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Open Beta Update

Hi everyone,

This is Tony from Player First Games.

I’m here today on behalf of the entire MultiVersus team to say thank you for your support during our Open Beta. We’ve been excited to see the interest and enthusiasm from the community and your feedback has been invaluable. We continue to be humbled by the awards the game has received and excited to see the enjoyment that MultiVersus has brought to players.


3/15/2023 Patch Notes



Fixed an issue with LeBron’s stat tracker badge on the mastery track.

Fixed a bug where Superman could turn Marvin's spaceship into an ice block with his ice breath.

Fixed a bug where Marvin could plant his flag on his spaceship and it would persist after his spaceship expired.

Fixed a bug where Morty wouldn't move all the way to his down special marker if it was overlapping with a fighter.


ValentiNeon Is Here!


  • ValentiNeon Is Here: Pair up with someone special and prepare to celebrate!

ValentiNeon Login Rewards Calendar

  • Log in for 30 days of love with the ValentiNeon event!

ValentiNeon event calendar

  • There’s no better way to show affection than with the gift of candy! ValentiNeon is like a box of neatly-arranged, numbered, and hidden chocolates…or in this case a whole lot of Candy Hearts! (We like the chalky bits!) Feel the love and claim...

New Year, New Tree Fort. Patch Notes!


  • Happy New Year! We are back and looking forward to sharing new-and-exciting MultiVersus content with all of you this year and we’re starting with one of the community’s most requested items!

  • Double Battle Pass XP is on in this patch!

New Map: Treefort Single Plat (4 Player Map)

New Look: Scooby’s Mansion (Roofless)


Open Beta: FestiVersus Patch Notes!


  • Winter has arrived! FestiVersus, our winter-themed event, is now live!


  • FestiVersus: FestiVersus is here! Get cozy, and join the multiverse in celebration!

FestiVersus Login Rewards Calendar: Join us for 36 days of FestiVersus!


Open Beta: Season 2.2 Patch Notes

Developer's Notes: Whiff Recovery

This patch is our first-pass at globally adding more risk into powerful attacks through whiff recovery. When you commit and miss an attack in many cases there will be a larger window for the opponent to punish.

We will be trying to be careful with this. We want to help ensure that we’re improving the neutral game toward a direction that is more calculated, while not creating (or encouraging) extremely passive gameplay scenarios.