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Latest Updates

Update 2.1.4: Hotfix #1

This is a minor update to yesterday's v2.1.4 patch, addressing feedback regarding map voting, sound, hitmarkers and weapons v2.1.4 Hotfix Patch Notes UX / UI

  • Hitmarker change reverted back to the original. However, you can now customize hitmarkers even further to your liking. These customization options can be found under "Gameplay" Menu


Update 2.1.4: New Map, New Weapons, Global Leaderboards, and more!

New sights to see, new tools of destruction! In our latest update, we're bringing an all new map, two new weapons, global leaderboards, enhanced audio/visuals and more!   ### ZalfiBay Overview Both teams will battle for control of the Main City in an area surrounded by desert hills and canyons. Naval vehicles are your best friend for fast travel to any objective, while Snipers can utilize the islands in the middle of water to control coastline. Navigate along the cliffs and palms in between...

Update 2.1.3: Support Updates, Weapon Adjustments, Region Filter, more!

Who needs ammo! In our latest update, we're making it more intuitive for Support players to help reinforce their squad and team, regional filter for the Server Browser, weapon balancing, class updates and graphical tweaks. As you explore, you'll also find that many aspects of the environment have been retextured. This is a work in progress!   ### v2.1.3 Patch Notes Gameplay

  • Support players will now able to re-supply players by equipping the ammo box and holding 'RMB'


Update 2.1.2: Server Filtering, Quick Match, Browser QoL & more

Let's get this sorted out...We have categorized servers into three types

  • Official Servers

  • Official Progression (Your progression will be saved officially)  

  • Hosted by BattleBit  

  • Default rules  

  • Vote to choose map/gamemode

  • Official Community Servers

  • Official Progression (Your progression will be saved officially)  

  • Hosted by the community  

  • Custom rules  

  • Custom map/gamemode rotation

  • Modded Servers


Update 2.1.1: Community Servers & API

What would you like to play?

### Community Servers For the past month, we've been developing a customization interface for community servers, starting from scratch.   What does it mean to you? (as a player) If you experienced cases where you wanted to play a specific gamemode, map or wanted the game to be slower/faster, maybe with a different ruleset, it's your time to use the server browser for it's intended purpose. ...

Update 2.0.2: Trophy Gadget, Attachment Tuning & more

This is a minor update, following our major update 2.0.0, which can be viewed here   v2.0.2 Patch Notes

  • Trophy Gadget added - Available for Assault, Engineer, Support

  • Vehicles now can damage Hesco walls & destroy barbed wires by crashing into them.

  • Attachments will now affect running speed by 50% only.

  • Improved directional audio of general game sounds.

  • Shooting C4 in mid-air will no longer launch it. (We wanted to keep this...)