Dota Underlords

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Latest Updates

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The Update In Which Lifestealer Gets Even Angrier

HERO CHANGES ============

Legion Commander:

  • 3 Star Effect: Allies within attack range of Legion Commander's Duel target will attack that target along with her during the Duel.


  • 3 Star Effect: Lifestealer gains Rage. On cast Lifestealer becomes Magic Immune and gains +50% Move Speed and +50 Attack Speed. The effects last for 5 seconds.
  • Maximum Mana changed from 0 to 75

Snapfire:   ...

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The Update In Which You Get An Icon And You Get An Icon And...

GENERAL =======

  • Added 3 Star Effect ability icons/descriptions for all heroes that currently have a 3 Star Effect.

HERO CHANGES ============


  • Shapeshift:

      - Wolves summoned changed from [2, 2, 3] to [2, 2, 4]


  • Reverse Polarity:

      - Duration changed from 2 seconds to 1 second

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Presence of the Dark Update

HERO CHANGES ============


  • 3 Star Effect: At the start of charging her bow for her Powershot, Windranger gains 100% evasion and becomes magic immune. This lasts for 3 seconds.


  • Max Mana changed from 0 to 100
  • 3 Star Effect: Magnus gains Reverse Polarity. On cast, enemies within 2 cells take 100 damage and are stunned for 2 seconds. Mana Cost 100, Cooldown 40.

Shadow Fiend:   ...

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Morphling Copied This Update For You

GENERAL =======

  • Fixed a bug with Mirana where she would fail during cast if rooted. Now when rooted she will still fire her arrow but will not leap.
  • Fixed an issue where Vigilant units would have their targeting break if an enemy cast an ability while the Vigilant unit was leaping (Mirana, Templar Assassin, others if thrown into the air). ...

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A Dark and Demonic Update

HERO CHANGES ============


  • Attack Rate changed from 0.769 to 0.909
  • Armor changed from 5 to 15


  • Terrorblade 3 Star Effect:

      - Pure Damage Bonus Percent vs Demons changed from 100 to 125   - Now an active ability: duration 5 seconds, cooldown 6 seconds.

ITEM CHANGES ============

Vladmir's Offering:

  • Damage boost changed from 8 to 5%

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Enno-ugh of That Crash

Hotfixes ========

  • Fix a crash involving Enno's spin and Arc Warden clone spam.
  • Fix a crash with Kaden's Blade.
  • Arc Warden: Clones gain 20% less mana per clone (stacks multiplicatively).
  • Clarified Abaddon's 3 Star Effect description. The Curse (and the bonus) refresh each time Abaddon successfully lands an attack on his target, but on changing targets Abaddon must land 3 strikes to Curse the new target and receive the Attack Speed bonus again.