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Latest Updates

1.13.0 - Jan. 19, 2023

New to Dauntless

Gauntlet Season 2

Gauntlet Season 2 arrives with new challenges and rewards!

With newly expanded arenas, you can now engage in multi-Behemoth fights anywhere in Old Ramsgate. Season 2 brings you a whole new set of levels, complete with new modifiers like Unshakeable (which makes it impossible for Behemoths to be staggered) and the various Weapon Masters (which raise the damage of a specific weapon at the expense of others), among other returning favourites.


1.12.4 - Dec. 15, 2022

New to Dauntless


Have you heard about the legend of the Silver Sword? This Frostfall, help Linnea Silver connect with her roots and step into her role as leader and protector of Vylmark — by forging a sword that can only be crafted and enhanced during the season.


1.12.3 - Dec. 1, 2022

New to Dauntless

Gauntlet Hunts

The Ramsgate we know today is not the first one of its name. Explore the ruins of old Ramsgate in Gauntlet, a brand-new endless game mode which allows you to earn weapon trackers and new cells.

Race against time as you take on level after level of challenging hunts amid the ruins of old Ramsgate. Utilize unique arena perks to optimize hunts with your guild. Only the most valiant guilds will find a place on the Gauntlet leaderboard and...

1.12.2 - Nov. 10, 2022

New to Dauntless


Ramsgiving returns to the Shattered Isles. Speak to Honest Ozz in Ramsgate to learn more about how you can celebrate Ramsgate’s namesake this year.

Break Behemoth heads and complete quests to collect Golden Rams to spend at Ozz’s event store. This year, he’s offering exciting curiosities, cosmetics, and valuable resources! That’s right, you can now redeem your Golden Rams for bundles of **rams, patrol keys, combat merits, bounty tokens,...

1.12.0 - Oct. 13, 2022

New to Dauntless

Island Adventure: The Exile

A Krolachi warrior has been exiled to Hades Reach. Help him complete his Wild Hunt and reclaim his honour. However, be wary of the Krolachi Seer, the leader of the exile’s former clan. She may have other plans!

Slayers can only access this adventure once they’ve unlocked the Reforge node on the Slayer’s Path. Each of the island adventures is intended to give Slayers new ways to uncover stories about the Shattered Isles,...

1.11.5 - Sep. 22, 2022

New to Dauntless

Dire Discovery: A Shadow

Uncover the foreboding final chapter of the Dire Discovery season.

New Bonus Events

Be on the lookout for new bonus events that will run from now until the end of the year. Each of these minor events will be linked to a character in Ramsgate, offer bonus progression, and a temporary repeatable quest.