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Latest Updates

Update 1.10.0

Update 1.10.0 Welcome to the Smoking Guns event! Mosey into Old West Monaco with a limited loadout and duke it out like the gunslingers and outlaws of the old silver screen! Is Monaco an Arena large enough for all of you? Only one way to find out. Check out the Steam Events post for all the details! ...

Update 1.9.0

Patch Notes 1.9.0 To all you lovebugs who helped destroy the Arena in honor of Valentine’s Day: thank you from the bottom of our hearts! The event has concluded but the good vibes are forever! This week’s store update will brighten your day! Check out the Neon Nightslinger kit! This week’s update includes:

  • Bug and Crash fixes[/*] [*]Security Upgrades and improvements [/*]

Update 1.8.0

Update 1.8.0 Love is in the Arena! Be Our Valentine! Join the Valentine’s Day event to unlock a series of precious rewards! Turn in contracts to earn all 6 unlockables. Don’t play alone — Share the love and invite your Seoul-mates to join your party! The Steal the Spotlight event has now concluded. Thanks to everyone who participated and filled out the contracts! ...

Update 1.7.0

YEEEEEAH, HERE WE GO! This week we are rolling out some changes to progression, with several adjustments to how XP is earned. These changes will help you tackle the Battlepass and Career Ranks! It’s time to scramble! Important to note: Default settings for VoIP have been reset for all players! The best offense is a good defense, and the best defense requires good communication. Check out the details of the changes below and make sure to change your settings if you prefer. ...

Hotfix 1.6.1

This hotfix will bring back the balance changes and the fix to crossplay matchmaking from Patch 1.5.5 that were accidentally lost in the Mid-Season Update 1.6.0. Sorry for the confusion, yolks! We’ve also made changes to fix the leaderboard and you might see a surprise when you start the game, so keep your eyes peeled.

Mid-Season Update 1.6.0

*Welcome to our Season 1 Event: STEAL THE SPOTLIGHT!* ** In this solo event, you enter the arena at night with a set build and loadout. Lights are out and cashout stations are guarded by turrets and tripwires, and the best path might just be the one you make yourself — so keep that RPG handy. Play STEAL THE SPOTLIGHT this week to unlock a dazzling cosmetic bundle, that will forever remind you of your time spent duking it out in the dark. ...