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Latest Updates

SCUM - Hotfix 0.7.511.54633

Hey hey everyone, it is time for Freaky Friday! Celebrate your Halloween weekend with the latest hotfix.

  • Fixed the bug where it was able to use the context menu for items that were already removed from hands.
  • Fixed the bug where it was possible to craft .44 and .38 bullets with basic engineering.
  • Fixed the bug where you would get stuck in animation loop when crafting .44 or .338 bullets.
  • Fixed the bug where the #listflag command would crash the game if there were no flags placed. ...

SCUM - Hotfix 0.7.503.54133

Welp here we are again. A small hotfix will be deployed to fix the SP crash and a couple of small things.

  • Fixed the bug where Loading Singleplayer saves would load them incorrectly.
  • Fixed the bug where you could not reverse with a bicycle.
  • Fixed the issue where the custom music path for the music player was not set correctly.
  • Fixed the audio issue where vehicle noises would not adjust volume based on the distance of the vehicle.

SCUM - Hotfix 0.7.502.54133

Hey everyone, we are back. We have a hotfix ready for you all to tackle some of the most important issues you might be experiencing. So check it out!

  • Fixed the bug where shadow from prisoner head would not cast when in FPP.
  • Fixed the bug where several hair preview colors inside the face modification UI would show up wrong.
  • Fixed the bug where 12 gauge suppressor had wrong rotation.
  • Fixed the bug where body simulation panel would sometimes show age 0. ...

SCUM - Hotfix 0.7.501.53503

You already know we have to roll the hotfix out quick. Check it out!

  • Fixed the bug where Danny Trejo lost his hair after a session of plastic surgery.
  • Fixed the bug where wearing a sweater and a raincoat on a female character would make characters torso disappear.
  • Fixed the bug where small animals would not react to players.
  • Fixed the bug where Metallic MK500 knife would not appear correctly.
  • Fixed the bug where the players head shadow would disappear when in first person. ...

SCUM - Patch 0.7.500.53341

Hey everyone, we are back and get ready for the big one! The female update is now live!!!!!

Also a note, due to huge changes in this update we were forced to do a partial wipe. You will keep your characters and their states everything else unfortunately went to Chutulu.


SCUM - Hotfix 0.7.162.

We are deploying a fix for the Z3 sector. Make sure you update your game. If your character is still stuck under the texture contact Cheeseking #4090 on discord to get you out.