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SCUM - Hotfix

It's us again, coming back again with a small hotfix. We heard your feedback so we have reverted to a version of the old inventory system.

All items have the same sized icons as before, but with the inventory split as it was in the 0.3 update. Also rotation stays as well!

Your characters and base building elements are where they were before, and you have been given the starter prisoner clothes. All chests, cars and anything that can contain items have been wiped.


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SCUM - Hotfix

Hello everyone, here is a hotfix for some issues that are occurring in the game, and a little extra. Check it out bellow!

We reworked the night vision goggles, the contrast before was too much and you could spot players on much bigger distances than you should.

  • Level up notifications no longer loop.

  • Fixed the bug where you could put 2 flashlights on the AK47.

  • Weapon attachment flashlight can no longer be turned on while weapon is in holster.

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SCUM - Patch notes

Hey guys, before our big 0.3 patch coming next month, we wanted to give you a small tease of what's to come, so check out some brand new things in SCUM!

Female puppets are here!

Because you need to see what you're shooting at. And with the darker nights we thought that would be a nice addition to the game!

For the improvised flashlight you need to have:  

  • Duct tape (15 uses)

  • Deagle flashlight


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SCUM - Hotfix Update

Hello everyone, me again!

I would like to apologize for the issues that happened on the 13th of November with the hotfix of the same build number.

  • Possible fix for the disconnect occurring due to big number of base building elements being destroyed by decay at the same time.

If you encounter any more bugs or issues, please report them in the bug reports section of our steam forums.


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SCUM - Hotfix

Hello everyone!  
Sorry for the issues that arose with the latest hotfix, so you can call this a hotfix of a hotfix... Hotfixception?  
Yea, yea... I know... stupid joke, but I have to keep up with Beda. Lets get into the bug fixes!

  • Possible fix for lock and door related issues.

  • Fixed a bug where prisoner gets stuck in scoping state if binoculars decay while he/she is still scoping

  • Fixed bug with M1 clip not showing proper icon when placed in chest

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SCUM - Hotfix

Hey guys, here we are with a new hotfix to resolve some of issues that plague you guys!

  • Fixed client performance drop introduced in the last patch.

  • Minor client performance improvements.

  • Fixed wall blueprints sometimes being un-finishable (red) after already placed.

  • Fixed base door blueprints being un-finishable (red) after relog.

  • Fixed bug with compound bow tuning not working in multiplayer.

  • Fixed a bug where one was unable to interact with ramsons or see ramsons in vicinity