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Age of War Chapter 4 Hotfix (4.11.2024)

Age of War Chapter 4 Hotfix (4.11.2024)
  • Potion of Midnight is now craftable at a new station located next to the Werehyena who teaches you the recipe. This station is the only station where it can be crafted.
  • Other Werehyena NPCs at the event camp have been properly disciplined and no longer offer the option to speak to you
  • Followers will now properly defend against the Werehyena Ambush ...

Age of War - Chapter 4: Hotfix News & More

Greetings Exiles! Age of War - Chapter 4 is well underway, and we've been busy delving into your comments and thoughts from the update! We'd like to take a moment to share some info around the release, clarify some things, and give you a heads-up on what's immediately ahead:

Amended Patch Notes

There were some additional changes to stamina regen, crafting balance, and Official Server harvest rates introduced in Chapter 4 that were not included in the patch notes on release. We've updated the...

Age of War – Chapter 4 is here. Jhebbal Sag Calls!

Greetings Exiles, This is a big one. Jhebbal Sag, Lord of Beast, has declared his Sacred Hunt. Will you rise to the challenge?

The Sacred Hunt

Prove yourself worthy of Jhebbal Sag’s attention by challenging his savage champions. Seek out a new hub area, acquire many new recipes, such as the Throne of Jhebbal Sag and the Werehyena Hunter Companion, and gain insight into the nature of gods.  



Age of War: Chapter 3 Hotfix (2024.02.06)

Resolved a memory leak affecting some servers

  • Fixed a server crash involving an interaction with pillars and ceiling pieces
  • Fixed an item duplication exploit
  • Spit Roast Campfire now has a thrall slot
  • Avatars once again take damage as intended
  • Fixed an issue where the camera was incorrectly snapping to a dead target after they had been killed while locked on

Age of War Chapter 3 Hotfix 2 Patch Notes (2024.01.16)

New hotfix available (2024.01.16)

  • Removed a method for creating floating ceilings
  • Addressed several undermesh locations and a method for travel from undermesh bases
  • New server setting: BuildingValidationEnabled (true/false) - false by default
  • Setting this to “true” will upon server startup destroy any building piece with no stability ...

Age of War – Chapter 3 Is Now Available!

Greetings Exiles, The Age of War – Chapter 3 Update is here! The time to truly test your steel has come. Will you bring down the walls of your enemy or break yourself against them?

The Siege of al-Merayah

For the first time, PvE players will know the thrill of razing what their enemies have built to the ground. Stygia has consolidated their might into a fully destructible fortress built atop the ruins of al-Merayah. In the top chamber of the central keep, surrounded by his ill-gotten riches,...