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Ruler of the Heavens Update Notes

Update Release Schedule

June 25

  • Olorun
  • Battle for Olympus #5 – Rightful Heir Chest
  • June 28 – Plushie Friends Chest

First Week of July

  • Biohacker Chest

Second Week of July

  • Battle for Olympus #6 – Rightful Heir Chest

Third Week of July

  • Vigilante Chest

Bug Fixes



  • Fixed Achilles not being able to use Ult if he doesn’t have the mana for the initial cast



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Neo Olympia Update Notes

Update Release Schedule

May 29

Neo Olympia Battle Pass

Battle for Olympus #3

First Week of June

Extraterrestrial Chest

Second Week of June

Rightful Heir Chest

Third Week of June

Independence Chest

Bug Fixes



Through the Cosmos

Updated ultimate audio on Curious Critter Skin.



Fixed Ma Cherie Arachne’s Web not appearing for the enemy team.



Fixed Dr Madlove t-posing on intro.


Basic Attacks


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Sands and Skies Update Notes

Update Release Schedule

April 30

  • Horus and Set Release
  • Battle for Olympus #1

Second Week of May

  • Fairytale Chest

Third Week of May

  • Battle for Olympus #2

Fourth Week of May

  • Chibi Bonanza Chest

May 24

  • New Free Twitch Prime Loot

*These dates are tentative and subject to change.

Bug Fixes



Erratic Behavior

Cooldown “reduction” changed to “decrease”




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Darkness Falls Update Notes

Update Release Schedule

First Week of April

  • Darkness Falls Battle Pass
  • From the Depths Chest
  • Mixer Store
  • eSports Content

Second Week of April

  • Council of the Gods

*These dates are tentative and subject to change.


  • Clicking on a party member’s Avatar will now bring you to the party menu for that player.

New Cosmetic Items:

  • Gothic Loading Frame
  • Jormungandr Announcer Pack
  • Blood Moon Global Emote
  • The Depths Jump Stamp ...

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The Master Soulbinder Update Notes

Bug Fixes

We have implemented a new system to keep you all updated on confirmed bugs and issues.

Keep up with the status of the community’s top issues with our brand new Community Issues Trello board!

Balance Progress Report

Here is the data we presented for God’s adjusted in patch 5.24 and 6.1. Results are shown in God rank vs the God pool (1 = best, 100 = worst). Data is taken from all platforms, Normal + Ranked Conquest, Platinum...

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SMITE - The World Serpent Update Notes


New Cosmetic Items

  • Flowerbed Death Mark
  • Wolfsbane Announcer Pack
  • King Arthur Loading Screen
  • King Arthur Announcer Pack

Project Olympus

Deserter Penalty Updates

This system is being updated to go easier on players who made one time mistakes, but to be much more punishing on repeat offenders. The deserter penalty system will now take much longer to reset, and the punishments start smaller but ramp up to more intense punishments. We want to continue to improve the...