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Call of Duty: Vanguard

🪦 Discontinued

November 23, 2023

Game is no longer being updated.

Latest Updates

Vanguard Season Five Patch Notes



  • NEW: Fortress (In-Season)

      - Battle in a desert graveyard featuring the remains of old ships; Fortress is a medium-sized map with a loose three-lane structure.   - Coming soon: Fortress 24/7 Featured Playlist

  • Beheaded

      - Reduced Hardpoint boundaries near the Record Shop to prevent unintended capture points.   - Addressed an exploit that allowed players to reach an unintended location near the Clothing Store.

  • Paradise


Vanguard Season Four Patch Notes

June 23



  • Gun Game

      - Parties of up to 4 players can now play together.   - Enabled Final Killcam at the end of a match.


  • Increased the rate at which Battle Pass XP is earned by 10%. ...

Vanguard Season Three Patch Notes

May 12



  • Addressed an issue that caused a Server Disconnected error in Private Matches with the CDL ruleset enabled.


  • Arms Race


Welcome to Vanguard Season Two Reloaded Update

Gather round, friends. In less than 24 hours, Vanguard Season Two is about to get a huge midseason update. Along with new seasonal content dropping in today’s big update at 9 AM PT, you can expect to see significant changes to gameplay with a Sniper Rifle balance pass, Aim Assist fix, Map exploit fixes, and performance updates. We’re also going to kick off the upcoming weekend with a Featured Playlist update and Max 2XP Weekend! Now is a great time to grab a drink and some snacks because it’s blog time, baby.

• A brand new Mode, Arms Race, which takes place on a new large Map, Alps

• New Vehicles: Motorcycle, CD12 Transport, and Tank...



You may have noticed some intel from our social channels last week teasing the upcoming changes to Vanguard Multiplayer. Along with new seasonal content in today's update, you can expect to see some significant changes to gameplay and bug fixes. We’ve nerfed Incendiary Grenades and updated Perks to give you new ways to counter fire damage (sorry for the excessive burns)...

Vanguard: The Road to Season One

Season One is coming in hot and today we have some intel to break down regarding new content, and all the changes we’ve made heading into the official launch of Vanguard Season One on December 8th.

But first, we’d like to thank our players for all the support our team has received since Vanguard launched. Your feedback has played a critical part in helping our developers improve features, squash bugs, and prepare Vanguard for Season One. This week players can expect a few long-awaited fixes...