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Latest Updates - November 30, 2022

Weekly Tower Rotation:

As of November 20, 2022, the Tower has started to rotate more frequently than ever. From this date, weekly Towers offer fresh loot, improved floor presets, and some challenges (and bosses) from DLC missions! Special gear from previous seasonal events is also obtainable as rewards from playing the Tower.

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... - October 19, 2022

Come one, come all to the warmest, friendliest, and mob-densest celebration this side of the Overworld. Fauna Faire is setting up camp, bringing with it both blazing activities and fun festivities – all in the spirit of friendship and camaraderie. Unite with friends and take on new challenges together, such as Tower multiplayer mode featuring additional floor variations, or the unexplored jungle mission, Treetop Tangle. Make new buddies among a plethora of pets in the seasonal reward tracks or... - June 8, 2022

A new update is available for Minecraft Dungeons that addresses some issues that have occurred since the release of the update.

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Minecraft Dungeons is turning two and there’s plenty of presents for everyone! Celebrate the anniversary with a packed, time-limited event that runs from May 25 through June 15.

Participate in Seasonal Trials to collect exclusive gear and an elegant anniversary cape that helps you commemorate the occasion. And if you’re feeling daring: topple the Tower and earn the friendship of the Baby Moobloom pet – the bravest bovine this side of the Camp. The party is on, and you’re invited!

... - April 20, 2022

Become the avatar once more and take on new challenges in Luminous Night – Minecraft Dungeons’ second seasonal adventure. Explore the Tower by night, with fresh floors that feature mysterious murals, perplexing puzzles, and a fiery foe that may prove too hot to handle for even the most seasoned adventurers. Earn new, radiant rewards that will light up your surroundings with bioluminescent delight, from thematic skins and emotes to dreadfully adorable Ministrosity and Abomination pets. Up your... - February 8, 2022

It's time for a new update to Minecraft Dungeons! This update brings a new, limited time event: Festival of Frost! The update also brings a number of bug fixes to the game, many of which were reported by players and improve upon Cloudy Climb content.

Please search for any bugs you find on and let us know what you think at We appreciate your continued support in reporting issues! If you’re looking...