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1.3.3 - Jul. 30, 2020

New to Dauntless

New Ramsgate

Ramsgate has been reborn — and it’s grander than ever. Explore the Bazaar, Smithy, and beyond as you seek out soaring vistas, savour zone-specific music, and say hello to Granny Strega, Ramsgate’s newest resident and tonic vendor. Fill out your Journal with discoveries, and soak up the atmosphere of our new home.

Explore the city

Sword Rework


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1.3.2 - Jul. 9, 2020

New to Dauntless


We’ve repackaged the way that Dauntless is stored and downloaded on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This will reduce the size of the download required for future patches and minimize the amount of storage it requires. To accommodate this, patch 1.3.2 will be large for those consoles — around 8 GB — but taking this proactive repackaging step will enable us to bring you more content with smaller downloads, and clear out space from...

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1.3.1 - Jun. 25, 2020



Slayers are taking down Thrax faster than we expected, so we’ve made some balance changes to extend the length of the encounter, while making part breaks more attractive.

  • Thraxes have increased health, but their limbs are easier to break.
  • Thraxes are less likely to become stuck outside the arena.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause Thraxes to disappear after the portal train attack. ...

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1.3.0 - Jun. 11, 2020

New to Dauntless

Umbral Escalation

Strange ruins, dark energy, and a lost civilization — discover the new Umbral Escalation, and take up arms against the new threat looming beyond the Shattered Isles: Thrax.

To challenge Thrax, you’ll need to make your way past the Shadowtouched Behemoths that lurk in the Umbral Deeps. Umbral variants of Nayzagas, Koshais, and Drasks will block your path. But you’ll need to face them and brave the depths to uncover the...

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1.2.3 - May. 21, 2020

1.2.3 addresses some important combat bugs, and quality of life improvements.


  • Camera snapping is now more reliable.
  • Added the ability to rebind the ‘H’ and ‘M’ keys for the hunt board and matchmaking status.
  • The quest tracker can be disabled when in the city in Options - Gameplay.
  • The “[” and “]” keys can now be rebound from quest tracker on PC. ...

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1.2.2 - Apr. 30, 2020

1.2.2 features a new Hunt Pass, some combat bugs fixed, and changes to Skarn and Lesser Gnasher encounters.


New Hunt Pass. Join the Renegades in the new Hunt Pass, Rogue Elements.

Hunt PassRogue Elements