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Latest Updates

Last Remains Update Notes

New Champion: Kasumi, Death’s Howl ==================================

Some pains persist beyond our physical existence. The bitterest concoctions pale compared to the taste of betrayal by those you hold dear. Once, by a house meant to protect. Twice, by family with barren hearts. Thrice, by the world. You couldn’t imagine such pain…


Constellations Update Notes

New Champion: Caspian, The Thief of Hearts (and Treasure) =========================================================

There are few still alive with the skill… the alluring performance — nay! the enrapturing, dazzling SPECTACLE that is what sights behold you when witnessing this dashing rogue’s deadly skills and quicksilver tongue in action. Blessed with arcane weapons and years of streetwise knowledge and training, he takes what he wants and gives some of it away – if he likes you, of course.


RWBY Update Notes

RWBY Crossover Pass ===================

Ruby Rose and her team of huntresses join the world of Paladins in its newest Crossover Pass – RWBY! Instantly unlock the Ruby Rose Vora skin for purchasing, and unlock a total of 30 levels of rewards as you play!

Players can also purchase a Buy All option to get all content in the RWBY Crossover Pass instantly!


Instant Unlock

  • 50% Experience & Gold Boost
  • Ruby Rose Vora

Level 9 Unlock


Heart of Darkness Update Notes

New Champion: Lillith, The Heartless ====================================

What is the value of eternal life? At what point does the cost become too great?

Lillith, through ill-fortune and fear, has found herself on the path of this defiled discovery. Once a staunch defender of the Magistrate, Lillith was a confidant and friend of Lian; even becoming a border-lord in the far-off lands over which Lian holds dominion. Yet, this proud life would not last forever.


Monstercat Update Notes

New Champion: Betty La Bomba, The Bomb Queen ============================================

She had it all. The brains, the looks, the POWER. None of the other border lords dared defy her wishes, and her wish was for EVERYTHING. She designed and commissioned the creation of living weapons: bombs meant to bring her enemies’ defenses crumbling down and her foes to their knees. What she didn’t expect was for one of her newly-created bombs to develop a mind of its own, such as it was.


Season 5: Schism Update Notes

New Champion: VII, Right Hand of the Tribunal =============================================

Since the very beginning, the Realm has been in peril. Be it calamitous threats rivaling the Scourges of old, or the unbridled ambitions of evil men, fate has always conspired against Realmkind.

It was in defiance of this injustice that the Outer Tribunal was formed. But for true justice to prevail, the order would need more than pious Judges. They’d need an Executioner. Someone unburdened by the trappings...