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Feb. 28 Update: League Play Now Live on All Platforms / World League Hub Updates / Hot Pursuit Mode Arrives Tomorrow on Xbox One & PC

League Play Now Live on All Platforms =====================================

The World League Hub is now available on all platforms with today’s update on Xbox One and PC, bringing competitive ranked Multiplayer to Black Ops 4 with our all-new League Play event structure! Time to show us what you’re made of.

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Feb. 26 Update: Operation Grand Heist arrives on all platforms!

Operation Grand Heist Now Live on All Platforms ===============================================

With today’s updates on Xbox One and PC, Operation Grand Heist has now arrived on all platforms, delivering the initial wave of a full season of content across all modes! New content for Xbox One and PC includes:


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Feb. 25 Update: Curated PC Playlist Update Preview

Last week, we updated the PC playlist selection for healthier player populations and lower lobby wait times. We mentioned that playlists will continue to evolve over time, and with the help of some constructive community feedback, we’re planning the following playlist updates for tomorrow on PC:

Multiplayer ===========

  • Featured Playlist   - No changes.
  • New Core Playlists   - Deathmatch Moshpit       - Team Deathmatch       - Kill Confirmed ...

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Feb. 22 Update: Hot Pursuit in Blackout and Black Market Progression Updates on PS4

Hot Pursuit Rolls Out on PS4! =============================

Hot Pursuit is now live in Blackout on PS4, featuring the debut of three new vehicles: the SUV, PBR, and Muscle Car, each with their own special abilities.


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Feb. 21 Update: World League Hub & League Play Launch Today on PS4 / PC 1.13 Update Live / Additional Weapon Support in Zombies (PS4)

") League Play is Here! (PS4) ==========================

Your home for competitive Multiplayer in Black Ops 4 arrives today on PS4 with the debut of the World League Hub on PS4! World League is now the new fourth pillar of the game, which you’ll see between Multiplayer and Blackout on the main menu. Now that you’ve had time to test out your competitive loadouts in the Pro Series Playlist...

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Feb. 20 Update: Operation Grand Heist Continues / Maddox Recoil Tuning / The Replacer is Back!

Operation Grand Heist Continues ===============================

Yesterday’s launch of our new Operation is just the beginning. We’ve made some fixes and improvements behind the scenes today, and there’s more to celebrate this week in all three modes, including the launch of League Play with the World League Hub tomorrow! Here’s the schedule: