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Season 8 Update Notes


Get all the Season 8 Gods and incredible content for each, all-year long, with the SMITE Season Pass 2021. Plus: You’ll immediately unlock the Limited Grand Magus Anubis skin, Grand Magus Loading Screen, and 1000 Gems!

  • Season Pass 2021 – $39.99 USD, Includes the following items:   - 1000 Gems   - Grand Magus Anubis Skin – Limited   - Grand Magus Loading Screen – Limited   - Tyrant Title ...

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The Legendary Tanuki | 7.12 Update Notes

Update Release Schedule

December 1

  • 7.11 3rd Content Drop   - Odyssey: Reckoning Content   - Winter Wonderland Chest

December 15

  • 7.12 Release   - Danzaburou Release + Recolors + Masteries   - SMITE Friends Event Content   - Righteous Paladin Chest   - Mystic Shaman Chest

December 29

  • 7.12 2nd Content Drop   - SMITE Friends Event Content   - Retrospace Chest   - Metal Demon Chest

January 12

  • 7.12 3rd Content Drop ...

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TMNT | 7.11 Update Notes

Update Release Schedule

October 20

  • 7.10 Bonus Update – Get all the details on Balance and new content here

November 3

  • TMNT Battle Pass
  • Radical Chest
  • Odyssey: Reckoning Content

November 17

  • Odyssey: Reckoning Content (the Odyssey skins after Valiant Huntress Artemis)
  • Digital Loot Pack

Battle Pass

Battle Pass: TMNT (750 Gems)   Battle Pass: TMNT Plus (1350 Gems)


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7.10 Bonus Update Notes - Live October 20

Notes on the SMITE World Championship

  • The End of Season 7 is rapidly approaching! This update you are reading now is the November Update, meaning there is only one more Update in December before the SMITE World Championship! As we approach Worlds we always slightly adjust our balance philosophy. We focus on high end competitive balance more and apply larger changes in November. Then we stay more careful and make only slight tweaks or bug fixes in December. In this update we will be making...

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The Trickster God | 7.10 Update Notes

Update Release Schedule

September 22

  • 7.9 Bonus Update – Get all the details on Balance and new content here.

October 6

  • 7.10 The Trickster God Update

October 20

  • 7.10 Bonus Update – More info coming soon!

Loki Rework


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7.9 Bonus Update Notes - Live September 22

Bonus Balance Live September 22



Am I going to have to change my hoodie with all these nerfs?! Amaterasu is continuing to outperform the rest of the solo lane field, especially in pro play. Amaterasu was always expertly designed as a god with strong late game team fight presence, but recently her early game has also been made better in a variety of ways. This has led to her being simply too dominant across the entire match. Her Auras provide a huge benefit to her team, and...