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The Cycle: Frontier - Patch 1.3.0

Heya there Prospectors!

We're preparing for Patch 1.3.0 coming up tomorrow. This one includes a few changes, a liiiitle bit of balancing and, more importantly, a ton of bug fixes that will make your experience all the sweeter.

Enjoy the read!


  • Refined our anti-cheat algorithm even further: more efficiency, less false positives.


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The Cycle: Frontier - Patch 1.2.0 - Season 1

Hello Prospectors,

It’s time to introduce you all to yet another patch, and an exciting one at that. That’s right, it’s time to kick off Season 1 of The Cycle: Frontier!

Fortuna Pass

Our Fortuna Pass works like any other battle pass you may have seen in other games. It will run for a whole season, and you will be able to unlock items for free in the pass.


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The Cycle: Frontier - Patch 1.1.0

Greetings Prospectors,    Community Team here, it is time for our first patch!   Thank you everyone for your patience and your great feedback. It is wonderful to see so many of you tread the soil of Fortuna III and be so active in our community. 

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The Cycle: Frontier - Pre Season Hotfix 1.0.2

Hey Prospectors,Hotfix 1.0.2 is coming today!