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PC/Mac Patch Notes v7.1.8

The Elder Scrolls Online v7.1.8 is a smaller incremental patch that includes a fix during the fight with Saint Olms in Asylum Sanctorum, a crash fix in Elsweyr, a fix affecting the Stadia UI, and a number of backend fixes for some unreleased content. The size of this patch is approximately 96MB.

Rockgrove Trial - Fixed an issue where you were not receiving Reward Coffers when completing Rockgrove Trial. Previously, completing the quest would reset the timer for being able to receive a reward regardless...

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PC/Mac Patch Notes v7.1.7

The Elder Scrolls Online v7.1.7 fixes several issues in the Waking Flame dungeons, some game crashes, an issue affecting taunts, and more. We have also made a temporary change affecting Battlegrounds so that Solo and Group queues will only offer the Deathmatch game mode for a period of time. For more information on this change, please visit this forum post. The size of this incremental patch is approximately 145MB.

Dungeons - Dread Cellar   - Magma Incarnate ...

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PC/Mac Patch Notes v7.1.6

The Elder Scrolls Online v7.1.6 fixes a few issues involving the new Waking Flame dungeons, a couple item sets and abilities including Bracing Anchor, Caustic Arrow, Elf Bane and Elemental Susceptibility, a couple game crashes, the inability to fish in Wrothgar, and more. The approximate size of this incremental patch is 105MB.

  • Fixes & Improvements   - Chapters & DLCs       - Blackwood       - Clockwork City       - Greymoor       - Orsinium ...

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PC/Mac & Stadia Hotfix, August 30 – Passives Not Working In Dungeons

In response to reports where players' passives stopped working in Dungeons, we are rolling out a hotfix for August 31 at 4am ET during maintenance. This hotfix will immediately be available to console players with the Waking Flame & Update 31 launch on September 8. Thank you for your patience.

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PC/Mac & Stadia Hotfix, August 24 – Housing Storage Chests & Character Deletion

In response to a recently identified issue involving housing storage chests, we are temporarily turning off character deletion on the PC/Mac & Stadia servers until we can apply a hotfix. We plan to roll out the hotfix later this afternoon, with no downtime. Thank you for your patience!

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PC/Mac & Stadia Hotfix, August 24 – Antiquities Codex Entries

Hi everyone,

With the launch of Update 31, we identified an issue where expired Antiquities leads are removing Antiquities Codex progress. We are pushing a fix for this issue on August 24 at 4:00 AM EDT/10:00 AM CEST. This hotfix will require us to take down the PC/Mac & Stadia ESO servers, and we expect the maintenance to last around three hours.