Conan Exiles

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Latest Updates

Age of Sorcery Chapter 3 Hotfix 2 (2023.03.30)

Fixed an issue that caused Weathered Skulls to become Magi Skulls under certain circumstances.

  • Fixed an issue with the new boss fight that could cause one of the bosses to become unkillable and halt the progression of the fight.

  • Reduced the XP provided by the Golems in the Kurak boss fight and increased the XP provided when defeating Kurak.

  • The Voidforge Mace should no longer deal unintendedly high amounts of damage.


Age of Sorcery - Chapter 3 Hotfix 1 (2023.03.23)

Optimized memory performance regarding the Golem shaping system.

  • Addressed an exploit regarding rotating in combat with a controller.

  • The Blood Moon Beast should now kill with one hit as intended, despite the Steel Thewed perk.

  • Fixed an issue that could block control when summoning an avatar.

  • Fixed an issue that would make it not possible to buy items from vendors in dedicated servers.


Age of Sorcery – Chapter 3 is Live!

Greetings, Exiles!

The ritual has begun. Age of Sorcery – Chapter 3 is here!

As the Age of Sorcery comes to an epic conclusion, prepare to face the one responsible for the spread of sorcery in a brand-new boss encounter, shape your own custom Golems, and explore a fully redesigned Journey System.