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Latest Updates

Valor's End Update Notes

## General Updates ### Effects Bar Some of our Champions have had icons that show enemies when their effects are applied to them, but it wasn’t very consistent and was often out of the way for players’ eyes. We’ve moved where to look for these icons as well as added a whole host of new ones, giving opponents more room to counterplay against certain effects. Here is the list of effects shown:

  • Lex Discover
  • Lillith Hex
  • Seris Soul Orbs
  • Luna’s Stun Target
  • Corvus Mark
  • Jenos Mark ...

Desert Omens Update Notes

## New Champion: Omen Lore Omen was in search of greater power — the help his family deserved — when he climbed a flaming mountain looking for wisdom like that of Jenos. Instead of finding answers like that of Ascension Peak, he was met with a void of silence from the night sky. Lost in rage, he threw himself into the lava boiling below him. Before he perished, Nyx answered the prayers cosmic gods ignored. She granted him the power to do what he felt the gods should. ...

Anniversary Update Notes

Anniversary Event =================

A free Event track that gives you rewards just for playing games during our Anniversary update! Siege Remixed & universal Party Elimination VFX will be live for the whole event!

Rewards (available to ALL players)

On Login

“5th Anniversary Celebration” Title

Play 1 Game

Play 2 Games

Play 4 Games

Play 5 Games

Free Champion Unlock & 100 Crystals

Play 6 Games

Play 8 Games ...

Midnight Masquerade Update Notes

Midnight Masquerade Event Pass ==================================

Guests gather from across the Realm for the Shattered Moon Masquerade, where who you are matters much less than the appearance you keep.

Rewards (Exclusive to Event Pass purchasers) ================================================


In-Game Look

Crimson Crow Corvus

Instant Unlock

Eternal Waltz Corvus

Level 10

Danse Macabre Vora ...

Emergence Community Patch Notes

Greetings Champions, and surprise!

JUST NOW, we’ve launched the Emergence Community Patch: a new, experimental type of patch designed to touch on various community wants between our larger updates. This patch is aimed at tackling various requests we heard the community mention throughout the end of 2022 and into Emergence. Without further ado, let’s dig right in!

Rise of Furia Returns! ==========================


Season 6 Emergence Update Notes

New Champion: Nyx, Queen of the Abyss =====================================


In the far past, Nyx was once a Pyre Lord, working alongside Azaan and others in the seemingly eternal fight against the chaotic Abyss. Over time, she found herself disillusioned with the ways of the Pyre and their rigid controlling dogmas – so content to throw away countless lives in their endless wars. She would show the Pyre the power of freedom, true freedom.