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SCUM - Another hotfix & SCUM Comic #17

Greetings everyone and Happy Friday. Our Hotfix gun is not empty yet so here we go firing another one:

  • Fixed a bug where bases would randomly disappear.
  • Potential fix for a bug where a player wouldn't be able to connect to the servers.
  • Tweaked the HP and damage model on some base building elements.
  • Fixed floating foliage on castle.
  • Fixed a bug on interaction with bushes.
  • Potential fix for server crashes.
  • Removed the ability to build blueprints inside enemy Flag zones.


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SCUM - Hotfix for a hotfix & SCUM Comic #16

Yes, we all know what we did yesterday, and we're very sorry, so here we are trying to fix the issues. :)

Regarding yesterday's chaos, the patch that we deployed had issues with the base build system and in return it caused corrupted databases, so we had to revert to the older game version. This hotfix contains everything from the last one, plus some extras we added, and the fix for the issue that caused the problem. If you notice that items/base build elements/vehicles are gone, we are also sorry...

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SCUM - Hotfix update

PSA: Hey guys just a quick update. We have to revert the patch due a technical problem. As soon as we have any news we will let you know! Sorry for the incovinience, much Love SCUM team.

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SCUM - Hotfix

What do we have here, another hotfix because why not. Let's get into it!

We added more base building elements, the first batch will be various furniture options for a cozier home.

  • Fixed the bug where some base building ingredients would have no fill sound.
  • Fixed the bugs that caused vehicles to drop in the ground and other irregular behaviour.
  • Fixed the bug where you couldn't loot bodies underwater. ...

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SCUM - Hotfix


How many of these can we push out, I really don't know anymore.

But here we are again with some fixes for you guys!

  • Fixed the bug where you can throw items while in a vehicle
  • Fixed flag recipes (all flag recipes spawned the same flag).
  • Fixed minor problem with female and male idle animations.
  • Crash is history Not sure what this one wants to say, but it's lying
  • Fixed the bug with overlapping base flag areas. Flag areas can't overlap anymore. ...

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SCUM - Hotfix & SCUM Comic #15


Here we are again, with another round of bug fixes, some optimizations and some more extras. So let's get into it!

  • Fixed most of the exploits for duplicating items in singleplayer and multiplayer. Which also caused crashes to happen.
  • Fixed female skeletal body parts and bra.
  • Fix for lead plate usage for crafting advanced fortifications.
  • Fixed area damage (grenades, car explosions) not working on base elements. ...