Realm Royale

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Latest Updates

Deep Sea Bytes Update Notes

Quality of Life Changes Map updates -- minor tweaks and adjustments to many areas around the map to make for healthier end zones and better fights. Check out Fungal, Jaguar, Goblin Gulch, Trinity Hills, and many more for the updates! There a...

Fall Mastery Update Notes

Mastery System Update Each Class now has a progress track based on experience gained while playing matches with them. Along the way you'll earn prizes, with the very end being a mastery skin, to show off how awesome you are. We also made it...

Realm Royale Reforged Update 1 Hotfix Notes

Hello Realm Royale friends! Below are hotfix notes from our latest patch as well as some thoughts from the Dev team to go along with them! Goblin Decreased Movement speed by 12% Decreased Health by 15% Players were communicating that...

OB23: Deviled Eggs Update Notes

Overview ========

New Year, New Realm Royale Update! OB23 is coming in February, and with it comes exciting changes and new content! The Fallen Bundle features the all-new Fallen Assassin, Corrupted Crimson Mount, and Lil Devil Chicken! Striking fear into the hearts of your enemies has never looked so good!


OB22: BokOps Update Notes

Overview ========

The OB22: BokOps update is coming in early October! Dive into the new BokOps Battle Pass, featuring 50 levels of futuristic military content. Storm the Realm with the One Man Army Warrior, or take a stealthier approach as the Infiltrator Assassin. Plus: with Chickens like the Cluckmando and mounts like F.I.D.O., this Battle Pass has everything you need to claim victory.


OB21: Chicken Attack! Update Notes

Overview =========

Ever wanted to fight chickens but were afraid that the long arm of the law would ruin your fun? Realm Royale has found a solution with the OB21: Chicken Attack! update! Attack your friends as chickens in public matches, or take advantage of the new custom match feature. Custom matches allow players to host private matches and test their mettle against friends! Among a number of other quality of life improvements, this update also features polish to some known issues. The OB21...