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Dragon's Fortune | 5.9 PC Update Notes

Bug Fixes

All Platforms

  • Updated all mentions of Out-Of-Combat triggers to be specific about their timing. The following have all been updated:
    • Glossary Description
    • Game Pause Message
    • Guan Yu Passive (Painless)
    • Awilix Passive (Initiative)
    • Khepri Passive (Fortitude)
    • Bellona’s Shield Bash
    • Bellona’s Scourge
    • Bellona’s Bludgeon
    • Blink Rune
    • Upgraded Blink Rune
    • Rod of Asclepius
    • Rod of Healing ...

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Lord of Darkness | 5.8 PC Update Notes

Divine Uprising


New FREE Gods

  • These Gods will be unlocked for all players starting in Update 5.8.
    • Kukulkan
    • Nemesis
    • Bellona
    • Ares
    • Artemis

Tutorial Update

  • The Intro map, Basic Tutorial and Arena Tutorial have been combined into a single tutorial level.

New Cosmetics

  • Slavic Fountain Skin
  • Slaivc Loading Frame
  • Merica! Global Emote

Awesome Chest

  • New Additions to the Awesome Chest
    • Playmaker Ne Zha ...

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Drop the Beat | 5.7 PC Update Notes


Awesome Chest

  • New additions to the Awesome Chest
    • Fiendish Flight Jing Wei
    • Fiendish Rage Cu Chulainn

Godlike Chest

  • New additions to the Godlike Chest
    • Freaki Tiki Ah Puch
    • Gemini Agni
    • Natures Guardian Rama

Fantasy Points Store

  • New additions to the Fantasy Points Store
    • Lunar Tango Chang’e
    • Earl Wubert St. Kongfrey Sun Wukong
    • Ordo Solarus Amaterasu

New Cosmetics

  • Mixer Ward Skin
  • Mixer Avatar ...

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Inner Demon | 5.6 PC Update Notes


New God Selection Lobby - The God Selection Lobby has had a visual redesign. This screen has new lighting and environment art which now conveys which side you are on (Order or Chaos).

Death Marks - New Customizable Item

  • Equip these to leave your mark on the ground wherever you slay an enemy God.
    • Death Marks
  • Kill Face Death Mark (Adventure Chest)
  • Rip Death Mark (Adventure Chest)
  • Skull Death Mark (Adventure Chest)


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Patch 5.5.5 - Dream Deities

New Adventure – Dream Deities

God Balance


Shield of Achilles

  • Target area is now 360 degrees around Achilles
  • Increased the stun duration from 1s to 4s



  • Updated class to “Guardian”


  • Decreased Cooldown from 15s to 0s
  • Decreased mana cost to 0 at all ranks



  • Ratatoskr can now buy boots

Item Balance

Aegis Amulet

  • You can now be executed while this item is active



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Time to Party | 5.5 PC Update Notes

Project Olympus


  • The Matchmaker is undergoing significant adjustments. Patch 5.5 will begin tests on the new Matchmaker. For full details click here!

Custom/Auto-Buy Builds

  • Custom and Auto-Buy builds will now sell starters and buy a finished build once all other items have been built. The only exception for this is Arena builds.

Incorrect Scoreboard Issue


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