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Latest Updates

Season of Worlds | 10.12 Update Notes

Battle Pass: World Champions

  • Battle Pass: World Champions (800 Gems)
  • Battle Pass: Champions Plus (1500 Gems)
  • Paid Track Items:
      • Camelot’s King Maui  - Rainbow Warrior  - Worlds! Loading Frame  - Myflin Announcer Pack  - #1 Fan Title  - Goremiser Announcer Pack  - Shiny! Ward  - All I Do Is Win! Jump Stamp  - Pro Gaming Level Up  - Peach It! Global Emote  - Rainbow Warrior Avatar  - Trelli Announcer Pack  - SWC 2024 Jump Stamp ...

RuneScape Returns | 10.11 Update Notes

RuneScape Event Welcome to the Runescape Event! All former crossover RuneScape Skins will be in a RuneScape chest along with NEW RuneScape crossover skins and bundles! You are able to direct purchase the new skins or roll them from the chest! Any three RuneScape crossover event purchases will unlock the Black Plate Bellona Reward Skin! ###### Purchasable Event Items

  • RuneScape Pro Cosmetic Bundle (3 items)
  • General Graardor Ymir
  • Sandwich Lady Amaterasu
  • RuneScape Chest


10.10 Bonus Update Notes - Live October 10

Bonus Balance – Live October 10 Items Bountiful Bao After being the featured dish on the menu for the past few patches, it’s time to bring Bountiful Bao down a notch to allow the other recipes a chance to shine too!

  • Decreased Cooldown Reduction from 1.5s to 1s Compassion While we appreciate how much Supports are looking out for their allies, Compassion has become a clear outlier in its performance. While we think that Compassion’s effect is important to preserve, it has some room...

Protector of the Dead | 10.10 Update Notes

New God Here Festival of Spirits Event Welcome to the Festival of Spirits! This event has a Chest containing 5 Skins and a Cosmetic Bundle. Roll from the Chest or directly purchase the Skin from the store. Unlocking all items from the Festival of Spirits event will unlock the Unlimited Martichoras Skin! Don’t forget to check out the Festival of Spirits Flip Circle! Earn Spirit Flips by questing then select which Skull Stone to flip on the randomized board to unlock a surprise Festival...

10.9 Bonus Update Notes - Live September 12

Bonus Balance – Live September 12 Conquest

  • Verdant Spirit Totem
    • Decreased Max Health and Mana from 10% to 8% Gods The Season of Celebration brought some really SPICY changes to several gods and the team were ready to react as necessary. The shifts of strength have been noticeable but not drastic. The nerfs to several of the gods in this pass are to bring them more in line without drastically reducing their potential. ...

The Season of Celebration | 10.9 Update Notes

The Odyssey | Immortal Revelry Welcome to the Odyssey: Immortal Revelry The Season of Celebration arrives not only with a bang, but with a brand new Odyssey event! Every time you purchase an item from the Odyssey Event you will also gain progress towards the Ultimate Odyssey Skins chest. By purchasing 9 new Odyssey Skins and rolling the Odyssey Chest 9 times for a combined total of 18 purchases, you can unlock the Ultimate Odyssey Skins chest and choose from the new Medusa Dragonshifter T5...