Dota Underlords

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Latest Updates

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We Ranked Up Our Knockout Game


  • Fixed so many crashes we didn't have time to make a crashfix joke: Fixed a number of crashes related to UI particles and dragging units; Fixed a crash when resorting items in the Rulebook; Fixed an engine-level iOS crash; Fixed a crash from showing unit ranges.

  • Fixed an issue where the minijail popup would continue to display even if the user opened a new page from the main menu.

  • Fixed some issues with Select Underlord page on phones with nonstandard resolutions/aspect ratios.

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The Update In Which We Debuff A Debuff


  • We let the Brutes debuff some crashes.

  • Fix numbers not showing on global item tooltips on the in-game scoreboard.



  • Ace Effect: Instead of increasing number of links per Alliance level, the duration of the link is now increased by 1 second per Alliance level.



  • Changed damage debuff from [30, 70] to [30, 60]

  • Changed debuff duration from 3 to 4

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An Update for U and I


  • Completely redesigned the UI flow when pressing the Play button from the dashboard. There's now a new page for selecting the type of match you want to play and what options you want. We're loving it, and we hope you do too!

  • Added more audio cues in Knockout mode when you lose a heart or a player is knocked out.

  • Fixed an issue where item images could fail to appear in the Rulebook.

  • Fixed an issue with the shop button's location overlapping Reroll on some aspect ratios.

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It's like Duos, But For Updates!


  • We dragged some crashes on drag right out of the game. And some other crashes too!

  • More memory savings on mobile!

  • Fixed Snapfire's mana bar showing up when the Dragon Alliance wasn't active.

  • Fixed the spectate next/previous hotkeys not working.

  • Fixed an issue where the wrong Underlord could speak on the Post Match screen if you were spectating at the time you won (or lost) the match.

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The Outlanders Update

We are updating Underlords today with the Outlanders, a new Alliance, a speedy game mode, a new new player experience, and a partridge in a pear tree. If you'd like to see the pretty version of these update notes, check out our sparkly Outlanders website.

Let’s get started, shall we?

The Outlanders and the Spirit Alliance


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Fixed a client crash after completing a solo ranked match and leaving the post-game screen. This was purely client side and all rank changes were still applied.