Hearts of Iron 4

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Latest Updates

Patch 1.12.14 Medals Hotfix


This is a minor hotfix patch regarding a bug we found with BBA's Medal system.

** \Bugfix   \ **

- Available medal icon no longer shows up if BBA is not owned

War Effort - Operation Alpha [1.12.13 Checksum b721]


Its time for the final patch of this War Effort Initiative cycle! This patch contains a host of balance changes and fixes as well as language localization for Simplified Chinese! We're going to be winding down the Initiative for the time being as we move onto other lines of development!

Furthermore, stay tuned for another message from us later, pertaining to some feature content that we are working on.

Now, onto the patch notes!



War Effort - Operation Alpha [1.12.13 Open Beta]

Hello there, generals! May has arrived, and with it comes a new open beta, this time for Operation Alpha!

This patch, as usual, contains balance changes, bug fixes, and something for you awesome modders out there. However, something we have also been working on for a while is language support for Simplified Chinese. This means that all our new Developer Diaries will be translated for Chinese, Japanese, and Russian. And this is just the beginning of what we have planned for our non-English speaking...

War Effort - Operation Cockpit [1.12.12 - Checksum a266]

Hello Generals, Katten here.

Operation Cockpit has arrived! With an additional change to the Anschluss focus in Germany and a message from our Game Designer C0rax explaining the intent behind recent balancing! Below that, as usual, you will find a set of patch notes that is now live. Feel free to give us feedback on these planned changes in this thread, or in our Discord!

The Intent Behind it


War Effort - Operation Cockpit [1.12.12 OPEN BETA]

Hello there Generals!

We have begun the final preparations for Operation Cockpit! Below you will find a set of patch notes that are now live on an open beta branch. Feel free to give us feedback on these planned changes in this thread, or in our Discord!

** \Balance   \ **

- Canadian Focuses 'National Steel Car' and 'Send in the Zombies' are no longer mutually exclusive. If Great Depression has already been removed, the focus on "War Fuelled Economy" and "Reactivate the Farmers...