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Patch Notes

Hey, guys! We have just released a hotfix where we fixed some minor issues:

  • fixed the issue where the server crashes on squad respawn
  • players won't be offered the squad respawn option if no one is online


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Patch Notes [Dec 20, 2018]


Today we are introducing our first version of fortifications, BUT for the system to work as smooth as possible, WE'RE DOING A FULL WIPE. We don't like them either, but to make sure you get the best possible gameplay experience it just has to be done. All characters and items will be wiped. EVERYTHING. R.I.P. Our condolences, but let this Christmas song put you back in a good mood!


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Hotfix Patch [Dec 14, 2018]

Hello fellow scummunity! We are sorry that the hotfix came this late in the week, but bugs had to be squashed crashes had to be uncrashed. But no worries we added some extra lil things in this to make up for it!

The update will come later in the day!

  • Fixed cargo drops not being visible sometimes.
  • Improved cargo drop landing.
  • Fixed weapons disappearing when holstering them from a storage chest.
  • Location of your character should be now properly saved while in a vehicle. ...

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Hotfix Patch [Dec 08, 2018]

Our hotfix is live!

  • Chests and vehicles should be saved properly now.
  • Potential fix for server crashes regarding object network replication.
  • When crafting 9x39 bullets you should get 5 pieces now (nerfed from 20)
  • AS Val magazine added to item spawners.
  • Cal 5x45x39, Cal 7.92x39 and Cal 9x39 ammo boxes should spawn normally now
  • Player location will be saved normaly while in car.

Again we are sorry for the issues, and thank you for understanding.

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Hotfix Update!

Scummunity! We are aware of the issues that the patch has caused and we're working on them as we speak. A patch should be live today to fix those critical issues!

Thanks for the patience, love you <3

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Patch Notes [Dec 07, 2018]

WE ARE BACK and with all the info on our new patch and what goodies we prepared for you guys! Vehicles, Capture the flag event mode, new locations, new weapons and many more! Before jumping into it, let's address the wipe that will also happen.

As we announced on Monday, we will do a wipe of all chests including items in them, and fame points. We are working on a new item handling system that should help with client and server performance, and for that to work, a wipe is needed. Also, we are wiping...

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