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SCUM - Hotfix

Hello everyone! Yes we know that updates might not be on a weekly basis, but we have some hotfixes that should help to stabilise the game until we finish the super scary optimizations.

Into the bugs we go!!

  • Possible fix for door frames not destroying doors sometimes.
  • Fixed the bug with flare gun having infinite reload in some situations.
  • Fixed the bug where fireworks would disappear when trying to light it.
  • Fixed the bug where mugshots weren't centred. ...

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SCUM - Hotfix

Link to original

**Big thank you to everyone for the awesome birthday wishes it means a lot to us!

Now here is a hotfix for some of the issues from yesterdays patch!**

  • Fixed the bug where chests were not saved.
  • Fixed the bug with depth of field not working properly on weapons.
  • Fixed client crash while looking at base elements with a drone.
  • Fixed the bug where the wooden TV would disappear after relog. ...

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SCUM - Hotfix

Hello you awesome people, we have a small hotfix for you guys today fresh out of our croc pot[]

  • Fixed the bug where you could respawn on signs.
  • Fixed issue with not being able to destroy enemy flags.
  • Fixed an issue with the wall with the hole, where you could only put the platform on one side. ...

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SCUM - Patch

Who brought some cold ones?

Hello guys we brought for you a new basket of SCUM goodies in it. Let's gather around and see whats in!

  • We added a new base build element that gives you more room to scout around your base.

  • I have no idea why it's called like that, but I guess you can shoot at people from it.

  • A subtle way to express your emotions to your visitors. Announced or unannounced they can get a feeling what expects them! ...

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SCUM - Patch & SCUM Comic #19

Hello everyone and happy Friday!! We have a new hot & fresh patch for you. That's right a Patch, not another goddamn hotfix. Time to break everything!

Also I don't know if any of you kept count but we did.

This will be our 50th patch total!!!!.

Hoooooraaayyyyyyy!!!!!!!!! Free drinks for everyone!   We want to thank you all for supporting us downthis road and we look forward to see you all with future updates.

Well without further lollygagging lets get this show on a road:


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SCUM - Patch Notes & SCUM Comic #18

Is that a server wide admin announcement you see? You bet it is! Is it screenshotted with a view of Adriatic sea? Well, everyone is already there except us, so why not.

Today we have a real Quality of Life treat for you, so check out what's new in our latest update:

  • We all have to eat to survive and we all know that a static target is a dead one, so here is where our next QoL addition comes in.     **You are now able to move while eating or drinking in standing, crouching   ...