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Latest Updates

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Hotfix Update [Nov 09, 2018]

Hello everyone, we have a small hotfix update for you this week where we squash bugs add some QOL changes, and other goodies!

Bug fixes

  • Bug fix where penis would get bigger with each login.
  • Fixed bug on Hunter 85 where player would lift his torso while chambering new rounds.
  • Fixed ear position on a prisoner head.
  • Fixed a bug where some deluxe features where not available on first join. (Black shirt)
  • Fixed bug where melee weapon stops working until unequipped ...

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Wild Hunter [Nov 02, 2018]

Here it is bois and girls. The SCUM Wild Hunter update - before we get into the details here is an eloquent description of the patch:

SCUM's Wild Hunter update introduces an intense series of new features catering to the prisoners' most primal urges. The update is highlighted with the introduction of basic bow and arrow skills for both hunting wild game and combat against puppets and other prisoners. Prisoners can put these new skills to use by tracking and striking new boars and goats roaming the...

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Hotfix Update [Oct 20, 2018]

Hello everyone, we are deploying a hotfix that will include:

  • Fixed lag spike issues from yesterdays update
  • Anti-cheat improvement
  • Client performance improvements
  • Ping lock increased to 500 on offical servers

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Patch Notes [Oct 19, 2018]

Hello, prisoners! The new SCUM patch is rolling out soon. Here are the new patch notes for this week!

In case you get a problem of connecting to a server, please keep in mind from the moment of the patch deployment that the servers can take up to 60 minutes to update!

Let's start with some of the important ones.

Ping Lock

  • So we added into this patch the first version of ping lock that is set on 225, so if you join a server and you have higher ping than 225 it will kick you from it.


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Patch Notes [Sept 28, 2018]

Hello prisoners! New SCUM patch is rolling out soon. Here are the new patchnotes for this week!   In case you get a problem of connecting to a server please keep in mind from the moment of patch deployment servers can take up to 60 minutes to updated!

Important update from the developers! - Hello guys, in this patch you will notice a bit less of bug fixes, optimizations etc.. We are starting to allocate people to work on the features you voted you want the most. That includes vehicles, fortifications,...

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Hotfix patch [Sept 20, 2018]

Hello prisoners!   We will deploy a small hotfix patch for the DEagle magazines (and some small other fixes). Hotfix going live in 5 min!  

  • Fixed the bug where DEagle magazine was not spawning.
  • DEagle animations and montages update
  • DEagle animations and montages fine tuning
  • Fixed a bug where items would disappear after relogging in Single Player. (More on Multiplayer down bellow)
  • Removed Santa Claus clothes from spawning. (Sorry guys need to wait about 95 days for this one!) ...
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