Elder Scrolls Online

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Latest Updates

Hotfix for PC Megaservers (3/27/2023)

Hi everyone, today we performed a hotfix that will add a three-minute timer* between PC NA and EU megaserver logins. For example, if you log into PC NA and then want to log out and go to PC EU, there will be a three-minute wait between those log in attempts starting from the moment you first log out. This hotfix is to ensure a better technical experience and provide additional security for accounts switching between different megaservers.


PC/Mac Patch Notes v8.3.6

The Elder Scrolls Online v8.3.6 addresses a couple common crashes and fixes some issues found in the new dungeon, Scrivener’s Hall. We also have fixed a couple gameplay-related issues surrounding the cost of sneak and synergy activation, in addition to fixing the issue where inputs could be lost after wayshrining while in Gamepad Mode and some miscellaneous achievement-related issues. The size of this patch is approximately 152MB.


PC/Mac Patch Notes v8.3.5

Welcome to The Elder Scrolls Online v8.3.5 and the beginning of the Shadow Over Morrowind adventure! This DLC features two challenging new 4-player PvE dungeons. In Bal Sunnar, you’ll help the Psijic Order investigate and contain a strange power emanating from a mysterious township. In Scrivener’s Hall, you’ll fight your way through the twisted acolytes of the Scribes of Mora and confront their villainous new leader, Valinna. Completing these dungeons also gives you the chance at obtaining...

PC/Mac Patch Notes v8.2.10

The Elder Scrolls Online v8.2.10 contains a fix for the Sadrith Mora Spore Steed appearing invisible when mount upgrades were applied. The size of this patch is approximately 125MB.

PC/Mac Patch Notes v8.2.9

The Elder Scrolls Online v8.2.9 contains a fix for a crash that would occur on the Spanish game client while scrolling through crafting style materials at a crafting station. The size of this patch is approximately 155MB.

Hotfix for PC/Mac Live NA/EU : Addressing Gamepad UI Error when viewing tooltips

Hi Everyone,

At 10AM, we performed a hotfix to fix the issue on PC/Mac Live NA/EU where gamepad users receive a UI error when viewing tooltips on item links in chat. The hotfix is now complete. There wasn't downtime or a download related to this hotfix. Thanks everyone.