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Patch now available!

Hey Islanders, Thank you to everyone who participated in our recent hordetest, we're now pushing our latest build to the Evrima Public Branch! As mentioned in an earlier Discord announcement, for this patch, we'll be experimenting with a new server variant based on feedback gathered from our recent Hordetest. These servers will support higher playercounts of 150 without AI, and are based in both NA and EU regions. Initially there will only be two servers of this extra type available, but we will...


Hey Islanders, A new patch is now available on the Evrima Public Branch. Thank you to all the active participants that helped us fine-tune this release via the hordetesting branch. Please note; You may need to restart your Steam client if the download is not immediately available. All community servers must wipe their migration save data to be compatible with the latest version. ##### Changelog ###### Additions

  • Added new diet tiers and adjusted existing diet bonuses ...

Patch is now available

Hey Islanders, We're deploying a small patch aimed at addressing various issues, while also implementing some adjustments related to stamina regeneration. Please note; You may need to restart your Steam client if you find that the patch is not immediately available to download. Added stamina regeneration during movement states based off of current stamina. Updated stamina regen values for all species   ...