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Patch Notes and Wolcen team status

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Hello everyone,

Before sharing the patch notes with you, we want to communicate about the present situation in France and what it means for Wolcen in the next few weeks and give you some news about our team. First of all: everyone is fine!


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Hello everyone,

We’ve just applied a small hotfix to resolve performance issues on servers. Please let us know if you still encounter latency issues, either on the official forums or on the #server-latency-report channel on Discord.


PatchBot BOT Patch Notes
  • Fixed an issue causing right clicks on items in the inventory to be resolved as left clicks.
    • Fixed an issue causing a UI glitch when selling a right-hand weapon directly from equipped inventory while dual-wielding weapons.
    • Fixed an immortality exploit happening when joining a game.
    • Fixed an issue causing loot to drop at one's feet when an ally player opened a chest (the issue persists on cursed chests for the moment). ...

PatchBot BOT Patch Notes

Hello everyone,

We're applying a small hotfix to resolve a few issues.

  • Bulwark of Dawn: "Sacred Grounds" now only tick 2 times per second instead of 3.

  • Winter's Grasp now doesn't gain Cooldown Reduction per level.

  • The Korean font has been improved for better readability.

Thank you for your support!

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Community translation: Deutsch - Français - Русский

Hello everyone,

We've worked on a lot of bug fixing this week but there is one we would like to talk about specifically before you read the patch notes.


PatchBot BOT Patch Notes
  • Fixed a crash at connection(Checking game version) if a player starts an endgame "transmutation forge" project.
    • Fixed an issue preventing players to click on "Play" in Multiplayer.
    • Fixed an issue allowing players to have more passive skill nodes activated than their total points would allow.
    • Fixed item duplication via chest panel issue (offline).
    • Fixed stackable items duplication.
    • Fixed invalid sell price on stacked items. ...