Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

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July 16th Update: Operation Apocalypse Z Now on All Platforms / Lights Breaks In and Reaper Deploys in Blackout / Zombies Improvements + More

Operation Apocalypse Z Now Live on All Platforms ================================================

Our latest Operation is now live on all platforms, with today’s update delivering new content and features to Multiplayer, Blackout, and Zombies on Xbox One and PC, including:

  • Multiplayer ...

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July 10th Maintenance Update: Stability Improvements + Fixes in Blackout, “Alpha Omega”, Bolt-Action Barebones, and More

Today’s maintenance update delivers new stability improvements and bug fixes in Blackout, Zombies, MP’s Bolt-Action Barebones playlist, World League Hub, and the Black Market on PS4.


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July 9th Update: Operation Apocalypse Z Now Live on PS4!

The Undead Takeover Begins on PS4 =================================

Operation Apocalypse Z kicks off today on PS4, delivering new Zombies-inspired content to all modes with Reaper’s Black Ops 4 Multiplayer debut, three Black Ops Pass MP maps, the latest Aether story Zombies experience, multiple Blackout map updates, new weapons, new modes, and...

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July 2nd Update: Operation Apocalypse Z Begins July 9th / “Fourth of July” Special Event + Ultra Weapon Bribe / Bolt-Action Barebones and Hardcore Blackout Return + More

Operation Apocalypse Z Starts July 9th on PS4 =============================================

The zombie apocalypse arrives one week from today on PS4 as the undead take over Multiplayer, Zombies, and Blackout in Operation Apocalypse Z! We’ll have more intel and surprises to share as we count down to launch, along with more of what’s in store...

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June 28th Update: “Alpha Omega” Story Trailer / “Fourth of July” Event Starts Tuesday / PC 1.18 Update / Grav Assault Rifle on All Platforms Today

The Aether Story Continues in Zombies on July 9th =================================================

The next chapter in the Black Ops 4 Zombies saga launches alongside our fifth Operation with “Alpha Omega” starting July 9th on PS4. Watch the new story trailer and get ready to rejoin Nikolai, Richtofen, Dempsey, and Takeo as the Aether...

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1.18 Update, New Quickplay Playlists, and Vendetta Tuning for PC

1.18 Update Our 1.18 update is now live on PC, including Contracts in all modes, Hacienda Twilight in MP rotation, Medals and Humiliations in Blackout, additional Prop Hunt and Capture the Flag maps, weapon tuning updates, a fix for MKII Weapon progression, and more. Check out the patch notes below for the details.

Quickplay Playlists To help reduce wait times on PC, we’ve also added the new Quickplay playlist to Multiplayer and Blackout. This playlist will place players into any lobby that is closest to being full, so you’ll be able to jump into a new match as quickly as possible.