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SCUM - Patch notes

Hey guys, before we go into the patch notes just a little message from Gamepires.

Croatia's capital Zagreb was hit by the strongest earthquake in the last 140 years. We at Gamepires are fortunately all safe, but many people lost their homes and some of the ruined infrastructure is still being fixed. Our thoughts are with everyone who was affected by the earthquake.

Here are few pics how our office looks.

Now, what did we prepare for you this week? A lot of goodies!


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SCUM - Hotfix & Private server shoutout

Hotfix timeeeee, nothing big went wrong so no need for panic (we have that more than enough, don't we?). So for what was the hotfix needed, well the build number 21000 is pretty, also we kinda messed up the M1.

  • You could load ANY type of ammo (different cal. bullets, arrows, etc..) into the M1. Now you can't do that anymore.
  • Fixed not being able to stack base building blocks
  • Disabled blinking lights on armed traps
  • Disabled trap warnings
  • Birds should spawn normally now ...

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SCUM - Patch notes

Hello everyone, time to talk patch stuff!! Or maybe we should show you?

We made a little development video where we showed you some of the biggest things coming this patch, its a new thing for us so tell us what you think about it!

Also for those who missed it our first podcast is here!


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SCUM - Hotfix

Hey guys, we made a hotfix for yesterdays mess, so what did we do.

The patch was NOT reverted, so you keep all the features we added in it.

All icons were resized to be as close as possible to the sizes they were before, but with an exception where we still kept the proportions.

Here is an example of the old and new item size.

A hiking backpack has 10x20 size so you can see how it directly would look in the inventory.


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Recent patch issues.

Hey guys, here to let you know that we are aware of the issues that the latest patch caused.

We will try to get a hotfix out tomorrow if not possible we may revert the patch to the previous version. In the name of the whole team we deeply apologize, and please leave us as much feedback as possible on all the issues you have encountered.


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SCUM - Patch

Hello to you amazing people (even the people who eat pineapples with pizza). New week, new patch, new awesomeness, new bugs, new frustrations, we all know how it goes here.

So lets get into it!

We did some changes on items, inventory and icons.

  • Changed item rotating / scrolling behavior, holding CTRL while scrolling will now enable rotation, and not holding it will scroll through the inventory,
  • Items can now be directly transferred from vehicles / chests to vehicles / chests ...