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Well here we are with another hotfix, with more fixes and optimizations!

Let's get to it:

  • Fixed the bug when pressing escape would break malfunctions UI.
  • Fixed the bug where interacting with fireworks would sometimes make player unable to interact with inventory.
  • Fixed the bug where players would glitch into each other on teleport.
  • Fixed the bug where it was not able to place items on certain surfaces such as tables.
  • Fixed the bug where radio in Quad was occluded. ...

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Thank you all for checking out yesterdays update and providing us feedback.

So let's get to fixing it:

PSA: We strongly recommend you delete the Saved folder that is located in SCUM Appdata.

It resolves a lot of issues some of you might be experiencing so we recommend it to everyone just in case. Make sure you verify your data through steam as well.

  • Fixed the bug where traps were not triggered by prisoners.
  • Fixed the animal movement in SP. ...

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SCUM - Hotfix

Quick fix, quick post, here's the news!

  • Fixed the bug where lighting fireworks with a lighter in inventory would crash the game

  • Adjusted Flare gun damage

  • Fixed the bug where failed lockpicking could get you into negative famepoints ( you can still loose them but it cant drop below 0)

  • Admins can now remove locks from vehicles by holding F on the vehicle instead of the inventory marker.

  • Improved ambient sounds in bunkers

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Patch notes -

Yeap, another patch! We got some things ready for you all so let's get to it! But first, as per usual, here is the new update video.

We know you like traps, so why not bring more traps? Yeah, we got traps for days!

Introducing 3 new non-lethal alarm trap systems:

  • Flare alarm trap
  • Firework alarm trap
  • Silent alarm trap

So how do they work?


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SCUM - Patch Notes & Nitrado servers

PATCH TIME! New features, new notes and a new video!

We are happy to announce that from today you are able to get your SCUM private servers from Nitrado! On our way to make SCUM available to everybody, the first step is to introduce more server providers and options to our players!


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SCUM - Hotfix

Hey guys, just a small hotfix to fix the missing localization and few other things!

  • Fixed missing localization
  • Fixed a bug where items could disappear when transferring them from chests to inventory in certain cases
  • Fixed traps sometimes getting triggered by cars when they shouldn't be
  • Fixed sentries idleing in A4 harbour.
  • Fixed the bug where knifes would be dropped to the floor, instead put back in boots inventory
  • Fixed sentry multiplying glitch ...