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Latest Updates

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SCUM - Hotfix 0.5.7.xxxxxx

Happy Friday everyone, we are coming at you swift with the hotfix. Happy SCUM weekend and check it out!

Also if you haven't already seen we are currently participating in the Steam Open world sale, so you can cop SCUM for 40% off! Go get it for your neighbor!

  • Fixed the bug where the player could sometimes get stuck after exiting photo mode.
  • Fixed the bug where the music player would sometimes show wrong song name.
  • Fixed the bug where some cooked food could not be consumed. ...

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SCUM - Patch & Supporter pack #2

Hello everyone, long time no see! We have another update for you and a special announcement! We also focused on a lot of long awaited issues and server optimizations so make sure you check out the bug fixes column as well! So kick back, relax and enjoy!

To start off we have a new weapon making an appearance on the island! The Vintóvka Snáyperskaya Spetsiálnaya or VSS "Vintorez" is the big older brother of the AS Val. Chambered in the same 9x39 caliber round the VSS is a more stable and accurate...

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SCUM - Patch

Hello again everyone, we got another update for you.

A small content update with a couple of bugfixes are ready so here you go:

First off lets get medieval on that ass. Introducing a couple of new items for that castle hermit roleplay.

First off we have a new helmet, inspired by that one guy. Forgot his name tho. Anyway here it is!

Use it well to either help dames in distress or burn someone's village. Find you a man who can do both.

Next up we have a new sword:


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SCUM - Hotfix

Hello hello, we have another small fix for you. 2 changes incoming.

  • Potential fix for the connection lost issue.

  • Added and fixed a new video setting Texture memory.

Texture memory is a bit important so listen up:

This determines how much memory your graphics card has to load in textures in higher quality so set it up accordingly.

  • Low 1 GB
  • Medium 2 GB
  • High 3 GB
  • Epic 4 GB


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SCUM - Hotfix 0.5.2. xxxxx & SALE!

We are back and we bring more fixes for you all. That's right, we got so many hotfixes that someone will need to call the fire brigade.

  • Fixed the bug where birds would sink boats when landing on them.
  • Fixed the bug where scopes would sometimes glitch out.
  • Fixed the bug where Brick factory walls had no collision.
  • Fixed the bug where animals could spawn inside flag area.
  • Fixed the bug where BB wall building would give more walls than it should ...

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SCUM - Hotfix

You know the drill here it is:

  • Fixed the bug where rivers would glow.
  • Multiple level fixes.
  • Fixed the bug where weapon holster could store other items.
  • Fixed the bug where player could not select D4 as respawn sector.
  • Fixed the bug where it would wrongly calculate ingredients need to build walls.
  • Fixed shotgun shells clipping through barrel on M1887.
  • Fixed the bug where relogging while in water would cause client crashes. ...