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DOOM Eternal - Update 6.66 Rev 2 Release Notes

Update 6.66 Rev 2 is the latest update for DOOM Eternal, including new Accessibility features, QOL improvements and bug fixes. NOTE: Update 6.66 Rev 2 will be releasing for Nintendo Switch at a later date.

New Accessibility Features We're excited to add new accessibility features to DOOM Eternal so that the gameplay experience can be enjoyed by even more players:

Accessibility Settings Notification Pop-Up Menu


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Update 6.66 on Nintendo Switch Available Now

Update 6.66 on the go! Update 6.66 has finally arrived and there’s so much content to get excited for on Nintendo Switch. There is the brand new, arcade-style single player Horde Mode, three new Master Levels and so many changes and improvements to BATTLEMODE that it’s getting the 2.0 treatment. This thicc update includes all the content and gameplay updates from the following releases combined: Update 6,...

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DOOM Eternal - Update 6.66 Rev 1.1 Release Notes

This minor update for DOOM Eternal includes new cosmetic content rewards* for the upcoming BATTLEMODE 2.0 Season 4, Season 5, and Season 6. Each of these BATTLEMODE 2.0 Seasons offers new Slayer and weapon skins and player badges + nameplates on the Slayer side. They also offer 2 new Demon skins and player badges + nameplates on the Demon side. Stay tuned to our official DOOM Twitter channel for when they go live! In the meantime, here’s a preview of what’s coming...

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December 7 – Nintendo Switch Cosmetic-only Update

This minor update for DOOM Eternal on Nintendo Switch includes future in-game event cosmetic content only and does not include any gameplay changes.

Reminder: Update 6.66 is coming to Nintendo Switch sometime in early 2022. Stay tuned!

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DOOM Eternal - Update 6.66 Rev 1 Release Notes

This minor update includes bug fixes to issues introduced with Update 6.66 and others that the DOOM Eternal community has helped us track down. We very much appreciate our community’s ongoing commitment to reporting and helping us track down issues with our releases. Thank you again and keep up the good work!

Bug Fixes All Platforms GENERAL

  • Fixed a community-reported bug where the Meathook mod would not always pull the player immediately upon target attachment


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November 4 BATTLEMODE 2.0 Update

This update for DOOM Eternal features BATTLEMODE 2.0 balance changes for ALL platforms and does not require any download.

Note: We are aware of a bug that is causing the Dread Knight’s Swipe attack to deal more damage than it should when he is the only demon alive. We are investigating a fix