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Latest Updates

Welcome to Season 3!

Update 3.0.0 Welcome to Season 3 where the system has been reset! Here’s what’s happening in Season 3: INTRODUCING THE WORLD TOUR Fame, fortune, and glory. This is where all the contestants gather to reach for stardom. In the World Tour, you’ll compete to climb the ladder from Bronze to Gold and beyond. Season 3 will focus on Cashout Tournaments of 24 players in 2-3 week Tournament cycles. The top five players will be on the front page of the World Tour, so check the leaderboard often! We’ll...

Update 2.11.0

UPDATE 2.11.0 Sun’s out, guns out in The Arena this week with a store update featuring the No Oasis Set as well as the matching Desert Dust Set featuring no less than eight weapons! We also want to congratulate all of you on beating the Community Event! The pink tank featuring the panda print will be in your inventory in a couple of days - well done everyone! Here is the new store update: ...

Update 2.10.4

Hotfix 2.10.4 We’re pushing out a Hotfix for many of the issues introduced in Update 2.10.0 this week. Huge thank you to our community for helping us find and define the most pressing issues. Here are the updates: Gameplay

  • Fixed Aim Assist to prevent tracking enemy contestants through objects such as walls, terrain, etc. [*]Reverted a change that removed directional weapon binding for controller

UI   ...

Update 2.10.0

As we near the end of Season 2, it’s time to boost XP to give a helping hand to those still working on that last page of the Battlepass! We have the final community event of Season 2, and the final event featuring the community-pink rewards! Here is your mission, if you choose to accept: work together to collectively deal 18 billion in damage to enemy contestants in the next week! For the first time ever, you’ll be able to track your progress both in-game and on embark ID. Let’s make sure to...

Update 2.9.0

Terminal Attack is here to stay! Alongside this week’s store update, we want to congratulate the community on completing the Community Event by achieving 7 MILLION eliminations in Terminal Attack in just one week! If you contributed to the event, be on the lookout for your brand-new community-themed canvas shoes. Nice work, yolks! ...

Update 2.8.0

Welcome to Update 2.8.0 and an all-new community event! We are hosting a community event in honor of our last week of Terminal Attack! If everyone in the community can pull together to achieve a total of 7 MILLION eliminations in TA this week, everyone who contributed will earn a sweet prize: canvas shoes to add to your cute-mmunity look! We’ll also host a leaderboard for the event so you can see the top contributors! As always, we’ll give out prizes on Discord during the event. ...