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Latest Updates

10.5 Bonus Update Notes - Live May 30

Bonus Balance – Live May 30


  • General     - Year 10’s Multi-Season structure brings sweeping change at more regular intervals than we have ever seen before, and we are just about to reach our next Season in 10.6.

        - Because so much change is on the horizon, it might feel like a few things are missing from this bonus update. 10.6 will include sweeping item changes to decrease stat values game-wide, with heavier decreases on power, therefore buffing tanks. There...

VShojo | 10.5 Update Notes

New Crossover Event: VShojo

Welcome to the VShojo Event! This special event celebrates the amazing talents of the VShojo virtual Content Creators with a range of exclusive skins and bundles! There are 6 new VShojo-themed skins to collect, featuring your favorite virtual personalities with their unique styles. In addition to the skins, there are also 2 bundles available for direct purchase or to roll from the VShojo chest. If you collect all the items from the event, you’ll receive an exclusive...

10.4 Bonus Update Notes - Live May 2

Bonus Balance – Live May 2


Bug Fixes

  • Envenomed Death Bringer     - Increased Healing Reduction from 35% to 40%

Burst Damage Nerfs

Deathbringer (And Malicious Deathbringer)

  • Decreased Physical Power from 50 to 40

Envenomed Deathbringer

  • Decreased Physical Power from 50 to 40
  • Removed the slow on this passive

Demon Blade

  • Decreased Physical Power from 30 to 25
  • Decreased Attack Speed from 20% to 15% ...

The Light Weaver | 10.4 Update Notes

G.I. JOE Crossover Event

Welcome to the G.I. JOE event in SMITE! Get ready to join the iconic heroes and villains of the beloved franchise in an action-packed adventure like never before. During this special event, players will have the chance to acquire 6 unique skins inspired by classic G.I. JOE characters. In addition to the skins, there will be 2 cosmetic bundles available to roll from the G.I. JOE chest. If you manage to acquire all of the items from the event, you will unlock a special...

Season of Hope | 10.3 Update Notes

New Battle Pass: Duality

Battle Pass Changes

  • Increased Levels from 60 to 90
  • Battle Passes now last 11 to 14 weeks
  • This is not a prestige pass, just a bigger battle pass
  • Battle Pass levels are purchasable now instead of Battle Points
  • Battle Pass Quests must now be completed within the week they release     - Trying to reward more consistent play, as opposed to saving it all for the end
  • More Skins     - Paid track only ...

The Manticore King | 10.2 Update Notes

Magic: The Gathering Pt. 2

  • NEW SKINS     - Teferi Chronos     - Nicol Bolas Tiamat     - Vivien Reid Artemis     - The Wandering Emperor Mulan     - Nissa Revane Eset
  • NEW COSMETICS     - Phyrexian Bundle (MTG Chest)         - Phyrexian Pedestal         - Phyrexian Player Title         - Phyrexian Fountain Skin     - Spellslinger Bundle (MTG Chest)         - Black Lotus Ward Skin ...