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SCUM - Hotfix Update

Hello everyone, me again!

I would like to apologize for the issues that happened on the 13th of November with the hotfix of the same build number.

  • Possible fix for the disconnect occurring due to big number of base building elements being destroyed by decay at the same time.

If you encounter any more bugs or issues, please report them in the bug reports section of our steam forums.


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SCUM - Hotfix

Hello everyone!  
Sorry for the issues that arose with the latest hotfix, so you can call this a hotfix of a hotfix... Hotfixception?  
Yea, yea... I know... stupid joke, but I have to keep up with Beda. Lets get into the bug fixes!

  • Possible fix for lock and door related issues.

  • Fixed a bug where prisoner gets stuck in scoping state if binoculars decay while he/she is still scoping

  • Fixed bug with M1 clip not showing proper icon when placed in chest

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SCUM - Hotfix

Hey guys, here we are with a new hotfix to resolve some of issues that plague you guys!

  • Fixed client performance drop introduced in the last patch.

  • Minor client performance improvements.

  • Fixed wall blueprints sometimes being un-finishable (red) after already placed.

  • Fixed base door blueprints being un-finishable (red) after relog.

  • Fixed bug with compound bow tuning not working in multiplayer.

  • Fixed a bug where one was unable to interact with ramsons or see ramsons in vicinity

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SCUM - Hotfix & Base building contest


It was a pretty big patch, so this was kinda expected. But let's dive into it right away!

Before we go into the bugfixes, I owe an apology to Rale, our sound guy. I forgot to include the whole audio part that we added in the last patch on Friday. Beers on me!

  • Sound occlusion is re-enabled, so solid objects between listener and emitter will dim sounds.

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SCUM - Patch notes

The weekend is here, so we have a patch for you guys. But before we get into the patch notes. Here is a poll that concerns wiping the servers!

Due to recent feedback from the community we have decided to make a poll in order to ask everyone if they would like a wipe. We have fixed all known duplication methods so raiding bases with duped grenades shouldn't be possible after this patch. So vote here if you want, or don't want a wipe


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SCUM - Hotfix

Few changes regarding the drone:

  • Admin drone doesn't have any collision while flying in silent mode. This prevents any random collision with players when teleporting to them.

  • You can now fly through objects (buildings, trees, terrain etc..) with the admin drone.

  • We reworked the admin drone teleports to a player. You should be able to teleport to all players now, not just the ones in 1km radius.

  • Drone visit times have been cut in half. They will visit you less often now.