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PC/Mac Patch Notes v5.3.8

The Elder Scrolls Online v5.3.8 has some fixes for the Undo and Burning Embers abilities, the Stone Keeper fight in Frostvault, a game crash, and a couple other smaller bug fixes. Investigations are still ongoing for the ability desyncs and lag, as mentioned in last week’s performance update. The size of this patch is approximately 61MB.

Dungeons - Frostvault   - Fixed an issue which would cause the client to become unresponsive when returning from the Skeevaton phase of Stone Keeper.


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PC/Mac Patch Notes v5.3.7

The Elder Scrolls Online v5.3.7 includes a fix for the ability Incapacitating Strike, a common game crash, and a fix affecting addons. Please note that while we are making progress on ability desyncs/lag and have ruled some things out, we are continuing our investigations which remain one of our top priorities. The size of this patch is approximately 67MB.

Dungeons - Icereach ...

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PC/Mac Patch Notes v5.3.6

The Elder Scrolls Online v5.3.6 includes some adjustments to help with the recent input delays and desyncs while in combat, in addition to a fix where breaking free could become delayed, spamming block disconnecting you to the login screen, several crash fixes, and more. The size of this patch is approximately 177MB.

Dungeons - Icereach   - You will now only be able to revive in situations normally allowed in Icereach.


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PC/Mac Patch Notes v5.3.5

The Elder Scrolls Online v5.3.5 includes several crash fixes that should eliminate some of the recent crashes found in Cyrodiil and PvE areas. Also included is a fix for your Stamina not appearing to recover, invisible collision found in Morkul Stronghold, semi-transparent menus within the Crown Store, and more. The size of this patch is approximately 101.48MB.

  • Fixes & Improvements   - DLCs & Chapters       - Harrowstorm       - Murkmire       - Orsinium ...

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PC/Mac Patch Notes v5.3.4 - Harrowstorm & Update 25

Welcome to The Elder Scrolls Online v5.3.4 and the start of the Dark Heart of Skyrim with the Harrowstorm DLC game pack! Harrowstorm introduces two new 4-player dungeons – Icereach and Unhallowed Grave – in addition to a number of new item sets and collectibles. Our biggest focus for this update was further improving game performance, with an emphasis on frame rate stability, ultimately resulting in fewer drops in your game’s framerate. The combat changes you’ll see support this goal, which...

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PC/Mac Patch Notes v5.2.13

The Elder Scrolls Online v5.2.13 includes updates to the Privacy Policy, which you will need to re-accept upon logging in, updated copyright dates for 2020, and a couple game fixes which are detailed below. The size of this patch is approximately 98.96MB.

Items - The Dungeon Explorer costume once again hides shields while they are docked on your character’s back.