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Latest Updates

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SCUM - Hotfix

You know the drill here it is:

  • Fixed the bug where rivers would glow.
  • Multiple level fixes.
  • Fixed the bug where weapon holster could store other items.
  • Fixed the bug where player could not select D4 as respawn sector.
  • Fixed the bug where it would wrongly calculate ingredients need to build walls.
  • Fixed shotgun shells clipping through barrel on M1887.
  • Fixed the bug where relogging while in water would cause client crashes. ...

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Hello everyone! The wait is over! Stretch out your sea legs because 0.5 has finally arrived! It has been a wild ride but we are finally here with the update, but you waited long enough so let's just get into the good stuff.

Don't forget to check out the trailer as well:...

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SCUM - Hotfix v2

Hey everyone, welcome back to another hotfix, we heard some of you are experiencing crashes so we got you covered.

  • Fixed the crash related to character creation.
  • Fixed the crash related to placing down blueprints.

We would also like to inform you that this will be the last update before 0.5. We are going all hands on deck from now on until we have it in release state, so we can bring it to you in best state possible. When this will be we cannot say for certain yet, but you have been informed.


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SCUM - Hotfix

Hello once again! You know the drill here comes the hotfix!

  • Fixed the server crash bug.

  • Fixed the bug where stored items on searched body would drop on the ground.

  • Fixed the mine ownership bug.

  • You can now wear earmuffs and helmets at the same time.

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SCUM - Patch

Hey hey, people. Time for another regular update! Not 0.5 yet but an important step towards it. Find out more below!

With this update we have transitioned from 4.25 to 4.26.

Now what does this mean? Well a lot of things in the future and a major step towards 0.5. One might say the biggest step. It allows us much needed support for the features planned for 0.5. The transition tho might not be as easy as we see it or is expected. Or better yet some issues and problems are expected right now but better...

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SCUM - Hotfix

There it is folks, hotfix for yall just in time for the weekend. Check it out!

  • Fixed camera exposure bug at night
  • Fixed sometimes not being able to place BB wells
  • Fixed being able to build watchtowers on top of cabins
  • Fixed not being able to place cabins under existing flags
  • Fixed issue where you could build under enemy flags
  • Fixed the bug where some cargo lockers were lockpick proof.
  • Fixed the bug where charging the smartphone battery would not work properly. ...