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🪦 Discontinued

January 10, 2024

Game is no longer being updated. See for more details.

Latest Updates

8.0.1 Changelog

The 8.0.1 hotfix is here! As mentioned in the 8.0.0 Patch Notes blog, we planned for one more bug-fix-focused hotfix after the September 15th update. Make sure to give it a read to learn why Splitgate is no longer receiving updates after today. The TL;DR: we’re fully focused on our next game, but servers are staying online indefinitely and we’ll fix major game-breaking issues if they come up.


Anyways, onto the changelog!


8.0.0 Release Patch Notes

Hi Splitfam! Even though this is the final major update to Splitgate, we still have a bunch of patch notes to share. If this is the first time you’ve heard about a final update, check out our recent letter and FAQ. Those two sources will tell you why Splitgate development is ending, why 1047 Games is focused on the next game, and some other questions you might have. If you’re already...

Read about what's inside the Beta Season 1 Update!

Beta Season 0 has been a long time coming, for both us at 1047 Games and for the Splitgate community! 5 months ago in August, we released Beta Season 0 with Karman Station, its Battle Pass, and a few other additions like the Contamination game mode. Since then we've released multiple mid-season updates, but nothing quite like today. First, watch the BS1 Official Trailer if you haven't seen it yet, and then we'll jump right into the patch notes!


- Map Creator V1 (Beta)


An Update Filled with Community Suggestions!

Many have patiently waited for our newest update, so we're proud to finally announce our newest update to Season 0! This time we've focused primarily on quality-of-life features and changes that were highly requested from the community. Without further ado, here are the Patch Notes:


- Karman Station Optimizations - Performance Improvements + Crash Fixes

- Karman Station returns to normal map rotation

Karman StationOnline

- Added ability to queue multiple ranked playlists ...