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The Dark Enchantress | 8.6 Update Notes

Update Release Schedule

May 26

  • Update Show – Morgan Le Fay

May 29

  • Update Show – Balance + Skins

June 1

  • 8.5 Bonus Update Live!

June 15

  • The Dark Enchantress Update Live!

June 29

  • 8.6 Bonus Update Live! – More details coming soon!

Quality of Life

  • General   - NEW Setting – Mute Copyrighted Music ...

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8.5 Bonus Update Notes - Live June 1



Enhanced Purple Buff

The enhanced Purple Buff provides a large damage increase above the rest of the enhanced options. We are decreasing the Attack Speed provided from the enhanced portion only to bring these enhanced effects closer to each other.

  • Decreased Attack Speed from the Enhanced portion 15% to 10% (25% to 20% total)

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8.4 Bonus Update Notes – Live May 4



Spear of Desolation

Mage itemization has been a large topic of discussion and we are buffing a set of less often used items in the main update. However, we had to take a look at one of the most popular and potent mage items: Spear of Desolation. The new feature that speeds up your Ultimate even more has been quite powerful, and can lead to a heavy snowball effect. We are tuning this down a little to even it out against other flat pen choices.


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Monstercat | 8.5 Update Notes

Update Release Schedule

May 4

  • 8.4 Bonus Update – Get all the details on Balance and new content here.

May 18

  • Monstercat Battle Pass
  • Azula Pele + return of Avatar skins
  • Talons of Tyranny
  • Antihero Chest
  • Athena Remodel
  • Persephone Rework

June 1

  • 8.5 Bonus Update – More info coming soon!

Battle Pass

Monstercat Battle Pass (700 Gems)


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King of Uruk | 8.4 Update Notes

Update Release Schedule

April 6

  • 8.3 Bonus Update

April 20

  • Gilgamesh
  • Talons of Tyranny
  • Groovy Chest

May 4

  • 8.4 Bonus Update – Coming Soon!

Quality of Life Updates

New Slash Mode

  • This map is planned to launch in Q4 2021.
  • This new map is being designed to feel like both the Siege Rework and the Clash Rework, but at the same time. We are aiming to create a mode that both Siege mains and Clash mains will enjoy playing. ...

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8.3 Bonus Update Notes – Live April 6

Bonus Balance (Live April 6!)



This god is zoomin’ across the battleground. A new, larger map means new opportunities for Janus’ crazy mobility. This god has skyrocketed in pick priority since his rework arrived with Season 8 Conquest. He is still struggling to make an impact on the win% charts, but we are applying a nerf here to specifically handle his frustration features. Janus should be a little easier to run down in the future.