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Realm Royale OB15 Patch Notes

Patch Highlights ================

  • Catapults   - Introducing Catapults! Get in and launch yourself into the sky to travel across the map at incredible speed.
  • New Weapon: Light Machine Gun (LMG)   - The LMG is now available and will only drop from Loot Goblins and Legendary Chests. ...

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Realm Royale Patch 14: Steel and Shadow

General ===========

  • New Content   - Battle Pass 2: Steel and Shadow is now available, featuring 80 levels of unlockable content bearing an age-old rivalry: Pirates vs. Ninjas!

  • Realm Royale’s second Battle Pass is now available for 950 Crowns.

  • Players can also unlock the Steel and Shadow Battle Bundle for 2800, which includes enough XP to allow players to reach level 35. ...

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Early Access 13 Mini Patch Notes

Features: =============

  • Zeppelin   - The Zeppelin model has been updated to better match the interior model.   - “We’ve had great feedback from you after moving players to a Zeppelin interior at the start of the match. We wanted to build a new zeppelin exterior that was not only more consistent with the interior we built, but is also more cohesive with the visual themes of the realm world itself.”
  • Runes ...

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Early Access 13 Patch Notes


  • Weapons   - Stone Staff       - Now has damage falloff over range.   - Venom Pistol       - Improved weapon handling.       - “The Venom Pistol is a very effective weapon in terms of damage throughput but in practical situations it was very difficult to consistently land all three shots. We have made some changes to make the Venom Pistol feel more consistent.”
  • Abilities   - Fire Bomb ...

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Early Access 12 Patch Notes


  • Added Tutorial Queue   - Tutorial Achievement and Rewards
  • Environment   - Added Snow Graveyard       - Updated Mini-map


  • Weapons   - Pistol/Venom Pistol       - No longer drops at Common and Rare rarities.       - Damage per tick increased by 7.5%. ...

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Early Access 11 Patch Notes


  • Players may now select from the following four classes:
  • Warrior   - Class Bonuses       - Heroic Leap and Charge deal 600 damage on impact.       - Increase maximum Health by 300.       - Deal 20% more damage with Axes, Swords, and Hammers.       - Increase Healing Taken by 25%.       - Shouts and Shots have 50% reduced Cooldown.
  • Hunter   - Class Bonuses       - Dodge Roll and Withdraw’s Cooldown is reduced by 35%. ...