Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem

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Latest Updates

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Optimized how data were sorted to increase server stability.

  • Optimized the interactions between Plagueburst and the enemies dying in the area of effect when using the modifier “Foul Guardian”, which could sometimes cause crashes. We are still working closely on this issue.
  • Fixed an issue where Elder enemies would sometimes spawn out of bounds. ...

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Fixed an issue where the character would sometimes get stuck after using Aether Jump towards a Hauntstone.

  • Fixed an issue where the Aspect of Dawn skill “Hammer of Aurora” would have its animation and visual effects desynced.
  • Fixed an issue where some Summon’s death sound effects would not be played;
  • Implemented an optimization of the sound engine to slightly increase performances in combat situations. ...

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Fixed an issue soft locking the player when dying while the Bleeding Edge’s axe was still circling.

  • Fixed a lighting issue near the Entrance of the Incubation Chambers in Chapter 2
  • Fixed an issue where a barrel couldn’t be hit by any projectile in Chapter 1
  • Fixed an inconsistency in the wording for “Two-handed” weapons
  • Fixed an issue where some translations were missing in Chinese and Hungarian for several summons modifiers. ...

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Wolcen: Arise - Patch

Hello Everyone,

After Bloodstorm and Bloodstorm: Part II, Wolcen: Arise is the third content patch for Chronicle1: Bloodtrail.

This content patch brings:

  • The Summons Revamp,
  • New environments,
  • New skills’ damage type variations,
  • A New Cosmetic Armor,
  • Quality of Life improvements,
  • Bug fixing,

We worked on massive changes to how summons look, behave and feel.


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Hello everyone,

Here are the patch notes for Patch the last patch before Content Patch 3 and the summons revamp.

We have added some Quality of Life improvements to this bug fixing patch in preparation for Content patch 3 and the Summons improvements.

  • Health, Rage, and Willpower potions can now be used at any time without delay and without breaking an ongoing channeling skill.
  • Items sold by Havar and Mohabi now scale up to the maximum expedition level unlocked. ...

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Fixed an issue where the hunt trail would sometimes not be generated on the second floor of an expedition.

  • Fixed an issue where choosing the modifier “Anamnesis” during a Hunt would sometimes cause the trail to stop working.
  • Fixed an issue where projectile skills would sometimes deal no damage despite hitting the target. ...