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Latest Updates

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SCUM - Hotfix

Well, you know the drill after the patch. Here is the hotfix everyone:

  • Fixed the bug where big steak with potatoes was not consumable.
  • Fixed the bug where Fisherman trader NPC animations would not play out.
  • Fixed the bug where players would not despawn when gracefully logged out.
  • Fixed the bug where some sliding doors audio keeps looping.
  • Fixed the bug where airplane doors and door frames would get messed up after relog. ...

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SCUM- Patch

Hey hey people it's Monday and it's time for another Dev up... no wait it's patch day! Check out new stuff we have for you on the island!

Let's start with the loudest one. We have another plane ready to zoom across the sky and scout the seas. The new Seaplane is now available!

With the capability of landing and taking off from both sea and land, this is a perfect aircraft for those who desire to claim one of the uninhabited islands but still like to move around the map, or Indiana Jones roleplayers.


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SCUM - Hotfix

I'm running out of joke lines about how we always have a hotfix for a patch but nonetheless here we are:

  • Fixed the bug that caused crashes on puppet spawn.
  • Fixed the bug where arrows and bolts would spawn an incorrect amount.
  • Fixed the bug where car mechanic audio would not play.
  • Fixed the bug where player was able to remove the clip from M1 when the M1 was holstered.
  • Fixed the wrong base selling price for small fish hook. ...

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SCUM - Patch

Hey everyone, been a while but we are here with another patch. We have some new stuff and a lot of fixes, so lets get to it!

Let's start with the new trader NPC the good ol fisherman.

Now found around the outposts this good ol geezer will have some good nautical goodies to buy and sell.   Of course not only does he sell boats, rafts and the sort but you can also get fishing supplies and use them to sell fish. It's an honest peaceful life. And remember don't talk to the raven.


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SCUM - Hotfix

Hello everyone, long time no see. We have gathered here today to release another hotfix for you. With the release of this one we are still monitoring the situation and continuing to work out the issues, so keep the feedback rolling.

  • Potential fix for desync on vehicles.

  • Change of zone settings will now correctly log in admin logs.

  • Adjusted prices on traders.

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SCUM - Hotfix & New servers announcement

There ain't no rest for the wicked, and so we are dropping the hotfix to resolve the biggest issues you guys found! Also new servers, because you asked nicely.

  • Potential fix for startup crashes that sometimes occur.
  • Fixed the bug where you were not able to enter tractor passenger seats.
  • Fixed the bug where vehicle would sometimes fall through the floor on relog.
  • Fixed the bug where trader funds would not correctly fill up in Singleplayer. ...