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Latest Updates

PC/Mac Patch Notes v10.0.7

The Elder Scrolls Online v10.0.7 contains fixes mainly for the Gold Road and Blackwood chapters, resolves bugs with Endeavors and Achievements for Lucent Citidel Trial, and addresses several Scribing-related issues. We also continue our hunt and removal of leftover Witches Festival decorations. The size of this patch is approximately 357.57MB.

General- Fixed an issue where group member’s abilities would not be properly recorded in encounter logs. ...

PC/Mac Patch Notes v10.0.6

The Elder Scrolls Online v10.0.6 fixes quite a few issues from Update 42 launch, including a number of fixes for Gold Road and Scribing quests, attribute bars glowing or changing size, some Wayshrines around West Weald not consistently functioning, some art model and effects-related issues, and more. We’ve also fixed an issue where Luminous Ink was not dropping from boss enemies, giving you more opportunities to obtain Ink for Scribing. The size of this patch is approximately 748MB.


PC/Mac Hotfix, June 10- Addressing Issue With Maw of Lorkhaj

Hi everyone. We just deployed a hotfix to address an issue with the Maw of Lorkhaj Trial where players could not complete the trial and record leaderboard results. This issue is now resolved and the trial can be completed, along with leaderboard scores updated. This hotfix did not require downtime. Thanks all.

PC/Mac Patch Notes v10.0.5 | Gold Road & Update 42

Welcome to The Elder Scrolls Online v10.0.5 and our latest Chapter: Gold Road! Investigate the return of Ithelia, a Daedric Prince never seen before in the Elder Scrolls series. Uncover the schemes of her most devoted followers and protect Tamriel from the chaos of unbridled change. Venture into West Weald, home to the wealthy Colovian Imperials and the city of Skingrad. Encounter a bountiful region first seen in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, now beset by Daedric incursions and the encroaching...

PC/Mac Patch Notes v9.3.9

The Elder Scrolls online v9.3.9 contains a fix for a game freeze and a UI issue on the Russian game client. All PC players will also receive 200 Seals of Endeavor during this maintenance, along with the additional items for any player that previously had their account locked during the PTS issue last month. For more information on this, please see [this forum post]( ...

PC/Mac Patch Notes v9.3.8

The Elder Scrolls Online v9.3.8 contains a couple crash fixes, additional fixes for missing Guild History items and the removal of some stray Witches Festival decorations (sorry to those who like to celebrate year-round). The size of this patch is approximately 274MB.

General- Stray Witches Festival decorations are now properly stored away until the actual holiday arrives.

General- Fixed a rare crash that could happen when resizing or moving the game window to another monitor. ...