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Latest Updates

SCUM - Hotfix

Can't say that we don't work fast. Hotfix v2 is up and running!

Also we have heard your concerns about the dial lock and fatigue gain, and have made some adjustments to balance it out. We will continue to monitor the situation and make adjustments according to your feedback so keep it rolling.

  • Fixed the issue where wet bedrolls weight would be too high.
  • Fixed the issue where dial lock combination would randomize when placed on some slots. ...

SCUM - Patch

Hello everyone, happy Wednesday! You've been patient so let's get to the update!

First of all we have a return of another vehicle, bicycles are back. Both the city bike and the mountain bike.

Adjusted to the modular vehicles model, the bicycles work similarly to motorbikes with an obvious difference. The bicycle engine is you. So get ready, stretch those hamstrings, and pedal away. But don't think you will just be able to go on forever, for another feature was born. A sneaky one.


SCUM - Hotfix

Hey hey everyone, middle of the week a perfect time for a hotfix!

  • Fixed the bug where you would not get foot abrasions when wearing destroyed footwear.

  • Fixed the bug where you would not get hand abrasions when wearing destroyed gloves.

  • Fixed the bug where it was possible to climb on bike riders.

  • Fixed the issue related with car jacks that caused crashes.

  • Possible fix for an issue that caused connection lost on slower network connections.

  • Hand abrasion gain lowered by 25%.

SCUM - Hotfix

The already obligatory hotfix for the latest patch is here. Check it out!

  • Fixed the issue where hand abrasions started at C2 level instead of C1.

  • Fixed the issue where the quiver would render on the back when player is mounted on vehicle.

  • Fixed the bug where abrasions would not be healed when using Phoenix tears.

  • Fixed the issue that caused a server crash relating drones.

  • Hand abrasion gain time slowed down 10x for rowing boats/ pushing wheelbarrows. ...

SCUM - Patch

And after a Dev update, a game update. Something new, something thematic and something making a return. Check it out!

To start off let's have a look at the number one request. Another vehicle. The dirtbike is now set and ready to return to the island! Now with modular capabilities.

We won't be getting into the details of the dirtbike as you already saw them when first introduced so let's just go through what's new. Naturally as they are modular you will need to find parts before you can get them...

SCUM - Hotfix

Hey everyone. You know what Tuesday and Thursday have in common? They both start with a letter T and have hotfixes in them. Check it out!

  • Fixed the bug where the M1 Garand would take all magazines as M1 clips.

  • Fixed the issue where vehicles could cause a fatal error.

  • Fixed the bug where Chinese lantern and chandelier could not be built on brick and cement BB elements.

  • Improved enter and exit checks for vehicles. ...