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Latest Updates

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OB 0.9.2a - Aug 23, 2019

This hotfix patch resolves a small number of issues found in the OB 0.9.2 release.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where Lantern Skins were incorrectly requiring a Transmog Stone to transmog.
  • Fixed a bug where cells were incorrectly duplicating themselves under certain use cases.
  • Fixed a bug that caused weapons to periodically float above Slayers in Ramsgate.



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OB 0.9.2 - Aug 22, 2019

Patch OB 0.9.2 brings the start of the Zephyr Strike Hunt Pass, introduces new weapon mods and specials, and paves the way for loadouts in an upcoming release.


  • Patrol Chest improvements. The Patrol Chest Boost leaves the store and Patrol Chest Bundles take their place. We’ve also updated the UI for Patrol Chests in several places, making it easier to see how many you have, whether or not one is active, and what you’ll get if you use one. [Read more...

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OB 0.9.1a - Aug 1, 2019

Patch OB 0.9.1a is an interstitial patch that targets three specific crash causes.


  • Fixed a bug that caused some Slayers to crash when pressing Play on the login menu. Because of the way this fix works, you will need to reset any custom options you had previously set (e.g. audio, keybindings).
  • Fixed a bug that caused some Slayers to crash after watching an in-game video or opening the Hunt Pass menu in Ramsgate. ...

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OB 0.9.1 - Jul 25, 2019

Patch OB 0.9.1 implements fixes for a number of bugs introduced in OB 0.9.0, adds a retry function to Trials, improves quest flow, and more.


  • Retry a Trial. Added a Retry button to the End of Hunt screen for Trials. Selecting it will re-matchmake you so you can try the hunt again. ...

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OB 0.9.0 - Jul 16, 2019

Patch OB 0.9.0 heralds the arrival of Lady Luck, who brings Trials, the Wall of Champions, an all-new shop, and a new Hunt Pass: Fortune & Glory.


  • Take on the Trials. Lady Luck has arrived in Ramsgate with her mysterious Island of Trials. Slayers who have progressed to Rezakiri and Shrowd will be able to participate in a new Trial each week, competing to see who can conquer it the fastest. ...

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OB 0.8.3 - Jun 27, 2019

Patch OB 0.8.3 fixes the Godhand, unleashes Winterhorn Skraev, improves performance, and squashes a number of persistent bugs.


  • Streaming install. Added streaming install to Dauntless on console so that players can start slaying sooner.
  • Improved weapon previews. Added new weapon preview animations that make it easier to see the weapon you’ve selected. Check them out in the store, Loadout, and Hunt Pass screens. ...