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Hotfix me, daddy

Hey, everyone! It’s Father’s Day here in Croatia, so go hug your dad or your daddy, either will work!

We have a tiny little baby hotfix for you today:

  • We fixed the doors that couldn’t be opened (bathroom stalls, the coal mine elevator etc.) - if you run into any others please report them to us!
  • We fixed the client crash that was occurring due to a drone bug, so now everything should go back to normal.

Thanks for reading, talk to you soon!

Love, Baby J

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Patch Notes & SCUM comic #2

Hello everyone, here we are with a new hotfix for this week. Those damn doors are tricky! We've fixed most of the bigger bugs with them, but some edge cases may still appear, so thanks for bearing with us and, by all means, do report them if you see them!

Let's get into the notes!


We're adding two different bird species for you guys to practice your aim on. If you manage to take them down, you might get yourself a nice lunch!



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Patch Notes

Here we are again, new week, new patch, new awesome thingies on the horizon!

This week our biggest priority was to handle the issue with storing items into containers. So for now we disabled item storing in world containers (You can still safely store items in chests, your character and vehicle.) more about that you can read up here


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Patch notes

Let's start this off with a famous quote. "Another one!"

We bring you some more goodies that we had prepared for you! Also shoutout to everyone who reads these and plays our game, we love you and appreciate you <3.

Let's get into the nooootess!

Stone mine

  • A new beautiful location for you guys to explore and roam about. Check the pics bellow!

New wheels


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Patch Notes

Here we are with a new patch, more bug fixes, QoL changes and some extras!

So let's start with some new things that we added.

Server optimizations

  • So we looked into lag, as no one likes lag. And we did something awesome, items that repeated a lot on the island (doors etc..) we found a way how to lower servers awareness of those items, and we gained a massive boost, up to 5x faster. Down bellow you can check out how the whole process went. ...

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A Wild Hotfix Appeared!

Here we see Jimmy contemplating the meaning of death.

Hello everyone, here we are again with a new work in progress... no wait, wrong script...

Please stand by

Okay, so looks like it's a small patch we're dropping today, ain't that nice!   So it's a small patch with a few fixes and some optimizations that should improve your gameplay experience.