The Cycle: Frontier

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Latest Updates

The Cycle: Frontier - Patch 2.1.0

Hey hey hey, Prospectors!

It is us once again, the Community Team! We are now having our first patch and regular update for Season 2 (keyword: regular), which is focused on taking care of some bugs and issues left and right. These will be in addition to the hotfixes we've had over the course of last week and aim to prevent further of these fixes to come up before next update.

So, since that's that, let's just jump right into it.


  • Perks are (mostly) back on the menu! ...

The Cycle: Frontier - Hotfix 2.0.3

As we had some issues that needed to be handled immediately the team put some hours into fixing those today and we can put out Hotfix 2.0.3 today. In case you are wondering why 2.0.3 we already had 2 updates in the last week that did not require a maintenance. 

The Cycle: Frontier - Season 2 - Patch 2.0.0

Over the course of Season 1 we have learned many things and squashed a lot of bugs. Players have made faithful allies, fearsome foes, and shared hilarious clips. They've been chased out of the jungle by Marauders and experienced epic adventures as they walked the soil of Fortuna III, all while hunting for fame and fortune with the Cycle looming over Fortuna III. ...

The Cycle: Frontier - Cataclysm Event - Patch 1.7.0

Season 1 is coming to an end and with that comes Cataclysm, an in-game event that will put Prospectors in the stormiest weather they’ve experienced yet. It is also an important time to remind you that Season 2 is starting next week, on September 28th, which means we will have a season wipe.

The Cycle: Frontier - Patch 1.6.0

Hey Prospectors,

We will release Patch 1.6.0 tomorrow, 24th of August!

The Cycle: Frontier - Patch 1.5.0

Hello Prospectors!

We have an update that will tackle a handful of issues directly affecting our players, while also making a fair amount of internal changes that shouldn't affect the players directly. This will also be the first iteration of Victim Compensation, a system that will refund players of items or loadouts that have been lost due to interactions with cheaters.