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Latest Updates

1.11.5 - Sep. 22, 2022

New to Dauntless

Dire Discovery: A Shadow

Uncover the foreboding final chapter of the Dire Discovery season.

New Bonus Events

Be on the lookout for new bonus events that will run from now until the end of the year. Each of these minor events will be linked to a character in Ramsgate, offer bonus progression, and a temporary repeatable quest.


1.11.4 - Sep. 8, 2022

New to Dauntless

Fenroar & Earthshaper Fenroar

Hunt down Fenroar, the evolved version of Sporestruck Embermane. This Behemoth has a set of earth-shaking new attacks that give it full control over the battlefield. Slayers, beware! Earthshaper Fenroar – its dire version – brings an even deadlier challenge to the Shattered Isles.


1.11.3 - Aug. 25, 2022

New to Dauntless

Hunt Passes: Farslayer Vengeance & Divine Armour

The relics of the Shattered Isles are wondrous and many.

Unlock the Farslayer Vengeance cosmetic Hunt Pass to earn a set of traditional Farslayer armour and weapon skins. Unearth the Divine Armour cosmetic Hunt Pass to earn a set of radiant armour and its umbral counterpart.

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Island Adventure: The Garden


1.11.2 - Aug. 11, 2022

New to Dauntless

New Trials & Trials Improvements

Lady Luck brings a handful of new challenges to her Island of Trials, along with changes to modifiers in existing Trials.

Beginning August 18, Modifiers for Trials will be reduced across the board. Normal Trials will now have one modifier, and Dauntless Trials will have two. This update places focus on fighting the Behemoth and reducing randomness.

  • Phaelanx will appear on the Island of Trials beginning August 18. ...

1.11.1 - Jul. 28, 2022

New to Dauntless

Radiant Escalation: Legendary Lantern Amp

In Radiant Escalation, we’ve added legendary lantern amps that are only available when a particular lantern is equipped. While rare, these amps are extremely powerful and mix Escalation runs up in truly legendary ways. Koshai’s Bloom is the final lantern to receive an amp.


1.11.0 - Jul. 14, 2022

New to Dauntless

Variant Behemoth: Lightbound Boreus

The Lightbound Boreus is a moving mountain. The crystals that grow from its body bear a strange resemblance to the glittering caves on Conundrum Rocks.

A new kind of prismatic Boreus has appeared in the Shattered Isles. This radiant Behemoth is psionically linked to a host of smaller minions, but appears to have lost all its connection to frost aether. What’s causing these changes in Behemoth physiology?