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Latest Updates

April Foals Update Notes

New Champion: Horse
Title: The One You Rode In On


*Countless battles have been fought across the Realm. Dozens of Champions have made their names known and etched their legacies into the history books. The Realm’s stories have passed down from generation to generation. But one Champion has accompanied all others on their journeys, and yet her name is lost on the lips of bards, gossipers, and bedtime-story-telling parents. She intends to right this wrong and prove that her name...

Banners Fall Update Notes

Banners Fall Update | Release 7.2

PTS: March 8th – 11th LIVE: March 20th

General Updates
Ranked Season 7

Ranked Skin – Ultimatum Fernando For this year’s Ranked skin, we wanted to pay homage to our legacy by returning to one of our older Champions as well as our roots as a game. Ultimatium Fernando hearkens from another Realm, one where combat is forged in a Battleground of Gods. Veteran Paladins players will know God of War Ares well, who was based on the original Ares...

Wild Hoard Update Notes

Welcome to Year 7

Greetings Champions, welcome to Year 7 of Paladins! This is a change from our usual Season terminology, but there’s a good reason. We have a LOT coming this update, from the return of Trials to some significant Item Store changes and the beginnings of a new meta. It’s with that all in mind that we are planning to wait to start Season 7 of Ranked until 7.2 in February. This is not a choice we made lightly, but it made sense both to allow us to watch the changes before Season...

Aico's Vault Update Notes

General Updates
Dragon’s Call Returns!

Imani has relit the Warder’s Beacon, welcoming in a new era of apprentices to compete in an ancient rite of passage. The Event mode Dragon’s Call returns in its original form for players to capture the Key Sphere and escort it to their opponent’s base!

  • Players play on the special Flagball map
  • First team to carry the Key Sphere & score 4 times wins!
  • Players who hold the Key Sphere cannot shoot or use abilities ...

Valor's End Update Notes

General Updates
Effects Bar

Some of our Champions have had icons that show enemies when their effects are applied to them, but it wasn’t very consistent and was often out of the way for players’ eyes. We’ve moved where to look for these icons as well as added a whole host of new ones, giving opponents more room to counterplay against certain effects. Here is the list of effects shown:

  • Lex Discover
  • Lillith Hex
  • Seris Soul Orbs
  • Luna’s Stun Target
  • Corvus Mark
  • Jenos Mark ...

Desert Omens Update Notes

New Champion: Omen

Lore Omen was in search of greater power — the help his family deserved — when he climbed a flaming mountain looking for wisdom like that of Jenos. Instead of finding answers like that of Ascension Peak, he was met with a void of silence from the night sky. Lost in rage, he threw himself into the lava boiling below him. Before he perished, Nyx answered the prayers cosmic gods ignored. She granted him the power to do what he felt the gods should. ...