Elder Scrolls Online

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Latest Updates

PC/Mac Patch Notes v8.2.6

The Elder Scrolls Online v8.2.6 fixes some additional game crashes introduced with the launch of Update 36, in addition to a fix for not being able to edit guild permissions, a fix for the delve boss in Embervine not respawning, a number of Firesong quest fixes, and more. The size of this patch is approximately 156MB.

  • Fixes & Improvements   - Firesong   - High Isle   - Combat & Gameplay       - Combat & Abilities   - Base Game

PC/Mac Hotfix - Dragonknight Standard

Hi everyone,

We just completed a hotfix on the PC/Mac megaservers to fix an issue with the Dragonknight Standard ability where buffs applied by Standard of Might could be applied to the caster when the caster was outside of the Standard's range. We also fixed an additional issue where these buffs could persist even after the Standard disappeared, allowing for these buffs to stack infinitely.


PC/Mac Patch Notes v8.2.5 - Firesong & Update 36

Welcome to The Elder Scrolls Online v8.2.5 and the final DLC in this year’s Legacy of the Bretons adventure: Firesong! In this update, you can explore the island of Galen and dive deep into the culture and histories of Tamriel’s druids. While doing so, collect new item sets, unique collectibles, Antiquities, achievements, and more. You’ll also be able to discover a new Tales of Tribute Patron deck during your adventures through Firesong – The Druid King.


PC/Mac Patch Notes v8.1.8

The Elder Scrolls Online v8.1.8 is a small incremental patch that includes a fix involving the Deluge Eruption ability in Dreadsail Reef and a fix for an error message received on Stadia. The size of this patch is approximately 108MB.

Dreadsail Reef Trial - Tideborn Taleria   - Deluge Eruption will no longer trigger on player characters who are swimming.


PC/Mac Patch Notes v8.1.7

The Elder Scrolls Online v8.1.7 includes some adjustments for the Mara’s Balm item set and one of the boss encounters in Graven Deep, a fix for a UI error that would frequently appear after using the Activity Finder to queue for a dungeon, a fix for Encratis' Behemoth Style Pages so they can now be used, and a few additional smaller fixes. The size of this patch is approximately 119MB.

General - Fixed an issue where a gatehouse fixture could allow you to get stuck inside of it.


Seals of Endeavor Issue Grant (PC Servers)

During the PC/Mac and Stadia incremental patch maintenance on Monday, September 19, we are granting Seals of Endeavor to all players who were affected by the issue on September 7 where players did not receive Seals of Endeavor upon completing Endeavors.

Players will be granted the number of Seals of Endeavor that they should have earned during the time that the issue occurred, which was between 9:04 AM EDT and 10:11 AM EDT on Wednesday, September 7. Only affected players will be a part of this grant.