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1.10.3 - May. 26, 2022

New to Dauntless

New Behemoth: Alyra

The Alyra’s roars are almost musical, perhaps even beautiful. Each call is a note in symphony, rising in crescendo until a terrifying, deadly finale.

Alyras can create elemental glyphs that, when activated, change the Behemoth’s aetheric abilities. Blaze glyphs allow it to breathe hot flames. Frost glyphs allow it to summon freezing winds. The same is true of the entire aetheric spectrum, save umbral. If Behemoths are starting...

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1.10.2 - May. 12, 2022

New to Dauntless

Anniversary Event: Legend of the First Slayer

The statue of the First Slayer stands as a reminder. As Slayers, it’s up to us to keep the Shattered Isles safe. It’s up to us to stand against the Behemoth threat.

Visit Markus Boehr in Ramsgate to embark on a quest to honour the First Slayer and confront the original eight Behemoth species. Then, relive the legendary battle against both Shrowd and Rezakiri in a brand new event hunt: First Slayer’s Legacy.


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1.10.1 - Apr. 28, 2022

New to Dauntless

Return to Light: The Story Continues

Help Dr. Priyani and Kat summon their allies to help shut down an aether surge that’s causing trouble for the Orrery. The Slayers of Ramsgate have made many friends, but will their friends answer their call in this time of need?

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1.10.0 - Apr. 14, 2022

New to Dauntless

Changes to the Hunt Pass

Hunt Passes are changing in a few key ways.

The Slayer Commission is a new kind of Hunt Pass containing 100 levels of useful items like rams, merits, bounty tokens, aethersparks, and more. You’ll be able to earn 100% platinum back on your purchase by completing your pass! This pass expires, but returns at the start of every season.


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1.9.5 - Mar. 25, 2022

New to Dauntless

Springtide: March 31 - April 14

Pufflehops return to the Shattered Isles, marking the start of another Springtide celebration. Gather eggs, herd pufflehops, and fight off hordes of hungry styxians in a snappy limited-time mission.

In addition to earning the seasonal currency of carrot chips, you’ll also be able to unlock a new rumour and quest that will grant you delightful rewards upon completion. Completion rewards include a **new chain blades skin,...

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1.9.4 - Mar. 17, 2022

New to Dauntless

New Dawn: The Story Continues

Each week brings more challenges and more story quests. Search the Orrery camp on the crystal island to uncover secrets that connect the mining camp and the Lightbound Koshai to something even bigger.