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Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

🪦 Discontinued

December 2, 2020

With the release of Call of Duty: Cold War and the lack of updates Black Ops 4 has been receiving, we've decided to sunset our Black Ops 4 support. Check out to subscribe to COD: Cold War updates.

Latest Updates

Dec. 17th Update: 2XP Infected: Final Stand in MP / Pick-a-Weapon Bribe Fix / Holiday Quad Feed Starts Friday

2XP Infected: Final Stand in Multiplayer ========================================

The undead have taken over this week’s 2XP Featured Playlist with Infected: Final Stand! If you haven’t played this Black Ops 4-exclusive twist on the classic party game, here’s a quick primer:

  • Teams alternate between survivors and zombies each round. ...

Dec. 10th Update: Unlimited Pick-a-Weapon Bribe / 2XP Sticks and Stones

Unlimited Pick-a-Weapon Bribe =============================

Ready to earn more Black Market weapons? Starting today, we’re removing the limit on the Pick-a-Weapon Bribe in Blackjack’s Shop for a limited time, so you can unlock as many weapons as you’d like for 50 Reserve Cases per Bribe, including the new MicroMG 9mm SMG and Eye of Apophis amulet weapon.


Nov. 26th Update: Blackout Playlist Updates / Hot & Heavy Blackout Moshpit / 2XP Chaos Domination / Thanksgiving Quad Feed Starts Tomorrow!

Blackout Update: Hot & Heavy Moshpit + Duos Return ==================================================

First up, Blackout news! After a few rounds of testing LTM moshpits and rotating playlists to keep wait times low across all regions, we’ve collected enough data to plan what’s next for Blackout. We’re happy to announce that we’re expanding the playlist selection on...

Nov. 19th Update: Quads Moshpit v2 in Blackout / 2XP Prop Hunt in MP / Missing Warpaints Restored

Quads Moshpit v2 in Blackout ============================

This week’s new Quads Moshpit v2 is now live in Blackout, featuring a mix of Hot Pursuit, Pandemic, Hardcore Quads, and Close Quarters Frenzy – and yes, it should be a true Moshpit this time around! After encountering an issue with last week’s Duos Moshpit that started most matches in Hardcore Duos, we believe...

Nov. 12th Update: Black Market Revamp Now Live / New Rewards + Zombies Gauntlet on Xbox One and PC / 2XP Stockpile / Duos Moshpit in Blackout + More

Black Market Revamp: Earn Weapons and Items in Blackjack’s Shop ===============================================================

We’re excited to roll out today’s new Black Market revamp that gives all Black Ops 4 players new direct paths to earning new weapons and rewards through gameplay. Here’s what you’ll see when you visit Blackjack’s Shop today:


Nov. 7th Update: Weekly 2XP Featured Playlist in MP / Blackout Quads Restored / Zombies Improvements / PC 1.25 Update

Weekly 2XP Playlist in Multiplayer ==================================

Starting today, each week’s showcased Featured Playlist will offer 2XP in Multiplayer, so everyone can rank up twice as fast in Nuketown until Nov. 12th when Stockpile takes its place, and so on. We’ll have something new to play for 2XP every Tuesday going forward, so check back regularly to see what’s...