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Latest Updates


### Release Notes 2023.1.14f1 Release Notes Improvements

  • Editor: Moving files in the Project window now takes less memory and is faster. [UUM-44466] ...


### Release Notes 2022.3.10f1 Release Notes Features

  • Shadergraph: The Shader Graph team has added a new sample content pack that can be installed via the Package Manager. The samples contain descriptions, examples, and break-downs for a majority of the nodes in Shader Graph - helping users understand the inner workings of the nodes and see examples of how they work and how they can be used. Improvements



### Release Notes 2023.1.13f1 Release Notes API Changes

  • Particles: Added: Added new custom vertex streams: particle index, mesh axis of rotation, and color packed as 2 floats. Changes

  • Editor: Accessing Transform data from 'OnDestroy' during an Undo operation is no longer allowed and an error message is logged. [UUM-31100] -...


### Release Notes 2023.1.12f1 Release Notes Features

  • XR: Unity's integrated support for tone-mapping and outputting to HDR Displays in URP, HDRP and the built-in render pipeline has been extended to allow support for XR devices that have a HDR display. Fixes

  • Editor: Fixed "Can not play a disabled audio source" warning when audio mute is toggled in scene view on with disabled Audio Source in the Scene. [UUM-31541] -...


### Release Notes 2022.3.9f1 Release Notes Improvements

  • Mono: Added logging that will now list the threads that are being waited on during a domain reload.

  • Scripting: Reduced noise in logs by setting logging level to 'Debug' in AssemblyUpdater when collecting ApiUpdater configurations. [UUM-45511] Changes

  • Input System: Updated Input System package to 1.7.0. Fixes



### Release Notes 2023.1.11f1 Release Notes Improvements

  • Burst: Add support for Math.Clamp (this API is available when Api Compatibility Level is set to .NET Standard 2.1).
  • Burst: Added ability to support hashing against different target frameworks.
  • Burst: Added support for default interface methods.
  • Burst: Added support for string interpolation in exception messages. ...