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Latest Updates

1.14.2 - Jun. 8, 2023

Quality of Life


  • Improved performance and fixed specific crash issues on certain devices.

1.14.1 - May. 18, 2023

New to Dauntless

Celebrating another year in the Shattered Isles

Four years ago, Slayers on every platform first took a stand against the Behemoth threat. Back then, Riftstalker was one of the most difficult encounters a player could face. Now, some Guilds are reaching Gauntlet level 688. It’s amazing to see how much we’ve grown together.


1.14.0 - Apr. 27, 2023

New to Dauntless

Gauntlet Season 4

Gauntlet Season 4 arrives with a myriad of levels, complete with new and returning modifiers. Toxic Shields is a brand-new modifier which causes you to lose the equivalent in health whenever you gain shields.

Gauntlet cycles are now 16 levels instead of 20. This means that the rewards you earn every 5 levels will not be distributed on the same set of encounters every cycle.


1.13.5 - Apr. 5, 2023

New to Dauntless

Springtide: April 6 - 20

As the weather warms up, adorable cotton-tailed pufflehops are making their way back to the Shattered Isles. Embrace the season’s golden moments this year with exclusive Springtide rewards, a brand-new weapon event, and dazzling new Springtide gear!


1.13.4 - Mar. 23, 2023

Bug fixes


  • Fixed an issue where the Push and Pull modifier would be modified by a Slayer’s own damage bonuses.
  • Fixed an issue where the Push and Pull modifier could unintentionally reduce a Slayer’s health to 0.

1.13.3 - Mar. 9, 2023

New to Dauntless

Gauntlet Season 3

Gauntlet Season 3 arrives with new challenges and rewards!

Two new modifiers have been added to Gauntlet levels, among other returning favourites.

- Push and Pull: Have 5% lifesteal on attacks, but take continuous slow damage over time.   - Exhaustion: At full health, deal 50% increased damage. While missing any health, deal 50% decreased damage.