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Latest Updates

NARAKA: BLADEPOINT Update – Feb 22nd, 2024

Brand New Content I. Brand-new Gameplay: [Heroes Assemble] Challenge formidable enemies across diverse themes! You can earn substantial rewards by wiping out all enemies within a set time! Basic Rules: 1. Justice Chambers that have reached Level 10 can initiate 1 Heroes Assemble per week, with the flexibility to select the start time and stage. Each player can participate in up to 1 Heroes Assemble per week. (1) Participation attempts are refreshed every Wednesday at 20:00 (UTC) ...

NARAKA: BLADEPOINT Update – Feb 1st, 2024

Brand New Content I. New Hero: Shayol Wei Shayol joins the King's Judiciary as a youth, cracking every case that crossed her desk and passing judgement with unsurpassed skill and speed. After being dispatched to the south, Shayol follows a trail of breadcrumbs across the country, tracking the criminals' trail for hundreds of leagues. Shayol Wei, Chief of the Golden Keepers, swears to ensure that the truth will always come to light. ...

January 17 Twitch Drops Update: Season 11 Weekly Drops & Partner Drops

Season 11: Updated Weekly Drops Avatar: Air Mastery Event Period: The Twitch Drops event starts from Jan. 18th 12PM (PT) to the end of Season 11. **You may claim the rewards once per week. Refreshed at every Monday 12PM (PT) How to claim: The following list shows the Twitch Drops that can be obtained by watching any channels streaming in the NARAKA directory (with drops enabled). Don't forget to link your Twitch and NARAKA accounts to ensure you can receive the Drops. You may...

NARAKA: BLADEPOINT Update – Jan 18th, 2024

Brand New Content I. Disengage System The Disengage system is now available in all modes, except for Ranked Mode and Immortal War. II. Soul Land Crossover Available Now 1. Limited-time Event: Soul Awakening Masters of the Soul Land assemble! Event Rules (1) Choose among the following Soul Shape to awaken: Moonlapis Leaf, Fleetcharm Bunny, Spirit Eye, and Morpho Butterfly, and receive its Legendary Emote Gesture. The three you didn't choose can be purchased in the SHOP. ...

NARAKA: BLADEPOINT Update – Jan 4th, 2024

Brand New Content I. New Congeneric Weapon: Heng Sword A blade of gold refined, a cold glint so divine. In the new update, we'll be introducing the ancient Chinese weapon—Heng Sword. Try it out! II. Fairyland Penglai Updates 1. Newly added Fairyland Penglai Guide Players can access the Fairyland Penglai Guide through the Event Center or shortcut button. The Guide introduces all current gameplay and rewards, aiming to enhance players' experience in the Fairyland Penglai. ...

NARAKA: BLADEPOINT Update – December 21st, 2023

Brand New Content I. New Hadi Skill [Mechanical Arm: Pursuit]and Ultimate [Aerial Ascent: Rescue] are now available. II. Disengage System Shadow Surge and Capture the Spirit Well modes will both support the Disengage System. III. Fairyland Penglai 1. Scenery Updates Fairyland Penglai has been updated in accordance with the Martial Infinity and Holly Christmas themes: ...