The Cycle: Frontier

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Latest Updates

The Cycle: Frontier - Patch 2.7.0

Hello Prospectors!  Welcome to our first patch of 2023. We have a lot of bug fixes for you and started our work on Patch 2.8.0. If you missed our communication around Season 3, take another look at this:

The Cycle: Frontier - Hotfix 2.6.1

We just pushed out a small hotfix to fix the mouse movement issue.

This Hotfix did not require a maintenance.

The Cycle: Frontier - Patch 2.6.0

With 2022 coming to an end, we want to thank all of you for being part of this wild ride and being a part of our community. Patch 2.6.0 is our last patch for 2022 and we are including a lot of changes and adjustments to fix and solve some of the bigger pain points.

The Cycle: Frontier - Patch 2.5.0

Hey hey hey Prospectors!

Patch 2.5.0 is right around the corner and of course comes with its very own patch notes for your reading pleasure.

The Cycle: Frontier - Patch 2.4.0

Our previous patches so far have prioritized weapon and gear balancing, but there is other feedback and additional reports from our players that need to be addressed as well. This patch will primarily focus on a mixed batch of changes and community pain points that we'd like to address sooner rather than later, along with a hefty list of bug fixes.

The Cycle: Frontier - Hotfix 2.3.1

We've just applied a quick hotfix to take care of a few critical map issues that could open the way to some nasty exploiting.