Added option adjust hit marker random rotation to Gameplay settings
  • Lasers will no longer pass through players
  • Inaccurate packet loss indicator (red bar) fixed ...