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Latest Updates

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1.8 Update Hotfix #1
  • Fixed an issue where Terminus’ Ultimate would be disabled if the player died while jumping (all platforms)
    • Fixed an issue where Seris’ weapon’s audio would continuously loop after healing players (PC/PS4 only)

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1.8 Update Notes | Remix

Overview ========

Welcome to 1.8, Champions! This season’s final Battle Pass is capping the year off with a party to end all parties. Prepare to have your eyes and ears blown away by our 4 new Legendary Remix skins, each coming with incredible VFX and individual music tracks, and battle in our brand new Team Deathmatch Map “Dragon Arena,” a forgotten training ground for the Warders. Kick off the Season of Giving early with the return of the Festive Chest, benefiting Child’s Play Charity,...

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1.7 Update Notes | HRX-Treme

Overview ============

Hi-Rez Expo is nearly upon us! To kick off the celebration of all things Hi-Rez and the Paladins World Championship, we’re releasing this year’s Digital Loot Pack — Including a skin dedicated to last year’s winners, Na’Vi. The final Split of the Season is starting up, which means new Ranked Rewards, a fresh Leaderboard to make your mark on, and Crystal rewards for our top players of last Split! Rev up your spirit to be the best as we enter the most competitive...

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10/3 1.6 Hotfix Notes

Hey Champions, we've got a hotfix coming your way for PC & PS4 on Wednesday, October 3rd at 10AM ET!

Check out all the fixes:

  • Fixed a crash issue with chat between Steam and non-Steam players
  • Fixed a visual issue with the Daily Deal's display
  • Fixed an issue where Steam pre-linking dialog was not always being shown on login
  • Fixed a visual issue with Ying's mirror
  • Fixed an issue with Grohk's ultimate speed moving slower than intended ...

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1.6 Update Notes | Dark Tides

Overview ============

Welcome aboard Update 1.6, Champions! We hope you’re not afraid of ghosts…

The Abyss has claimed a new Champion to fight in their ageless war – Dredge, Admiral of the Abyss. His resurrection has also brought forth some unsightly horrors from the depths who are tearing open portals into players matches. The Dark Exchange will make it worth your time to purge these Abyssal Echos from the Realm.


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1.5 Update Notes | Xenosynthesis

Customizations ==================

Gr0b0t Grover

  • The new Epic Gr0b0t skin can be unlocked through:   - Diamond Chest

Xeno-Buster Ash

  • The new Epic Xeno-Buster Ash skin can be unlocked through:   - Deep Space Chest
  • The Xeno-Buster Ash skin is also available for direct purchase for 600 crystals.

Deep Space Chest

The Deep Space Chest returns, headlined by our new Alien hunting Xeno-Buster Ash skin! The Deep Space Chest cost 100 crystals and contains:


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