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Radiant Stars Update Notes

Battle Pass – Radiant Stars ===========================

The Darkness and Dragons Battle Pass will become purchasable with the release of Patch 4 – Radiant Stars. The Radiant Stars Battle Pass will be available for purchase with the release of patch 4.

Receive instant rewards for purchasing, and unlock over 100 more goodies just by playing and leveling up your Battle Pass. All players start earning Radiant Stars Battle Pass experience as soon as the update is live. Battle Pass purchasers unlock...

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Darkness & Dragons Mid-Update Notes

New Content:   Freegle Drogoz & Merican Mustang Mount =========================================================

“Listen up my flag-waving, freedom-loving friends – the 4th of July is about a lot more than just chili dogs, apple pie, and a breathtaking display of patriotic pyrotechnics. It’s also about…wait, go back – the 4th of July is DEFINITELY about excessive expressions of explosive capability! Which is why you can join me – Freegle Drogoz – and my trusty ‘Merican Mustang...

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Darkness & Dragons Update Notes

New Champion: Corvus, The Magistrate’s Blade ============================================

The most difficult decisions test even the strongest of wills, but his will has never wavered, even in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds. He is Corvus, The Magistrate’s Blade. He is the son of Karne, the powerful leader of the Magistrate, but it is by his own merit that he has earned the absolute loyalty of his men and instilled fear in his enemies.


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The Damned Frontier Update Notes

LORE All tremble at the mere mention of his name. He is wrath. He is fury. He is Raum, Rage of the Abyss. Consumed by burning conflict, tempered in the Abyss, his purpose is clear — annihilation. He has fought and triumphed over every entity in those war-scarred plains, shattering every soul that stands against his might...

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Pirate's Treasure Update Notes

Pirate’s Treasure Battle Pass =============================

Ahoy, Mateys! We’re launching the new Pirate’s Treasure Pass: Get ready to set sail!

  • The Shore Patrol Battle Pass will become unpurchasable with the release of Patch 7 – Pirate’s Treasure
  • The Pirate’s Treasure Battle Pass will be available for purchase with the release of Pirate’s Treasure, and is scheduled to end in early November.


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Sun & Moon Update Notes


New Champion: Io – The Shattered Goddess ========================================

For eons, the moon goddess Io watched over the Realm. But then disaster struck: The Darkness smothered the goddess’s light, and shattered the moon that hangs above our battlefields.