Starcraft II

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StarCraft II 4.8.6 Patch Notes


User Interface

  • Updated description for certain items on the Collection to properly display.

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StarCraft II 4.8.5 Patch Notes



  • Fixed an issue where a mission on Legacy of the Void Campaign or Nova Covert Ops Mission Packs could not be properly saved when the previous mission was saved and loaded.

Co-op Missions

  • The Dark Pylon Recall now properly works with Vorazun’s units, as well as allied units.


  • Fixed an issue where a certain location could be blocked off by only two Pylons on New Repugnancy LE.

User Interface


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StarCraft II 4.8.4 Patch Notes


  • Swann: Machined Bundle is going to be available as a part of Twitch Prime offer starting April 11. Stay tuned for more details.   - Swann Co-op Commander   - Swann Announcer   - “Live Now” Terran Banner   - “Live Now” Spray and Emoticon Pack
  • A new Mr. Sheng Announcer is now available. ...

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StarCraft II Balance Update – March 25, 2019

We’re releasing a balance update for Versus that affects Forge and Cybernetics Core upgrade times, and Nydus Worms. The following changes are now live, including bug fixes.


  • The Testing tab is now disabled.


  • Forge/Cybernetics Core   - Level 1 upgrade times increased by 15 seconds.   - Level 2 upgrade times increased by 18 seconds.   - Level 3 upgrade times increased by 22 seconds.


  • Nydus Worm ...

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StarCraft II 4.8.3 Patch Notes


  • Abathur: Evolved Bundle is going to be available as a part of Twitch Prime offer starting later this month. Stay tuned for more details.   - Abathur Co-op Commander   - Abathur Announcer   - “Live Now” portrait pack   - “Live Now” portrait for Abathur   - “Live Now” portrait for Swann   - “Live Now” portrait for Vorazun   - “Live Now” Zerg Banner   - Evolved Zerg Console Skin
  • A new Lowko Announcer is now available. ...

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StarCraft II 4.8.2 Patch Notes


  • The first season of 2019 has officially begun!
  • A new Trophy Top has been added for those that win Tournaments in the new season.
  • New features have been added to the WCS GameHeart Extension Mod.   - The mod will now automatically prevent skins from being displayed for players.   - Skins will be visible to Observers.



  • Cyclone   - Mag-field Accelerator research time increased from 79 seconds to 100 seconds. ...