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May 24th Update: Quad Feed + Nuketown Playlist Now Live / Bolt Action Barebones + Close Quarters Frenzy on Tuesday / Days of Summer Arrives June 4th!

Quad Feed + Nuketown Playlist Now Live ======================================

We’re kicking off the long holiday weekend with our Memorial Day Weekend Quad Feed through 10AM PT Tuesday, featuring:

  • 2XP in Multiplayer, League Play, and Zombies
  • 2X Weapon XP in Multiplayer, League Play, and Zombies
  • 2X Nebulium Plasma in Zombies ...

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May 21st Update: New Rewards for Black Ops Pass Holders / Hot Pursuit Returns to Blackout / Featured Playlist Updates + Improvements

Party Up With Black Ops Pass + New Rewards for Pass Holders ===========================================================

Today, we’re excited to announce new rewards for Black Ops Pass owners (and their friends) as we prepare to kick off the second half of Operation Spectre Rising in early June, which will deliver new ways for all Black Ops 4 players to earn in-game rewards.


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May 14th Update: Ambush Returns to Blackout / Barebones Deathmatch Moshpit Launches May 17

Ambush Returns, Hot Pursuit to Follow =====================================

Now live this week on PS4, Xbox One, and PC: Ambush is back in Blackout! Get up close and personal to surprise your enemies, or pick them off from a distance before they even know you’re there. The rules have been updated in this new-and-improved version:


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May 10th Update: Prop Hunt Live on All Platforms / Ambush Returns to Blackout Later This Month

Prop Hunt Now Live on All Platforms ===================================

With today’s launch of Prop Hunt on Xbox One and PC, everyone’s favorite hide-and-seek mode is now live in the Featured category on all platforms. We’ve made some updates to Prop Hunt today, including new rotating loadouts for Hunters, improvements to Best Play at the end...

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May 7th Update: Operation Spectre Rising Launches on Xbox One and PC / 2XP in Featured Playlists / Alcatraz Returns to Blackout / Bounty Hunter Updates + More

Operation Spectre Rising now live on Xbox One and PC ====================================================

Operation Spectre Rising continues on PS4 and rolls out on Xbox One and PC today! In case you missed it, you can get the full overview of what’s new and incoming in our Operation Spectre Rising Blog,...

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May 2nd Update: PC 1.17 Update / Zombies Weapon Tuning / Bounty Hunter Improvements and More / Prop Hunt Arrives Tomorrow on PS4

PC 1.17 Update ==============

Our 1.17 update is now live on PC, featuring platform-specific weapon tuning across all modes, balance tuning for Specialists and Scorestreaks in MP, a host of improvements and fixes in Zombies, PC-specific updates to Blackout and the Emblem Editor & Paintshop, and much more.